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Catharism, Wikipedia

The Cathars were a part of the Essenes, Christos Templars and formed the group embodiment to protect the esoteric knowledge of the Mother God principle, the Sophianic Body for the earth, during the time of the spread of Violent Religions by the NAA. The knowledge of the female principle included the awareness of the Mother Arc identity as the Aqua Ray, and the alchemical wedding and unification of the Christos-Sophia, which form into the chalice principle which ignites the holy spirit to inspirit matter. This configuration in the architecture of the female principle was a part of the Arc of the Covenant, which included the ability to open the planetary stargates. Portions of the Cosmic Mother's Universal Body language is called the Cathar. In the Cathar body are multiple star languages, and creational code that hold the Universal Mother’s creational principle, which can be used to impact manifestation into matter by both the Maji lines and the Black Magicians. Hence, these creation codes were stolen by Black Magicians and then replicated in the planetary architecture by the NAA and Fallen Angelics to be used in reverse, in order to control and enslave the human race through the necessity of suppressing and raping the creational forces inherent within the female principle. They generated the Dark Mother, a lunar principle used as the impostor female principle, as this was required for them to effect manifestations in the timelines. (See Tiamat, Baphomet and Achamoth)

One way hijacking the codes was accomplished was using the “fleur di lis” symbol, which is a Cathar Body Mother Arc Code that can potentially open Stargates. These symbols are used in reversal energy current and sprayed as Alien Implants embedded into the Maji lineages Lightbody to prevent them from activating DNA. (See NRG Implants). Monarchs would bind these symbols in rituals given to them from the esoteric teachers or secret societies such as the Freemasons and Vatican priests, who were corrupted and manipulated easily for wealth, land ownership and status.

The return of Mother Arc and return of the Christos-Sophia to the earth to reclaim her role in creation has a direct Cathar relationship to the earth. The Cathar lineage is to return and infuse the trinity of the God source field into the Arc Creation Codes, and to return the Cosmic Mothers Universal Body to function upon the physical earth plane through the embodied awakened human, both males and females. The Cathar is the portion of Universal Star Code which is required to return at this time, to return energetic balance back into the Feminine principle, to dissolve the Dark Mother lunar principle, and return its source power in every way it is required for Ascension. This is a process of consciousness rehabilitation, female spiritual healing, and has gradual steps that are required to rebuild the Cathar body to manifest upon the earth, which will allow authentic and organic female spiritual power to manifest again. During the ascension process this spiritual healing starts in the female organs, the womb. When clearing the womb and sexual organs, the dark attack will commence, as the dark forces have been commandeering the female creation power in the actual "physical womb" of females, and they desire to stop female principle balance from spreading onto the physical plane. It is for these reasons it has been noted, those with direct Cathar lineage or cellular memory have more problems with womb/uterine and sexual related alien implants. This is to reverse the memories in the Soul and Monad Matrix in order to not activate the internal Cathar codes in the manner they were designed, which is to restore the embodiment of the true divine feminine principle on the earth. Cathar body rehabilitation also is related to the emergence of the Solar Feminine, and the rehabilitation of the Solar Logos architecture.

Cathar Genocidal Massacre

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 780 YA, Albigensian Crusade carried out by the Church of Rome, Cathars were trapped and burned alive in Southern France. Attempts to eliminate Essene Templar knowledge outside control of the Church.[1]

