Ascension Stages

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Initiation,Absorption & Integration

I. Initiation (Activation and Plug In) Essentially, you’re activated when your neurological structure gets “plugged in” and ready to accrete the light codes (frequencies) of the 4th dimension. Essentially, the activation pulls in new neurological structures (apparthi) that act as energy receivers so you can absorb the new frequencies. Activation is also about activating DNA and DNA also has 12 sub-strands, and those are called fire-codes, or fire-letters. Fire letters are the cellular alphabet of our DNA, and they become activated when we start to absorb the frequencies from the first octave of our next dimensional ascension. We have to do this in the correct process and order. Each individual has specific energy signature (incarnation path) that determines the detail of awakening. Indigos and Starseeds are the first awakened to be initiated during this Ascension Cycle. It is planned and supported by Ascension Guides, ET Family and Planetary Stellar Activation. Moving through a frequency “stair-step” Dimensional Ascension through the 12 bodies of intelligence. Every person has a unique path of Ascension yet the same process of transformation.

II. Absorption (Accretion): Once frequency is initiated, it’s absorbed within the lightbody. Each individual has a specific process to personal absorption (experience, relationships, karmic lessons, self-mastery etc.). Frequency will move up chakras and bodies to blockages (miasma) that need to be cleared to spiritually progress. Cleared blockages allow access to higher intelligences and access to Spiritual Identity. Movement through dimensional bands and communication links to higher intelligence is perceived by extra-dimensionals, such as ETs. For example when ascending 3D-4D, you absorb 4D frequencies into your 4th Chakra (Heart Center) via your nadial system into your nervous system. There are 12 octaves within each dimension. You start accessing the 1st octave of the 4D and must absorb all 12 to complete the 4D spectrum. 12 Dimensions X 12 Octaves = 144 Sub-harmonics. Some of us go too fast and get fried, but the energies start to transmit and they come into our lightbody. They drill down through the layers of our lightbody until they’re anchored into our physical structure. This process has also been referred to as light accretion. The combination of our natural biology, soul and oversoul are in charge of this process, and they’re doing it as smoothly as possible. Then, you go through the natural process of evolution and the Ascension cycle.

III. Integration: Upon the aura receiving maximal frequency absorption, the new frequency, intelligence body, consciousness, DNA and chakras are activated to integrate into the physical self. The individual will integrate new energies and experience disorientation in terms of how the self is orienting into their life as it’s changing. Ascension symptoms, spiritual crisis and trauma memory may be misidentified as other medical issues.

IV. Ascension: After absorbing all the frequency bands and codes of a dimension, the frequencies will have caused systemic upgrades that result in new levels of consciousness in terms of awareness, perception, intelligence fields and experience. We can grow to expand our consciousness to become part of a group consciousness, planetary consciousness, galactic consciousness etc. When we get into the higher realms (8D+) we’ll start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs until we’ve reached our Divine/Krystic/Avatar self at the 12th Dimension.