Gender Splitting

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The energetic imbalance between the electron and proton spin rates was being harnessed by controllers through hijacked creation code and inorganic architecture, one such structure known as the Vesica Pisces a bi-polar geometry. The hijacked Vesica Pisces code kept the binary code (consciousness polarity split through separation and distortion) locked down in our planet so that the trinity (unity) code would not be accessible.

This forced reversal and split patterns that continually fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions. It also was creating Monadic Reversal patterns which split us up from reuniting with our Monadic or "Twin Consciousness Matrix". This machinery intends Gender Reversal or Gender Splitting in humanity, and this is related to the NRG and the Sexual Misery programs inserted to genetically alter the human race.[1]


  1. Bali HGS Lecture 2012

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