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The second layer is the Subconscious/ Instinctual Mind of the lower Emotional Body and relates to the 2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra located about two inches below the navel. The 2nd Chakra is also called the Pain Body. It is related to the emotional and feeling aspects of life experiences. Our sense of abundance, well being and sexuality is related to this chakra. Most traumas experienced that have not been resolved or released will create energetic blockage that lodges itself in this area. It tends to be the most difficult energy body and chakra for the human being to master in this plane of reality where low expressions of duality, such as suffering and brutality, exist.

Most of the 3D human population is polarized and stuck in the human's experience of the 2nd chakra or Pain Body. This is where human enslavement has been focused upon by the counter evolutionary forces of the NAA, through stimulating the 2nd chakra imbalances of power, greed, addiction and sex. These negative emotions emanate from the lower nature of the desire body residing in the 2nd chakra. (See the Addiction Webbing and Sexual Misery)

First Harmonic Universe

First Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

2nd Chakra Organs

Kidneys, Bladder and our reproductive organs are a part of this system. Pay attention and give your body what it needs with love and self care.

Second chakra issues and imbalances may include patterns and symptoms of the following:

- Our Relationships to Others (includes family, friends, lovers, partners)

- Boundaries in our personal relationships

- Our relationship to our Inner Child (are we a loving parent to our inner child?)

- Subconscious programs or archetypes we carry related to the ego's belief of identity

- Desire body and instinctual body processes, like Addiction and reactionary emotions

- Creative intelligence flow, our true passion and purpose

- Female empowerment and the true power of defining the Goddess energy within

- Reproduction beliefs, and our reproductive glands and organs

The throat (5th) and sacral chakra (2nd) are two key creative energy centers that work together.

2D Walls of Separation

Because the Instinctual Mind is the pain body of the Three Layers of Ego it collects many different levels of emotional trauma and pain and buries it in this area of the body and its "mind" centers. This accumulative pain is collected from previous, current and future lifetimes of Soul Fragmentation as a result of pain, abuse or trauma. When this pain is unhealed it results in split personality, disassociative personalities or in SRA this is called "altars". These fragments are attachments which collect, congeal and attract spirit attachments from the Astral Plane at both the 2nd Chakra and 4th Chakra layers. This over time builds up more painful Miasma, Dead Energy to block the 2nd Chakra and the Soul Matrix from embodying. Further it creates the 2D Walls of Separation within the Three Layers of Ego and embeds inside the Instinctual Mind.

The Guardians have identified the seven most painful implants of separation that impact the majority of human beings on this earth now.

  • 1. Unworthiness
  • 2. Shame / Guilt
  • 3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt
  • 4. Betrayal / Abandonment
  • 5. Anger / Rage
  • 6. Fear
  • 7. Entrapment / Enslavement


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 70