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Amrita, Creation Seed, Female God Principle

(Amrita, female God principle, secret sacred portal, code, creational seed)

And now it's time to move certain seals, plugs and implants and we could say parasites. Holding back the plug in the female organ system from allowing goddess energy to fully come through the body itself. Again I am going to ask the Guardians and your specific Evolution keepers and teams that are working with the code transferences to assist now. Remove any and all of the next level layer of the blockages that allow the seal to be removed, within the vaginal and cervical area. Cleaning out any microorganism imbalance, but assist in opening that area to flow into its energetic capacity as needed and supported by the bodies and the consciousness at this time.

In the full embodiment of the goddess energy, again this is that frequency layer we're talking about that we don't really have words for yet. For me goddess seems inept to even describe this because it feels completely about the divine God female principal embodiment. And from what I can tell in this part of your body is that the opening and the sort of conductor, where this synergy comes through in the body. That opening around the cervix and again there is some kind portal system, opening in the female energy in the female light body. And it is in the female organ system, it's like a doorway and that doorway is connecting to the female God principal.

I want to say even the female ejaculate, the female ejaculate the female Amrita, there is a fluid. Oh my God, okay. Something okay, is this appropriate or? Okay so what's going on here is that when we're doing our service work, because our bodies our physical bodies are polarized, every time we do something that is really in alignment, and is a part of what were doing. It's like with every level of vast light that comes to be housed, comes an equal amount of polarity, of the other side of it. So what I'm seeing is that you've been undergoing a tremendous shift and change, a lot's been going on in the structure of your physical housing.

And while this has been going on both elements have been playing out, of that polarity of the two energies. Because those two energies are of course what create the alchemy. I'm seeing there is some kind of parasitic device or something that has been sucking out the fluid of the Amrita that is created with the Shakti energy of the God feminine principle.

Now most women on earth are not holding this yet, because it's a spiritual construct. Obviously we know that women ejaculate fluid through tantra and other means that are not very supportive. We know that there are women that go through this, where it's not based on a spiritual development. But in your case it is. There is an opening that is coming through or is active. And it is starting to produce a chemical translation of a fluid that is activating, and that is a part of the divine feminine God-self in her principal, as it becomes embodied in form. One of the side effects or one of the things that gets activated is this fluid. And it is the fluid that is omitted from a portal or an opening within the vaginal area, within the upper vaginal area. Within this area of the body this is a portal opening and a doorway that is emitting fluid. And this fluid is again an Amrita, what it feels to be is it's got code in it, it's got instructions in it.

It is almost like the seed of the female, we are talking about the female holding the perfect creational seed. It is through the orgasmic bliss of releasing this fluid through the divine feminine principle that is actually the seed of that creational blueprint. Something is in that fluid and it is an elixir, it is an Amrita, it is a Manna, it is a Soma, it is sought after it is coveted, it is of great value. This has been a secret that is been kept from human beings, and clearly I didn't know this either, so this is the secret kept from me as well. That this area of the female body is a secret portal that contains this and it is very sacred. It is very sacred. It has been abused and used and of course all the other stuff. And this part of your body is being integrated and opened right now. And there have been kind of competing forces that have been a part of this alchemy process of this interchange within you. And some of it has not been too pleasant, as you've been going through this.

So I would like to request at this time for the utmost and highest cleansing clearing and support of the bodies now, with this issue to allow the divine expression of the sacredness of the cosmic divine feminine goddess principle to embody within the form. And to allow the physical organ structures and energetic blueprints and architectures of those structures to align fully to the God feminine principle. Allowing the natural organic expression of this principle through the form with grace, with ease and supporting vital radiant health to the cells of the body. Thank you.

There is a massive opening in that area, again clearing out any and all structure, device, entity, parasite or debris. Opening and commanding the space in the sacred sovereignty and liberation for the body, we open the alchemy into its perfection for the radiant health of this being here and claimed. Fully completely and totally through every cell and pore, atomic subatomic, molecular, cellular each of the layers through the systems. Please perform system-to-system integration now, through each of the systems herein represented. Bringing each communication and opening through the system, integrated in whole balanced and harmonious. Thank you so much.

Through the traveling of this session and seeing these architecture blueprints within the bodies, really helps to crystallize how our bodies are becoming God technology made manifest. And that it is through these bodies that the technology is made possible to literally resurrect and bring forth the ascension, and transmutation and all the things that we're here to hold the space for. So I want to thank you so much, for your service and support in all ways. And I know this is quite an Odyssey of vast proportions. I feel like I need to kind of process and integrate the session, because it's had an impact on me. I'm sure sharing this with you in partnership as we go through this prototype experiment and expansion of our bodies, into this new way of being. Again I want to thank you so much.

So beloveds, I would like to thank the Guardians for their assistance and support with us here today. Please again anchor lock and seal our work in the field, fully impenetrable and that the cosmic Christ intelligence. We command this space in the sovereign power of the One, and that which is I am God, Sovereign and Free, to being physical to all layers and levels of self and that which represents humanity now through the collective race. We commend the space through the sovereignty of One, through the one spirit now. Embodied present and complete. Thank you so much. Please seal the field. As we close down our trans-time portal and pillar, bringing us fully present into the physical cells and body, fully embodied. Thank you. We seal the field, in deep love and gratitude we thank our beloved families of light. And so it is. We seal our session beloved's thank you so much. Much love to you. [1]

  1. [LR Client Sessions 9-11-08]