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DARVO - Deny, Attack and Reverse the Victim and Offender.

Transcript - This is a pre-meditated tactic that is used every single time a whistleblower or somebody comes out to give evidence or testimony to crimes made against humanity. Too much truthful information that is being leaked about the Satanic or Luciferian cult like lifestyle, or any other unapproved topic that threatens the knowledge of their existence and their power in the world. The media use this as a tool to shut people up all the time. Manipulators also used DARVO tactics commonly. So start to pay attention to when you see this manipulation method in action. As sad as it is, even little children are being unconsciously groomed to act this out, via the Social Engineering in the environment. One concept to remember - that these forces will never ever admit their actions to you from a place of weakness. Generally, to the very last breath, they will deny, deny and deny all the way to the end. This is the mindset many have inherited to never admit your actions to anyone, never admit guilt. This is a pact in order to maintain total secrecy. This is considered a law to many satanists. Therefore, their actions are carried with them to their death. So when a person, group or in this case the Satanic and Luciferian cult lifestyle is being confronted with their actions in public - many of these actions are serious crimes against humanity. As a result, they manipulate a pattern into the mainstream media for DARVO, deny, attack and reverse, victim and offender. This is so they can redirect public attention away for the actual issues. They can neutralize any attention they're getting, and they can also prevent any proposed Accountability on their actions. So the person, the group denies committing the offense. Quote, "This allegation is preposterous, it's ridiculous, it's Satanic panic!" Then they fully attack the accuser, and they reverse the roles, they paint themselves as the victim. Quote, "How dare you accuse me of this!". While their actual victim is made into the guilty party. Sometimes, they will put that victim in jail for their crime. As we're well aware, we've seen this happen quite a few times in the public arena. People that were actively calling out crimes, acting as a whistleblower, talking in the mainstream media about unapproved topics. There are many different levels of Unapproved Topics. We can see most commonly that when a person is raped, that many times, the victim is told they are the victimizer. They asked for it through their body language or mode of dress. "It's your fault that this happened to you!". This Blame Shifting manipulation is very common with Satanic ritual abuse. Children and survivors of Satanic ritual abuse are told by the abuser, that the abuse they suffered is their fault. As we can see here, this is sick, it is twisted and it's all lies.

Two common types of denial in the DARVO tactic is - this didn't happen, it doesn't exist - and they will do this even if there's an abundance of evidence and facts everywhere, and it's overwhelmingly obvious that the crime or abuse actually occurred. In this case, they can't say exactly that it didn't happen, because there's pictures and all kinds evidence showing the perpetrator. If the crime or action can't be denied becsaue they have been caught with hard evidence, then the next level of the tactic is - "well it didn't harm anyone, it's not harmful". This tactic is to attempt to minimize whatever it is, and again turnaround the situation in that they were the actual victim. So the DARVO tactic can be quite aggressive with relentless finger pointing and Character Assassination of the actual victims. It's used obviously quite violently to really suppress people to be quiet, and effectively. it's committing yet more emotional and mental abuse, towards the victim, who's already been weakened and traumatized by the first round of abuses. Many times this comes with threats of legal action and attacks made on the credibility of the victim. They're just being dragged through the mud and the media is attacking them, and so on. This is how it works many times in the corrupted areas of the legal system, where bribery and blackmail rule, thus, it's wise to understand this and what we know as the game being played. In this game, people do not care about the truth, all they care about is who is perceived to be winning the game.