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Trinity Gates

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Trinity Gates
Over the past few months, many of us on the ascending path have been elevated out from 3D morphogenetic fields, thus, our consciousness body shifted to the next octave into the next [[Harmonic Universe]]. As a result our [[Lightbody]] is existing above the 3D earth body, even while we are inhabiting our body on the material plane. Because, there are not that many of us in numbers, relative to the overall human population, those of us that are [[Starseed]] [[Gridworker]]s have been working on special project mission to help restore Trinity gates, while [[Bifurcation of Time|bifurcation events]] and [[Plasma]] influxes are occurring. This event has created some issues in bifurcation that [[Imposter Spirit|dark entities]] have taken advantage over to control these gates and stop them from working as they need to. Essentially, a struggle to repair and maintain these gates is transpiring while they can take advantage of the current vulnerabilities in the field. The [[NAA]] has attacked some of our people, as a way to get to others, such as myself, because they are very angry at us for using these Trinity Gates as portal access. When we remove people from the earth or astral, this is considered by them that we are stealing souls from them to harvest, so they are very angry when we take people through these portals.
[[Trinity Gates]] are required to be plugged into other gates in order to work effectively, such as what we refer to as [[Mother Arc Gates]] or Ark Covenant gates. They run off the Mother Arc Gates portal between planet earth and the Andromeda galaxy. To work with the Mother Arc gates and proficiently help to plug them into the Trinity Gates, 12 DNA strand activation of [[Diamond Sun]] is needed. Some of us have grid missions to use this with Guardian [[Krystal Star]] Hosting and thus we are capable to have access for this purpose here and our HGS session are supporting this particular mission. This allows us to connect with these gates and plug them into the Trinity gates, which allows people access to safe passage and transit with average DNA activation levels. This is relative for people that drop their body on earth in the current time, in the past or future timelines, providing they do not activate higher DNA imprints. The [[Mother Arc Gates]] or [[Polarian Gates Gate]] go directly to the [[Aurora]] time continuums, so that would be the major preference for most of us.
For this reason, I am listing the Trinity gates here, so our community is aware of them. When you live close to a Trinity Gate, it is a vulnerability, because the dark forces are doing what they can to take control over them, stop their connectors links to Mother Arc Gateways and fight over the passage of people in the lower planes. They are really angry because they consider humans at the low DNA level as their personal property, and they will fight you over the portal access. (i.e. You will not pass!). Personally, I worked on the Malibu Gate for a few years from 2004-2008, and have physically made it to New York, Castaglione, Italy and Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt to help support passage areas available on the earth plane.
* 8 Auckland City, North Island, N-Zealand
* 9 Lake Superior, Canada (2miles of coast Thunder Bay)
* 10 [[Hatshepsut Temple]], Egypt
* 11 Epsom Downs, Surrey United Kingdom
* 12 Cork, Ireland

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