Astral Bliss

What is the New Age Astral Bliss?

What I have observed is that when the soul-spirit is wounded, people lose their deeper emotional sensory ability, thus, many of these people become buried in Three Layers of Ego and the subconscious Pain Body that they may refuse to face or deal with in the material reality. As a result of pain body avoidance, their body’s inner child defense mechanism will split itself in the personality layers which creates walls of separation. That wall exists as a blockage in their emotional body, and this prevents their ability to feel or sense deeply, only the surface instinctual emotions will be experienced and to which are confused as "love". This kind of instinctual feeling of love or bliss has an attachment of addictive like reactions. Most people do not realize to access true love, one must access truth, the ability to see the actual reality as it is in the moment. So if someone refuses to deal with pain or fear, they are blocked from seeing the light of truth, and they create a reality bubble of fantasy as an type of escape mechanism for the inner child.

Some of the New Age material has promoted horrifying damage to people this way, many times though Emotional Manipulation.

New Age Hijack

There is a delusional psychosis that is spread and promoted to shape and reinforce very bad behavior as acceptable behavior in some of the New Age circles. This New Age hijack is what has been created in groups who refuse to grow up to be accountable for ethical behaviors and be responsible for their life, thus, evolving into spiritual maturity.

I observe too many people having delusional fantasies and believing these delusions to be actual truth, as they cannot tell which reality they are in. When one is emotionally imbalanced and weak minded it is much easier to be mind controlled and disoriented from physical and concrete facts staring one in the face. When a person is confused they cannot tell what they are looking at, and they are unable to discern if they are being inserted with interference messaging to manipulate visions.

The NAA groups are excellent at this, we have talked a lot about it in the community. Some of those methods of manipulation have been discussed in the Ascension Glossary:

Dark Force Manipulation Methods

Holographic Insert

One of the most appealing ways the NAA has found to manipulate the New Age, is to promote the states of Astral Bliss of which many people line up like astral junkies to get a hit of false love while participating in these groups. There is a dark addictive state of Astral bliss which is a type of escapist fantasy some people connect to while in the New Age groups.

This should not be confused with the genuine state of God-Love-Bliss that arises from our direct communion with God and Christ.

New Age Astral Bliss Discernment Profile

To have better discernment, the experience of New Age Astral bliss has a profile that may look like:

  • Complacency
  • Easily mentally confused, vacant eyes and expression, incoherent speech or communication
  • Drug like ecstasy, euphoria to sedative state
  • Addictive tendencies to recreate the state again
  • Projected (spiritual) fantasies on others
  • Ungrounded in body therefore prone to delusion
  • May be prone to emotional hysteria and dramatics (rolling around on the ground crying/screaming, going into primal or fetal integration when in groups)Lack of discernment in energies and people
  • Auric disconnections, in one or more layers (i.e. body and heart disconnected)No boundaries and open to whatever in the astral, covered with parasites
  • Rejects existence of pain/fear when confronted by it, cannot tell dark from light
  • Says everyone is "one" and so they can take whatever you have, because its theirs already
  • Tends to lack discipline or self responsibility, may confuse drug like state with consciousness state
  • Hedonistic or bohemian personality, a total sensualist nature (Do what thou wilt)Alien implanted, unaware of the existence of implants or mind control
  • Unwilling to confront or face negativity or bad behaviors for fear of being labeled judgmental

The Christ energies feel "foreign", uncomfortable or dark to many astral bliss people. (the 12 D shield may feel incongruent to those who like hanging out in the astral body, there is still a lot of fear and addiction in the body)Sickly green colors, feels slimy energetically, similar to drug feelings like "pot"(Lower sexual abuse energy with astral bliss is 2D Baphomet field. Baphomet field is where the body is contorting with lower spirits passing through it, eyes rolled back, panting, sweating, like in tribal spirit dancing)

All of the above are stages of astral exploration and a normal process of soul evolution. The problem happens when the person refuses to grow out or evolve from this lower state. This is the general state of what the New Age circles have created, there is no ego clearing, people are emotionally wounded and stunted and as a result, lack the higher stages of spiritual integration. People get stuck in the Astral Plane.

There are many mastery levels of the Spirits and Virtues of God which result in stages of mastery with certain embodied levels of consciousness experience, and one of those experiences is Bliss. This is an organic and natural result from the acquiring of spiritual virtues and spiritual ethics that result in the state of achieving God-Love-Bliss.

God-Christ Bliss State

Higher bliss states are very much what has been discussed previously with developing Krystic attributes, and include a natural expansion of virtues that are spiritual forces in nature. The profile for higher God-Love- Bliss states achieved in sacred marriage with God are:

  • Access God-Love-Bliss whenever one is still, there is a consistent flowing of loving and peaceful energy
  • Non addictive, no seeking of experience
  • Are a apart of Krystic Virtues. Masters access all qualities as distinct, however are within the unified field ( this is new quality with earth ascension, previous Masters accessed distinct levels of virtue in the un-unified field, these are the partial ascended masters)
  • Focal point is like an aperture of camera, gentle closing of aperture shifts consciousness to another field of awareness
  • Consciousness integrated within bodies and flows easily between higher mind and spirit, as well as into other dimensions
  • Higher mind merge with higher heart allows easy flow and cohesion between mind and feelings, whether dark, light or neutral force
  • Discerning and identifies states of being for what they are in polarity, neutral association
  • High functions in both intellect and feelings, balanced and move in and around all spectrums nonattached

Once one is no longer identified with anything, then higher bliss (God-Love-Bliss) will begin to manifest and the lower astral states of ecstatic bliss cease to exist anymore. Higher bliss is experienced in silence and peace, it goes way beyond astral like states of ecstasy. Higher bliss is a state of inner silence and stillness that is stable and unchanging. Once God-Love-Bliss is reached, the state just goes on and on in the same peaceful way. I hope this is helpful to increase higher discernment as the state of being and the definition of the word Bliss can be very confusing. The states of Astral bliss generally promoted in the New Age have nothing to do with the state of God-Love-Bliss achieved in the natural communion with God. Astral Bliss is an addictive substance that is sourced from the false light in the NAA’s False Ascension Matrix. [1]

Comfort Implant

These complex systems were feeding off of souls connecting to the False White Light at the 4D octave in the Astral Plane. This is an area many planetary lightworkers were getting lost within the astral layers of delusion, creating complacency and a drunken type of Astral Bliss. This is called a Comfort Implant to keep one inert and ineffective.

Astral Plane

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is the fourth dimension and is referred to as the Astral plane or Astral dimension of the Soul Matrix.


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