Dead Spaces

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The frequency impact of the unity source code anchored into the Planetary Grid Network architecture though the Krystal Star Host is rippling throughout the multiple dimensional fields and into many Dead Energy spaces. Dead energy spaces or phantom matrices are separate areas where the massive layers of the consciousness fields (that make up Timelines and other spaces) are unable to exchange or circulate with the source code frequency. These dead spaces that house dead timelines or “hungry ghost entities” have been clearing out to other continuum's or being demolished and collapsing. Gridworkers have been involved with many levels of clearing these dead spaces and dead influences from an explosive terrain of shattered and decimated portions of the obsolete and expired architecture. This is an example of Timeline Collapse and/or dimensions rolling up into the next harmonic field.

...there has been a shattering and decimation of collective mind negative Alien Machinery architecture which have been used as consciousness “Ego Filters” to control humanity for a very long time. These Mind Control structures quantify as Dead Energy spaces and are configurations which are used to filter Soul Matrix energies through the harnessing of forced identities.[1]


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Term found in HGS Manual: Page 88