Feline Pleiadian Genetic Technician Session


Themes:new threshold of support achieved through consistently building communication links, teams able to give more energetic support, clearing a masculine thought form blocking throat, once cleared allows male female balance, allows new matrix to be overlaid in 5th chakra, feline Pleiadian genetic technician blending spiritual and physical genetics, Diva actually building bridge from the instruction sets, throat now allowing free expression and truth expression.

Opening: As we open a field with the intention of creating an alchemical container and space, beloveds we call upon the unity vow of our Guardian groups those defenders of truth sovereignty liberation and freedom. Beloved family of light as we open into the crystal consciousness of that unification principle we again open the counterclockwise motion, the 12 dimensional ray of the cosmic Christ energy. Beloveds thank you. I don't know if it is because we called them in or our attention was brought to your MAP team but they are like very present now with us.

Beloveds in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power, okay thank you. So the Diva is communicating to me that recently there has been another level of female coding that has been brought on to the planet. So she's asking me to assist, there's a transmit of that coming through that is needed for you. So as we hold a space for that, just placing your hand on your heart as this is where this will take place. Beloveds in the highest capacity of exchange, these are the Mother Goddess or Starfire codes, which are returning to us to our planet the female principle in layers. The God female principle coding, which brings the balance between the electron and proton. At the physics level we are bringing in the female energy.

In the heart center beloveds please prepare for that exchange in the highest capacity now. 1-2-5-1 for all that is needed in order of priority to bring the intentions and integrate the Starfire of Mother Goddess codes into the heart chakra chambers and complex. Again for the use of assisting in the transmutation and healing facilitation and clearing of her body at this time, we take this intention of full and complete clearing into the body, mind set, morph field and blueprints, into the subtle energy bodies and into the deepest levels. As we anchor lock and seal through the heart chamber, through the hologram we also anchor lock and seal through the time matrix. Beloveds thank you.

Okay this has to with removing some residue and pain in the 4th and 5th chakras, wow. Thank you. So this is a permanent residue cleans as that code is exchanged, and then seeing that which is brought up to the surface to be healed and released. We allow that to happen now gracefully and easily. Beloveds and the teams that are here to support all that can be cleared and released through the structure now. We bring that to the surface of the heart, the surface of the astral body itself to clear and release all blocks or traumas or obstacles that are now ready to be released or cleared from the body. Thank you.

We are in 100% alignment to clear and release all imprints, residue and remains of any past pain, trauma, shock or injury as it has embedded in the cell system, we now release and allow it to be cleared from the system now. Very nice. Thank you so much. Again this is something I want to ensure all the way through the layers of the astral body in the reconfiguration that is appropriate for this being and let us know? Okay you want to focus on the 5th chakra? That is more important? So as we focus on the 5th area, what needs to be assisted there? Sometimes apparently the power of having more than one person, it's like having a witness consciousness that can stand in and hold the space. This is what they are asking for right now. There is a piece that they want to clear right now, that needed some more almost like psychic energy attention, so they could accomplish this. So wrapping around the neck and supporting with absolute focus, focusing on the 5th chakra from front to back, it is now time to release and clear all structures and devices or energies that can be removed now. We command the freedom of that to be fully and completely released in the light of God as we call upon the infinite source of God now. Please flood the throat and the 5th chakra, with God's healing light. Thank you.

Okay does that need to be returned to somebody? And as we look at that, okay just please send that back through the galactic core and transmute it into God purity and God connection. We are just focusing on the front and back of your head area. Okay now that this structure is gone, there was a box like looking thing in your throat. It was kind of a strange contraption I was just asking where that came from. It didn't seem to matter as it could be released. It didn't really have a charge around it like a psychic attack or anything. But what it was doing is holding certain belief systems in place.

There is a weird thing that happens to the chakras sometimes where a dominating thought form takes over a certain area of our body. This is what happened in your throat. This box thing was a structure that was holding the block in place. It was like a block on your ability to speak your truth. The thought form behind it was holding it in place. It was like a tandem thing, so the box was just taken out. But there is an occupant thought form in the 5th dimensional chakra that needs to be cleared and removed now.

