Erosion of Personal Integrity

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The 3D Mind Control set up is purposed to intentionally destroy the Coherence and stability within sets of normative values that both define and model standards of behavior throughout human civilization. Through the mass promotion of the anti-human value systems, it destroys integrity and trust within the fabric of society, and directly erodes the development of Personal Integrity.

By consistently using Dehumanization tactics to invalidate the vital need for creating truly functioning and equitable humanitarian based value systems throughout society, this anti-human agenda successfully erodes the majority of an individual’s Personal Integrity. The psychopathic Corporatocracy running global society tells us that wealth and power are made King of the Throne, sitting in absolute power over any matter that is governed by Rule of Law. Human slavery is essentially made meaningless to our societal value system when there is no meaning or value given to life. As a result the tyrants stay in power and gross profits continue to be made on human misery.

The Controller Pillars of Society demonstrate recurrent victimization of those individuals that speak transparently and truthfully to the public, in order to condition persecution of any coherent value system that is deeply connected to maintaining one’s personal integrity. The Controllers do not want to produce people with genuine Personal Integrity that follow a coherent value system that promotes strong Self Esteem and self-responsibility, a person that lives by what they believe in and won’t compromise their integrity.

The psychological warfare approach of divide and conquer tactics used by the NAA to condition anti-human values and erode integrity in the masses is called the Archontic Deception Strategy. The Archontic Deception Strategy is used to socially engineer the death culture, a culture of fear, dishonesty and deception. This is achieved through Pavlovian mind control conditioning that adopts extremely self-destructive behaviors as the standard model to guide human behavior. Through conditioning these same behaviors repeatedly in mass media to manufacture Social Norms, it has produced a population of people that commonly display these negative ego qualities of fear, dishonesty and deception as an acceptable value system that guides their deepest motivations and interactions. People without a value system of personal integrity are easily corrupted and manipulated by mass mind control, producing unstable, erratic and destructive behaviors. [1]

Indication of Weak Character

The first stage of effectively building Personal Integrity is to perform an accurate assessment of the areas in your character that were weakened when you met strong resistance. We are all tested by life circumstances when we are confronted with something challenging and the situation really knocked us over and we crumbled.

When our character is weak, we can be easily emotionally manipulated and controlled. However, these events are great opportunities to learn life lessons and serve to inform us of what we must strengthen inside ourselves. Recovering our core, being authentic and living in Personal Integrity is similar to the concept of inspecting a building for its structural integrity. Our spiritual house is made strong and filled with inner light, when we direct our focus and attention to developing inner and outer personal integrity. Without strong personal integrity, like a building without structural integrity, we physically collapse and morally decay, because we are unable to withstand the pressure of the forces that create impact upon our lives.

False Friends and Fake People

One of the most difficult and painful lessons many newly Awakening people have on the spiritual path is gaining strong Discernment in one’s ability to clearly identify the shiny glamour of appearances that is generally behind fakery and fake people. We tend to be unaware of fake people that use false friendliness towards us when we are unclear about our Personal Value System and the ways of which to practically embody Personal Integrity. We encounter many different kinds of people throughout our lives, and for those of us committed to spiritual growth and the building of meaningful relationships, it is necessary to become aware of when people are being genuine and when they may not have the best of intentions.

Fake People with surface smiles or people lacking self-awareness tend to attract more fakery and false friends as the result of the lack clarity they have in directing their own lives in alignment with a personal value system. When people are confused or unaware of the necessity to shape their own personal value system, they lack self-awareness, and tend to be oblivious in how their dishonest actions may influence others. Fake people generally provide a reflective mirror highlighting certain areas in our lives where we also may lack self-awareness, providing an opportunity to shine a light on blind spots for mastering our egoic lessons. If we can recontextualize false friend situations when we felt betrayed or when we discover fake appearances in others as an opportunity for increased spiritual growth, we can convert these unpleasant lessons as a powerful means of which to gain stronger discernment and in which to see the red flags immediately.

The emotional danger of connecting with fake people is that we can more easily misplace our trust in someone we thought was a genuine friend, and when that trust is broken, we may perceive that to be a significant betrayal. Emotional and Spiritual Betrayals can be devastating in such ways that can leave us emotionally shattered when we experience what we perceive to be a great betrayal from someone we trusted. In these moments, if we surrender to the painful situation as a lesson for intuitive discernment in order to be able to see people’s true moral character and genuine intentions more clearly, we may increase our intuitive ability in all interactions we do have, which builds the qualities of Trust.

Building Trust within ourselves and knowing how to build solid, genuine and trustworthy relationships takes some personal effort directed towards self-study in exploring personal integrity that is made through daily self-reflection and meditation. Through our meditations we direct compassion to ourselves and Compassion to others, reflecting on the positive qualities we want to grow in our lives. We achieve greater self-awareness by paying attention to our thoughts, behaviors and reactions, so that we get crystal clear on where we place our attention and then determine our value system in order to stay aligned to what is meaningful in order to remain true to ourselves.

It may be a powerfully positive process to review your core values, so that you can see how you are evolving and transforming, as you better stay aligned to your own personal value system.[2]


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