Columba, Leo Minor, Cancer, Monte San Lorenzo, Argentina

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  • HGS Session dedicated to the purposes of the Krystal Star Host for Clearing of Columba, Leo Minor, Cancer constellations linking into 47.5o S, 72o W Monte San Lorenzo, Argentina
  • 2.1.-- Xopavi race
  • 2.1.-- Antareans

Zodiac and Planets

  • Pisces : Neptune ( I Believe)
  • Virgo : Ceres/Earth ( I Analyze )
  • Hidden Planets : ____

Challenge Identity

  • Challenge Identity - Togar, Chizeweth, Yithia, Kiusawa
  • Challenge Identity - Landas, Neparus, Yithia, Favere, Fintura, Nigestori

Locate Longitude

  • 66 W -- Canada; Greenland; Puerto Rico; La Orchila, Venezuela; Brazil; Bolivia; Argentina 82o W -- Canada (Nunavut, Ontario), United States (Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida), Cuba, Panama, Antarctica

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Columba, Leo Minor, Cancer, Monte San Lorenzo, Argentina - 4/18/2015 [1]


  1. HGS Session

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