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[[http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/library/negative-alien-agenda/implants-parasites Implants and Parasites]]
[[http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/library/negative-alien-agenda/implants-parasites Implants and Parasites]]
See the Hieros Gamos Section Alien Implant Module here
==Forum Reference==
==Forum Reference==

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... the gallbladder meridian ... is the only subtle body energy line that accesses the total physical fleshly body through the energy meridian channel. Because of that access into a human body, I saw this was how many Astral creatures, Imposter Spirit, Fallen Angelics and NAA Aliens use Dark Force Manipulation Methods to deceive and influence humans, primarily from the Astral Plane.

4D Astral Gateway

… the gallbladder meridian being an 4D Astral Gateway into our physical body, a meridian energetic entrance between the lightbody and the physical body.

May 2009 Newsletter


… there is one main system according to the Guardians that has been extremely damaged from the Astral Plane debris, Alien Machinery and related suppressor phenomena. From their perspective, the effects of it have contributed to the emotional body damage and Soul Matrix damage of the human being. This has made human beings extremely vulnerable to psychic attack, entity attachments, parasitic debris and Alien Implants and Mind Control. This is the complex system of the “Gallbladder Meridian”.

The Gallbladder Meridian runs laterally, on the side of the human body on both the left and right, encompassing both male and female energies. Starting by the temple above the ear, the pathway is extensive on the side of the cranium, down the side of neck and running down lengthwise the body and legs exiting out of the forth and pinky toe. Interesting that the Axiatonal Lines which also run vertically (another primary layer of the meridian system that controls the spin points of our Holographic Lightbody Matrix) is in the same line pathway - the 3rd Dimensional Axiatonal Line (right side pinky finger and toe) and the 4th Dimensional Axiatonal (left side pinky finger and vertical to toe). These Axiatonal lines control the 3rd and 4th dimensional frequency conductance into the human Lightbody. Then these feed energies into the respective 3rd Chakra and 4th Chakra System.

So according to the Guardians, the Gallbladder Meridian is the only meridian pathway that allows access from the energy light body layers DIRECTLY into the physical matrix structures. This means that when an implant is placed on the Gallbladder (GB) meridian, it can become genetically embedded into the physical body, start exerrting control over the Nadial Complex and therefore impacting the molecular and atomic structure. It also can impact brain programming through thought control. This of course can inhibit DNA plugging in or a host of other opportunities depending on who is programming the “Alien Implants”.

According to them, this is a primary way beings in the Astral Plane have vampirized or implanted 3D human beings without their knowledge or consent. And to restore emotional body and astral layers to a balanced and healthy function, this meridian needs to be re-matrixed and built into a new human energy architecture.

Aquarian Meridian Project

This project is creating a template with a new “GB” matrix to be assisted in healing this problematic issue. It is also interesting to note that in most oriental system models, there are 44 points to the GB meridian system. (This number is also relative to the moving of the astral layers harmonics to higher octaves, such as 2 + 2 = 4, (2nd chakra to 4th layer), 4 + 4 = 8 (4th layers to 8D Monadic Layers), and 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 which is the bridge to the Cosmic Christ Trinity.)

Graphic of GB points

Although I do not understand all of this as I have never studied acupuncture, they have stated that the GB meridian is the “Aquarian Meridian”. (Thus the name given to this project.) They mention the Liver and Gallbladder relationship and that this symbolizes the 3D to 4D or the movement from the Piscean Age (Liver) to the Aquarian Age (GB). The Liver as an energy represented Ancestral karma (the processing of generational karmic Miasma and therefore bloodline issues) and the GB represented “judgment”, what is perceived as right and wrong to administer the “cause and effect”. This seems to mean that both these functions as represented energetically in our organ system, the principle of “karma Miasma ” carried through generations (Liver) and the process we have “judged” it (GB) are coming to an END.

August 2009 Newsletter

Pulling Blocked Energy from the GB

It is possible to pull them out of the body from the GB meridian channel with your hands and fingers. In my direct experience, the balance of female-male hierogamy (HGS) in energetic session work makes the removal of these insidious objects easier. Some of us Star People will activate our meridian channels in our hands to be able to actually "pull" these frequency alterations in the field out and away from the persons skull. The ability to pull out implants with the hands is referred to as the "Orion Codes". This is because this is a remnant from the Orion Wars. The HGS is a tool to work with this as we get more skill and expertise learning how to disarm and destroy these creatures at their source location in the temporal area of the brain and skull.See the newsletter:

[Purging Archontic Deception Newsletter]

Implants and Parasites

This “SPE” is one of the main sources of voice recognition mind control that is implanted most commonly through the gallbladder meridian. It is a parasite, so its life cycle and how it burrows into the bodily matrices, is exactly like a physical parasite. In understanding how Alien implants and SPE’s function, is to understand parasites. Your goal is to purge (detoxify) parasites in every way you can from your body.

[Implants and Parasites]

See the Hieros Gamos Section Alien Implant Module here [[1]]

Forum Reference

Energetic Synthesis Forum: Natural PAINKILLERS? March 1, 2013 (Entry #66319)

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 90