Four Pillars of Man Grid

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Four Pillars of Man

Abbreviation - FPM is the Four Pillars of Man Planetary Grid Network.

FPM - One of the Guardian Planetary Grid Networks defined for advanced HGS session work as: 12 Guardian of Tribal Shield (Easter Island – Fire).

Session Focus is vertical, horizontal and diagonal channels that open the Alpha Omega, the Inner Earth to the Galactic Core to the Omniverse (Parallel Universes). Opens to Aurora, Aquaferion and Krystal Star (Oneness Families) through 12 Sound Pillars, intersecting with all 3 Earth planes and human 144 harmonics of the 12 Tribes Genetic memories. Retrieving and healing Galactic memories as well as ET identity/Starseed genetic healing on earth or on other planets is specified (12 Guardians of the Pillar 7 Fire Element).

The 12 Guardians of the Pillar refers to the ultimate function and result of the reconnected Four Pillars of Man Grid (FPM) of the Planetary Grid Network required to support the hosting out of the earth body.

Easter Island

See the Four Living Creatures

Easter Island

This FPM relates to the Threefold Founder Flame Consciousness Grid Network that is located in Chile at Easter Island. The Four Main Pillars of Consciousness units are massive Light-Sound pillars that are related to the creation of the entire Human 12 Tribes 144 harmonics in the DNA Genetic template, these consciousness units are the collective pillar(s) and the consciousness structure of the Founders elemental bodies. They contain all genetic, elemental material and race histories throughout the entire root race evolution cycles. When the diagonal lines are activated on planet earth at the end of the Ascension cycle through the Great White Lion GWL vertical and Golden Eagle Grid GEG horizontal merge,( or Rod and Staff alignment) the three parallel universes merge together through the activated Four Pillars of Man network.

FPM Grid from Lemurian Network

Four Pillars of Man Grid

Founder's Four Faces of Man LPIN is in three sets (of the four faces). One full set is an extension of the Earth LPIN connecting higher aspects of Earth: planets Tara and Gaia. The second set is another Four Faces of Man LPIN on parallel Earth, parallel Tara, parallel Gaia, and the third set on Inner Earth and connecting to its higher planets Inner Tara and Gaia. Hence the statement the 'Guardians of the 12 pillars' (three sets of four faces and sound pillars). The Four Faces of Man is the most extensive in space time but some of the others have connections to parallel Earth.The Four Faces of Man LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network) has been referred to as the 'Guardians of the four corners' and 'Angels of the four directions'. Its four heads are anchored in by sound pillars. In recognition of the Founder's creation of the Four Faces of Man, the Easter Island heads were built by ancient Indigo Maji descendants. This LPIN, created between 22,500 BC and 22,326 BC, was designed to restore the 12D blueprint of Earth and prevent fall of Earth into the Phantom Matrix. At the last planetary time cycle, intruder Annunaki raided Earth and prevented this LPIN from activating (during the ascension cycle). Thus it was rescheduled for 2012, began its first activation cycle in 2001 and the final 12th cycle in 2003, bringing the Great Great White Lion and Golden Eagle Grid on line. The Four Faces of Man is designed utilising such high frequencies that the fallen ETs in the NAA can't handle those energies.[1]


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