Cathar in France

In general the Cathars were protecting certain esoteric information in the Gnostic texts and gnostic symbols from the Essenes, Christos Templars that accessed hidden energetic templates (12 Tree Grid and Blueprint) that allowed a direct connection to communicate with Christos Mission intelligence at that time. They knew that the Reclamation of Christos Mission had returned to earth to bring the esoteric levels of the Gnostic teachings back to the Law of One, and anchor the covenant with Christos/Krystal Star back into physical matter after the destruction of the Atlantian Cataclysm. Some were aware of the extraterrestrial invasion of NAA, while others thought of these forces as an evil god (demiurge) or Fallen Angelic. In the earlier stages they had the mapmaker map and coordinate points in the Ley Lines, where they would be led to activate and communicate with “chalice” portals of energy that were still able to be accessed through their sacred symbols or channeled knowledge. They translated Coptic text from the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and were told to migrate and bring these original gnostic writings from the original Essenes (at the time of Yeshua Christ-Mary Christ Sophia) in Egypt and bring this information back to the 12th stargate in South France, where it was believed to be easier to protect. They had awareness that the Roman Catholic Church and its organization was infiltrated by the Satanic Draconians/Archons. They were aware of the Mind Control being placed into the planet through these False King of Tyranny religions and their supposed houses of worship, that were designed to enslave the human race through these false father archontic beliefs and the Black Magicians abusing their power.[2]

Albion Code and Cathar Code

The Albion is in the planetary body as a sphere and it is the exact replica of an original 12 strand DNA human, the first expression of a human being that is recorded within the planetary body. The Albion is comprised of the architecture of the Universal Law of Structure that manifests as the divine human body in the Universal Tree of Life. The Albion is within the Core Manifestation Template of the human body, and the actual shape of that body is referred to as the Albion. The Albion is masculine in its principle, although it is genderless, it is a manifestation of the Law of Structure governed by the Cosmic Logos. The Albion exists as a cell in the body of the Solar Logos. Each of us exist as a cell in the planetary body. The planetary body is made in the image of the Albion, as it is connected to the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix body. Each of the twelve spheres in the Universal Tree of Life represents a part of the consciousness of the auric egg that makes up the Lightbody. The auric egg contains color waves within the spheres and these are known as the Cathar, which is the feminine principle. The Albion and the Cathar, represent the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle united, as the Hieros Gamos, or the risen Christos-Sophia made manifest through the corrected Albion.

The Cathar is the mother principle of the sound, tone, music, and colors that fill in the Albion spherical architecture. The Cathar is the Holy Mother’s body which is the color tonal wave spectrum, and the living life code of the breathing Holy Spirit. The Cathar is Mother’s creation code, the Albion is Father’s creation code, and both have to interact and interconnect in Sacred Marriage to birth the Christos-Sophia. As they unite in hierogamic union, Mother’s sound tones and Holy Spirit can bring color waves into the base template of the Albion architecture. This sacred union generates new balanced creations throughout the matter worlds, as matter becomes spiritualized through the animating force of the Holy Spirit. [3]

Universal Male and Female

Universal Couple

When we take the seven facial orifices and unite them with male sexual orifice and dimensional portals we get the number Twelve (12). The correct pattern of the electrical spin for the Universal Male principle is 12:12. The same architecture in the planet body is the 12 Tree Grid and when the 12:12 is projected as the first image of God as a Hu-Man (Adam), it is called the Albion.The Geometric Form of Six is inherently connected to the sexual organs of a female. When we take the seven facial orifices and unite them with female sexual orifice and dimensional portals we get the number Thirteen (13). The correct pattern of the electrotonal spin for the Universal Female principle is 13:13. The same architecture exists in the planetary core as Mother Arc. When the 13:13 is projected as the first Sound field of God from the Universal Creatrix, it descends the Holy Spirit and the colors created fill the Albion with a palette of colored music. This music is called the Cathar.[4]

When these electromagnetic patterns of Male Albion Star Code and Female Cathar Star Code unite in balance with each other, they create the Rod and Staff.


The Guardian Host perspective is the Baphomet is a Satanic field in the earth that came into creation as dark spirits created through the Baal demonic entities, such as Baal Zebub of the Fallen Angelic collectives abuse of the Sophianic Body. This is essentially the SRA abuse of the Holy Mothers Cathar body, holding her hostage by binding her body into the earth through demonic forces to produce the Dark Mother, tied to the Moon and entangled with Moon Chain lineages.

HG Level Two Triad: Crystal Lotus Heart

Level Two of Sacred Marriage is the building of the blue "Crystal Lotus Heart".


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