Dismantling AI Dark Mother Gestalts

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The recent major grid cleanup on holocaust timelines required another stage of dismantling phantom and artificial constructs that were harboring reversal mother creatures, a hierarchical chain of engineered hybrid dark entities used to enforce the Lunar Matrix links into the female principle and female bodies on the earth. Essentially, these are Satanic forces that have been engineered and then populated into the planetary architecture blended reality to gain control over the Solar female principle, subverting this higher identity into a mass mind controlled lunar female breeding slave. These AI genetic engineered NAA creations of reversal mother creatures were used to colonize the major grail points in the earth, to enforce an assortment of Artificial intelligence machinery that run the lunar mutations through several programs, such as in the propagation of religious Mind Control and Sexual Misery.

These recent projects reveal more detail on how the Dark Mother alien constructs are being administered and run on the planet earth, which are specifically designed to support the spreading of satanism through the ongoing generation of reversal female forces running throughout the ley lines and targeting the human population with its lowest anti-life vibrations. These accumulated reversal female dark force gestalts are being processed from the AI phantom timelines and Qlippoth, so that empaths and those working this piece may have felt deep emotional pain when the immense hatred made against the female principle began to surface for witnessing. The pinnacle of this collective female principle emotional clearing was during the last week of December and leading into the New Year, in which many people, especially females, were afflicted with a strong ascension flu while processing the viral programs that are run from these miasmatic black forces in the Qlippoth. Through the embodiment of the Solar Feminine, the negative form of an AI reversal mother-female creature surfaces, in which we must feel her pain and let her finally die, as the Qlippoth forces cycle through our lightbody in order to dissipate, transmute and dissolve this dark creature and the Lunar Matrix she feeds.

This can bring with it an unimaginable amount of dark content that requires facing the programming that has been used to defile, rape and enslave the female principle, the sexual control and pillaging of the original Solar Female Essene, and yet this is necessary for cleansing this historical record and reclaiming our sexual organs.

For many years we have been working slowly, plodding along like the tortoise, step by step to get to the dismantling of the sexual misery programming. Finding the many feedlines of energy running in the AI systems, Qlippoth currents and the NAA base 10 manifestation template that are used to run the NRG in the UK grid network. Guardian teams have hit into this network by breaching their system and extracting the dark female creature gestalts in the 5D-8D-11D Qlippoth architecture. These artificial constructs replicate the grail gateways and their spherical domains, and have relevance to the enforcement of the Essene Divide phantom creations. This false matrix was installed during the Yeshua mission through the holographic replication of our original Christos genetic material that was then formed into artificial sexual organs in the earth, that the anti-Christ proceeded to invert and rape in their satanic rituals. The mother’s body was split into many different parts, and these material forces of satanism took these parts and impregnated them artificially in the womb worlds created for this purpose of earth colonization, and thus an array of dark parasites and Satanic creations were born out of it. These womb worlds were used to birth anti-life creations that would colonize this putrid network that runs Dark Mother reversals and runs alien mutations, in order to control the female body and birth process on the earth.

Once the Lemurian timeline was shifted and sections of AI Dark Mother Gestalts were removed, the next stage of the project to reclaim the Solar Feminine was working to return the Temple Mount to the Mother principle. The Guardian teams had to gain access into the deep underground layers of the Temple Mount, where there is access into the Mother’s core layers of Cathar body parts and then retrieve these parts and give them back to her.

Temple Mount and 2D Grail

The planetary stargate which connects into the main 2D Gates is located in Temple Mount Jerusalem and its corresponding inner gate site is located in Sarasota, Florida. The 2D grail gate system is particularly coveted and prized by the NAA and this particular hub has been colonized deep underground, which runs through multiple dimensions of NAA access throughout its network. This precise area has been under heavy guard and attack since the Sumerian invasion timeline. Thus, to begin to rehabilitate the grids in this particular demographic area is high risk and treacherous, and has required highly specialized Guardian teams that are experts in building Krist-Krystallah holographic architecture, which they have been planning and orchestrating in sequential stages for thousands of years.

Sophianic Body Desecration

Through repeated session work in the planetary fields and by remote viewing the grid network, the many layers of artificial Alien Machinery that have been used to spread Dark Mother reversals, that clone and replicate the Sophianic female principles via the Lunar Matrix and Beast Machine, have been revealed. The NAA have employed an assortment of Artificial intelligence structures and Frequency Fences for enforcing technological abuses, in which they intended to eliminate and destroy the organic mother principle in creation, thus generating ripple effects and causing an array of genetic distortions in the Sophianic female principle embodiment on the earth. For this and many other reasons, this planet has not had access to the organic mother principle and Sophianic Template in previous time cycles, which prevented the full spiritual realization and embodiment of the organic state of the Solar Feminine.[1]


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