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A Black House is the architecture created in Satanic based rituals that are used to create dwellings for Satanic spirits, Imposter Spirits, Fallen Angelics and black entities that exist on the etheric layers or the Astral Plane. The architecture used in Black Magic is for STS purposes or for gaining power and resources over others, many times to trick the people involved to accept energetic servitude or spiritual bondage. When building a spiritual architecture, it is the act of collaborating with some level of intelligent spiritual forces, through spoken word or ritual, forces of either darkness or light intentions, in order to create a type of etheric structure that is used as a Blueprint for manifesting that quality of energy to be made to influence and express in the material world. As an example, once the person calls in that low quality of energy, such as a very low spirit or negative entity, or it could be a gatekeeper demon to an underworld realm, the action to call that entity means that person is in consent with that negative force, and as a result, that force can easily trick that person with deceptions that lead them astray into many types of painful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions. These painful dysfunctions when not corrected, severely harm the Lightbody and harm the Consciousness of that person, and this is qualified as spiritually abusive behaviors. Usually, Black Magic or secretive actions intended to harm or to take power away from others is done in deceptive and manipulative ways to hide what is actually being done. Satanic forces are supreme experts at manipulation tactics such as Gaslighting. The NAA have built black houses in many places, such as cities, in collaboration with many Satanists across the globe, in order to help manifest and spread Satanic and NAA forces to be able to freely gain access upon the earth.

If the person desires to manifest Satanic forces into the material world and into their life, they would use Black Magic or SRA practices to house the demons and the forces that exist in the lowest realms, such as hell realms, underworld or phantom. When creating a black house structure, it is designed to house demonic, satanic and negative entities, usually as a trade exchange for receiving earthly power or material possessions. Demonics or Imposter Spirits will trade knowledge or power in some way in exchange for the person's Soul light or life force energy, or blood or sexual sacrifices, which results in astral bindings, attachment cords, that are connected to these lower spiritual entities that continue to parasitize the human's energy field. When a person becomes in consent with Satanic forces, they are agreeing to be in servitude and binding to the will of these lower primitive forces, which will continue to access energetic bindings of that person throughout the current identity and into the death process. Many people do not realize when they conjure demonics or satanic forces, they invite in Negative Aliens also, who will take advantage of that person through implants, siphoning, and a host of other issues concerning access to their human energy field or Lightbody. When a human is in consent with Satanic forces they lose their spiritual sovereignty, and become in servitude to these forces, in earthly life and death. Once these entities are invited into the human body, they do not want to leave. Over time, they take over the mind and body to increase pain, will trick the person's mind continually with delusions, may haunt and torment the person into black depression, addiction and misery, and they can be hard to get rid of and clear from the body. These types of Black Magic practices easily lead to partial or full possession of the human body from other world spirits, human or non human identities that leech inside the body or stay attached to that person's energy field. Many people on the earth today that are very negative, violent, feel miserable and play out negative emotional dramas repeatedly, are suffering from Soul Fragmentation and have an satanic force attachment(s) or Possession.


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