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  • Consciousness Corridor]</ref> [[Routing of Group Consciousness]]
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  • ...ble politically, economically, and this will be socially reflected through the communities. ==Ascending Hubs and Descending Hubs==
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  • ...ality Bubbles]] which synchronize into holographic frequency containers on the earth grid. ...nsciousness and body in ways we do not yet comprehend. There is nothing on the earth that is safer than being in one's own [[12D Shield]] and activated [[
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  • ...ynchronization of frequency hubs across the globe, either of descending or ascending vibrational quality. ...the death passage, as described in the [[Cosmic Law Evolution Edict]] or [[Consciousness Corridor]]s.
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  • ...d and built by the Masons to be centrally populated around the grid system of a [[Diamond Heart]] network. ...ivine Mother]] frequencies back into the earth core, and circulate that on the surface grid and into human bodies.
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  • ...of the planetary [[Ascension Cycle]], which is the nature of [[Bifurcation of Time]]. ==Point of Divergence==
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  • ...e, that is becoming more accessible in the earth crust, and this is called the [[Aqualine Sun]]. ...plasmic light transmissions that is coming from the earth plane is called the [[Aqualine Sun]] frequencies.
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  • our bodies consciousness and within the planet, as well as the practice of interacting and communicating with this living intelligent energy matrix. ...nd Geomantic Structures through the [[Unity Field]] consciousness platform of which they are apart.
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  • working with us to achieve a unified goal that supports activation of [[Consciousness]] and light. ...piritual activation, initiation and elevating consciousness for humans and the planetary body.
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  • The Cosmic Spiritual Sun Is the Spiritual Sun behind the Sun. ...n the Universe. The awakening Holy Father is heralding the reappearance of the Cosmic [[Christos]] principle in our Solar System.
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  • ...ting the [[One World Order]] are being taken to another level of action on the ground now. Many powerful CEO’s and Board Chairman profiles have stepped agreements for disclosure, thus for many of us on the ground which have the spiritual mission that supports full disclosure, it is really all up to us
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  • ...reconnect and repair the spiritual links within oneself, as well as within the planetary grid system. <ref>[ ...[[Hub Handshake]] with the Unity Intelligence of the [[Krystal Star]] with the Unity Vow:
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  • ...he trajectory of what has been abused in the relationship to the earth and the sun. ...o distort the electron field, and they change the way the horizontal basis of time is experienced on this planet. It has also impacted magnetic fields an
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  • ...the [[Sirius]] B portals and many of them became stuck in this area after the [[NAA]] invasion. ...nhuman wants a piece of the Middle East, as this demographic area contains the most strategic and important planetary Stargates for gaining domination and
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  • ...nted the full spiritual realization and embodiment of the organic state of the [[Solar Feminine Christ|Solar Feminine]]. ...s accumulation of black frozen dead energy in the natural intersections of the gridlines is called an [[Anubian Black Heart]].
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  • ...ense events or identities that exist in those timelines, is one definition of becoming multidimensional. ...urn to the [[Zero Point Field]], the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes.
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  • [[File:MMwinmerge web.jpg|thumb|Winter solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, 2020]] themes happening in the global shift, which are directly catalyzed by the [[Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation]] on December 21, 2020.
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  • ...n the planetary grid damaging the merkaba system) and other functions that the Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator was working to heal genetically for our planet December 2009 Newsletter]</ref>
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  • ...n masculine and feminine distortions, emanating from magnetic manipulation of solar and lunar relationships. Reptilians using magnetics to create 3D [[Fr ...eady present. Again fortifying our links into the [[Aurora]] families into the Guardian races and into those beloveds that are over lighting us.
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  • ...]] to the earth,[[Solomon Lineage Returning Genetics]], Priest King lines, the Three Kings, Christ coding [[Akhenaton]] and Tel Amarna, seeing refraction ...all inorganic and artificial pattern to the organic living light and Laws of God now. To that we say beloveds, thank you.
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