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  • ...cs, especially any genetic material (like the Krystal [[Diamond Sun Body]] DNA Matrix) that was designed to “unify” or “marry” genetics.''' ...human crippling’s and genetic diseases, than anything else. These diseases and mutations are a direct mirror to collective humanities spiritual sickness.<
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  • ...our physical body. Many people on this earth are not Single Soul Occupied, and have multiple occupants, soul fragments, attachments or entities hosting th ...will not improve until humans realize that the [[Sexual Misery]] programs and pedophilia are sourcing from the NAA. This is not human.
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  • command your space and demand Single Soul Occupancy in your body, mind, and consciousness. ...tual oppression. Through the [[Law of Consent]], we can remove its access and influence upon our spiritual bodies.
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  • ...n. The energetic signature of the alien implant will depend on the genetic and consciousness relationship that person has, to the entity that has placed t ...nd to a sick cow in the herd, it is so he can get more milk out of the cow and continue to make money from his farm. This is similar to the collective tho
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  • ...l 1904. An [[Annunaki]] in a [[Grey Alien]] body named Aiwass, transmitted and implanted him with "Book of the Law" which is the central sacred text of Th ...ate [[Hybrid Breeding Programs]] to impregnate earth females, or take ovum and sperm from earth people with desirable genetics in order to create hybrid c
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  • ...chnology and Human Trade, [[Grey Alien]] Weaponry, [[Holographic Insert]]s and Time Travel Technology.<ref>[ ==Zeta Seal and Frequency Fences==
    2 KB (363 words) - 23:20, 8 September 2017
  • ...perate with [[Orion Group]] for [[NAA]] takeover agenda, human enslavement and territorial control.<ref>[ ...sorted alien technologies, weaponry while reverse engineering space craft, and these activities are what began the [[Compartmentalization]] process to set
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  • ...d assorted militarized weaponry. The Zeta were involved in colonizing Mars and were active during the Atlantian culture that eventually led to the fall. ...the [[Double Diamond Sun Body|Christiac Human Guardian Race]] for control and domination of this [[Vector Code|Time Vector]] in this [[Universal Time Mat
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  • ...biology, in order to further promote the goals of the anti-female agendas and to replace the organic Mother principle throughout society with an [[Death ...alien nightmare is over. Humanity is no longer alone. Our true God Parents and spiritual family have returned for us during the opening of the [[Stargate]
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  • Enlightened Contact]</ref> ...ently blank slated into amnesiac mind-controlled slaves in order to forget and be exploited by these invaders.
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  • ...the western medical system. Please see the [[Genetic Modification of Human DNA]] newsletter. Let’s begin with reviewing some basic biological concepts. ...s and organs. Proteins regulate all of the metabolic reactions in the cell and serve as the enzymes needed to catalyze the body’s cellular reactions. Ev
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  • [[file:Sun-Platonic-Solids.jpg|thumb|Sun and Platonic Solids]] races gradually took away more and more of our natural energy resources and [[Blank Slating|blank slated our history]] during the end of [[Triune of Un
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  • ...tic Solar technology, as humans have many more abilities, emotional senses and possibilities that exist in their physical body, than a lunar entity has av ...he natural occurring Solar Christ DNA from existing anywhere on the planet and within the entire Universal system, in order to take this planet as their p
    4 KB (665 words) - 22:00, 27 October 2018
  • ...nt that actually changes the coordinates of your “birth” blueprint and its genetic imprint on the flesh. An encryption is a set of vibrations that hold energe ...ity source code platform. This changes the false 911 timeline architecture and is what the work of this community is in “laying” the template of the [
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  • ...tting down the [[Genetic Switches]] that are responsible for [[DNA Signals|DNA signaling]] in the human body. ...populations by the human military, which began to use deliberate deception and mind control weapons in order to get the effects that the intelligence oper
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  • ...e Anu and many feel a responsibility to heal the [[Annunaki]] manipulation and [[False King of Tyranny]] control over the earth. ...[SRA]] methods to reinforce religious violence, [[Patriarchal Domination]] and [[Misogyny]] throughout the human masses.
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  • ...chnology and Human Trade, [[Grey Alien]] Weaponry, [[Holographic Insert]]s and Time Travel Technology.<ref>[ ...and behavior could be influenced or controlled through exposures to light and sound or electromagnetic frequencies. These exposures were covertly tested
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  • ...a target by emission of highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams. <ref>[ ...of subliminal, either by sound or visual messages, is now generally known and acknowledged by the scientific community.
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  • ...un Program]] ultimately united to form the [[NAA]] artificial intelligence and the 911 Timeline Agenda that is playing out today, in the [[Timeline Wars]] ...s dogmatic absolutes, but is being offered to help catalyze the individual and collective opportunities we have right now. It is to be utilized as a cont
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  • ...hannels and this potentially ignites the [[Keeper of the Flame]] blueprint and thus, may further activate female [[Staff]] codes. ...rnal wisdom of the entire Universe. It is She who holds the true knowledge and power in the secrets of animating creation as the [[Azoth|prima materia]] i
    11 KB (1,665 words) - 03:42, 9 November 2022

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