Oh wow, I see. So Whatever the code transference was that brought more female energy into balance, they are showing me this has to do with the male female balance. Because when the consciousness or a body is imbalanced in one of those ways, so this was too much of the male energy. Which is very much about thought forms and mental principles. So this is like an aspect that your body was attuned to the masculine side and it created an imbalance. It was like a masculine energy that was stuck in your throat. And that thought form when we brought the female coding in it's almost like it softened that area to allow more female energy into your throat. Understanding the principle of male female goes all the way down to the smallest level of particles and Quarks and Muons, all the way to the largest bits. It's back and forth in the micro-macro relationship. So the masculine energy had dominated the throat chakra and created some imbalances because of that. And that is what we are able to move out of there now, to allow a softening of the male energy with the right balance of female energy. And the throat chakra can act more freely and in balance. Also to remove that occupant thought form in there, which is an interesting structure.

Yea, and this is about the strength too, the strength and ability to clearly speak your truth. What supports you what nourishes you. There is something about this masculine energy that was suppressing your ability to give to yourself. It's like we need as beings to be nourished, to be supported and this thing was in the way of that. It made it difficult for you to receive nourishment or support, let's say.

Now I see the new matrix that the Diva had been creating for you, could not be overlaid in your body until that thing was removed. So now she is putting that in there. I just saw, I don't know how to describe it. It is a bunch of layers of filigree in a matrix that is being recalibrated into your throat chakra right now. It is very sweet because I guess that was the whole purpose of doing this now. Because what I am seeing is that they reached a level in their work with you, where they needed an outside support to get this out. It's like they have been working on you and then they hit a wall. This thing had to be taken out for them to go to the next level of their work with you. It is very sweet, thank you.

I see oh, okay. The reason why the Pleiadian energy is so strong as well is that the Divas working with your body are working on restructuring elemental levels of your physical form. And they are taking instructions from a genetic technician that is Pleiadian. So there is an extra terrestrial being that is a part of your guidance evolution team, that is Pleiadian and is working with genetic upgrading. So this being is a feline and is a genetic expert, understands the body at a certain level. So genetically what is aligned to, there's a merge that needs to happen between the physical layers of the body and the spiritual layers of the body, and getting the genetics of both of those layers.

In a sense we have spiritually lineages and genetics and we've got physical layers and genetics coming in from the ancestry of our mother and father. So this being, this Pleiadian is assisting in the integration of harmony between the spiritual layer and the physical layer. And the Diva is weaving the bridge the one that actually creates the holographic instruction set of the blueprint and is putting it into the areas. So the Diva is actually working with the Pleiadian, so I'm seeing the Pleiadian being is giving the instruction to the Diva. The Diva is weaving what is necessary and the yellow energy is helping ground into the body better. It's got to obviously be grounded into the body, brought into the body. Thank you so much. And again in deep love and gratitude we are so appreciative of your service and support, in supporting the body and supporting the consciousness. Thank you.

Well the good thing about this is that, it is important that you know that when you started having these discussions with spiritual support, what seems to have occurred, because I don't remember seeing all this activity going on with you. I feel that you have reached some sort of threshold, where consistently you have been having contact. And that is reflected in what I am seeing in your energy body. Meaning there is support there that was not there before. And I think it is because you are interacting differently. The issue is consistency there is no doubt.

I don't know why it is that way, but I see it all the time. We have to build the link by communicating with it consistently. Then when we do, something shifts and then we get this extra level of support. There is work being done on your body consistently right now. So congratulations and really I just want to thank you for doing that, because something has definitely changed. It gives you a level of confirmation so you realize you are certainly not alone in it.

Closing: There are a lot of us that are having these various experiences, and I think sometimes it is really good to have that back up. Like I am not just in this in the twilight by myself over here. There is a whole other level of beings and people in the flesh having some really supportive interactions. We need to just make sure that we close and thank everybody. Again I would like to thank all of our beloved teams for their support with us today. Please anchor lock and seal our work through the hologram and through the time matrix. As we seal our field we seal our communication. Again we send our infinite stream of love and gratitude to our beloved family of light. Thank you so much. And so it is, we seal and end our session. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 3-4-2009]

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