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Luciferian Knights Templar

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Islamic Influence
Naturally, over thousands of years the NAA influenced certain ceremonies in their preferred bloodlines involving the complete loss of control of impulses through participating in excessive levels of intoxication, blood lust, frenzy and sexual degeneracy in order to reverse the direction of the lightbody’s natural sexual energy current. As mentioned, the goal of these degenerate actions during rituals is to ultimately reverse the pain and pleasure centers in the human bio-neurology, so that the person experiences pleasure when in pain, or when they are torturing others to feel immense pain. <ref>[ Baphomet Deception]</ref>
==Islamic Influence on Luciferian Knights Templars==Certain factions of the Knights Templars were influenced by esoteric Islamic practices as well as distorted flavors of assorted Gnostic sects during the Middle Ages, in their interpretation and use of the Baphomet representation in hidden ritual practices. The medieval French word used for Muhammad was a derivation of the word Baphomet, as Mahomet was an alternative spelling used in the Middle Ages for the Muslim prophet Mohammed, the supposed founder of Islam that was groomed for position by the [[Black Sun]] [[NAA ]] groups. Therefore, the claims that the Knights Templars in France were worshipping [[Baphomet ]] in secret rituals also meant, in fact, that some of them had defected and were secret Muslims. Mahomet appears to be derived from its usage in Provence, which was the center of the [[Cathar]] Church in France, until the [[Albigensian Crusade ]] and Inquisition killed or silenced any survivors.
There were beliefs in the Middle East that magical ceremonies could make severed heads act as oracles that would talk to the occultist delivering assorted levels of information and future prophecies. During the thriving era of Thoth cults in Egypt, the black magician would use a mummified head of a firstborn son in magical practice, attempting to make a talking head in which spirits could embody through its vehicle and thus be directed for divination purposes. The mummified head would be mounted onto the wall overlooking the main altar, or presented on a golden plate, from which it would deliver prophetic messages. Thus, during the Middle Ages some of the factions of [[Luciferian Knights Templar ]] used mummified heads as their center of black magical [[Black Magic]]al rites assigning it as the symbol of the [[Baphomet]], the head which would be used to communicate with these dark spiritual forces.<ref>[ Baphomet Deception]</ref>

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