Dual Krystal Spirals

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During this phase, Cosmic Elohei Suns have united in Dual Krystal Spirals which are supporting the reclamation of organic Diamond Sun lightbody parts through Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism and new staff codes that configure into new architecture of Hara-Krysta axiatonal lines. The Hara-Krysta are vertical staff lines connecting into the God Worlds and above the Spectra fields, in the stairway to heaven at the location where the Eukachristic template level of the Eternal Seven Suns in One are stationed. This is a station of the first creation hub of the eternal Cosmic Consciousness bodies, or the Seven Suns of God in eternal Diamond Sun bodies, the Eternal God body of the Emerald Order’s Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah unity consciousness.

The Dual Krystal Spirals are running new elementals with living sound waters that are being orchestrated through multiple layers of Emerald Covenant’s eukatharistic architecture, opening its rings and span tones that hold electromagnetic codes which wake up the planetary Rasha Body. This is important because it involves the complete re-encryption of the quantum field, dark matter and elemental substances in the atomic and subatomic layers, that are being made congruent with the Cosmic Mother’s ongoing embodiment process. Cosmic Mother Dragon is actively building tributaries of new golden Azothian flows made into living spiritual waters, inspiriting elemental and matter forms from within the planetary Rasha body. As this builds, new solar bodies are being birthed from out of the many colors of Dragon Eggs to fully reunite her with her planetary creations. This appears to be purging out layer after layer of the massive black plasma entities and AI frankenstein creatures that the NAA have lodged into the planetary dark matter fields with corrupted shadow elementals, as a way to invade the planetary body via the forced colonization of these AI hybrids and artificial demonic gestalts.

In practical terms, those awakening connected to this spiritual family will experience increased communications with the Elohei-Elohim in dream state or meditation, along with the reviewing of previous historical events and inorganic timelines that are connected to assorted problems that resulted in the Fallen Elohim and Fallen Angelic Annunaki hybrid lines. The Fallen Elohim are being found and regenerated by the returning Cosmic Elohei parents. This is a massive retrieval cycle for mismatched or stolen body parts that are specifically used by the invaders to run their genetic hybrid programs and anti-human APIN systems. Thus, the Great Lion symbolism connected to the Elohei-Elohim Christos founders from Lyra and their extensive 12D crystalline architecture that is encrypted with Anuhazi feline genetic signatures, are both evolving. Through ongoing genetic realignments within the awakening Elohim groups, this is showing up as Elohim collective shadow miasmatic clearings during current Guardian grid restoration projects. [1]


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