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5D Councils Updated to Amethyst Order

The original appointed Guardian groups connected to the 5th dimensional councils stationed in the second harmonic universe have long been problematic and divided due to the NAA infiltration of several of the genetic lineages, unable to reach unified cooperation with the ongoing territorial disputes and rehabilitation missions. Some of the Annunaki branches of the Ruby Order, those connected to the Atlantian timelines and members assuming titles with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation, have historically gone rogue. Thus, they have breached several Guardian agreements while making strategic alliances with other factions to secure their interests while territorial conflicts are in dispute. Many of these combined groups have been responsible for the manipulation and genetic modification of angelic human DNA since the Luciferian Rebellion, thus the digression of the diamond sun DNA template and insertion of fallen angelic mutations that contributed to agitating excessive violence and wars in the surface population.

Until recently, due to the frequency fences and bi-wave architectural damage in the timelines, there was not an authentic and complete Cosmic Founder identity presence able to express in a form and manifest into the lower dimensions. In their absence, many rogue entities acted as the imposters representing the Founder Guardians and acted with impunity while committing their crimes against humanity, such as covering up the trails of galactic human trafficking. As a result, there was not a direct Founder presence with the power to uphold the natural laws in our harmonic universe, thus there was not an immediate consequence to the injurious actions set forth by these rogue entities. This superimposition of miasma onto the human race to generate consciousness slaves and exemption from answering to the natural laws is about to change in a radical fashion.

The chain of command and the governing council committee in 5D, are currently undergoing many changes in which the Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas are assuming leadership in the direction of the 5th dimensional bio-regenesis and genetic rehabilitation agreements, with the next level of oversight led by the Interdimensional Free World Councils.

Because of the human tribal shield affiliation and genetic relationship to the 11th Stargate and the subsequent infiltration which created the Checkerboard Mutation, many of the Amethyst Order have been appointed to directly rehabilitate and transit the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics race lines, and to override their artificial timelines that are related to the NAA. The fallen 11D lines from Aveyon-Avalon became the Fallen Seraphim and Fallen Annunaki-Elohim hybrid lines, as well as the hybridization made with fallen Draconian lines. The 15D Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas were not previously able to be fully present in the fifth dimensional layers until recently, and thus it appears they are laying down the natural laws of the Cosmic Order in which there is no leeway made for rebuttal or concessions.

These are the direct Christos Founder embodiments of the Cosmic Holy Father working through the Amethyst Order that are now manifesting their authority in the fifth dimensional layers. The authenticity and power of the Cosmic Holy Father presence in the Amethyst Order cannot be denied or refuted, as it is made fully evident to all that are presently experiencing the return of the Holy Order of the Ascended Master Christos Collective and the Cosmic Founder God forces. [1]


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