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[[File:ScreenShot2015-07-09sIraqdesert.jpg|thumb|Iraq Desert]]
* dedicated to the purposes of [[Krystal Star]] Host
* Session for clearing AI technology from constellations [[Musca]], [[Pisces]], [[Coma Berenices]], [[Dorado]] and connected to 31ºN, 44ºE Iraq, Sahrā’ al Hijārah Desert. Related to timelines of Armageddon/911 and Planet Grid Spiking/Reversals.
* Calculate Latitude -33º S -- South Africa, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
* Calculate Longitude -33º E -- Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Africa, Antarctica
==HGS Session References==
HGS Sessions - Clearing [[AI Technology & Musca, Pisces, Coma Berenices, Dorado]] - 7/9/2015 <ref> HGS Session</ref>
==See Also==
[[Alien Machinery]]
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[[Category:PEG Gridwork]]

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