Gender Splitting

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The energetic imbalance between the electron and proton spin rates was being harnessed by controllers through hijacked creation code and inorganic architecture, one such structure known as the Vesica Pisces a bi-polar geometry. The hijacked Vesica Pisces code kept the binary code (consciousness polarity split through separation and distortion) locked down in our planet so that the Trinity Wave (unity) code would not be accessible. Effectively, this produced Reversal Networks used to harvest bio-energy which also generated Gender Reversal in the human lightbody. This process of splitting gender and reversing Gender Principle on the planet is referred to as Anti-HG Technology.

This forced reversal and split patterns that continually fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions. It also was creating Monadic Reversal patterns which split us up from reuniting with our Monadic or "Twin Consciousness Matrix". This machinery intends Gender Reversal or Gender Splitting in humanity, and this is related to the NRG and the Sexual Misery programs inserted to genetically alter the human race.[1]

Gender Biology Expresses Polarity

The Law of Polarity is also represented within our physical gender bodies, which express as a polarity in matter form, when incarnated in a male or female body. While our physical body may appear to exist in one polarity form in matter, our internal and external energies exist in both male and female principles simultaneously. As an example on the vertical plane, bring to mind a physical human body from top to bottom, the male and female human body is divided into a right side male and a left side female by the central vertical channel. There are many natural characteristics of the male and female principle that we all share in the human species, yet we must identify that which is unnatural and alien to our male and female, and cast it out of our Consciousness.

The right side of our human body is the male gender pattern, which is the active force principle with internal circuitry that works as the electrical transmitter of positive charged electrons. The male spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the male spin may reverse its position to counterclockwise rotation.

The left side of our human body is the female gender pattern, which is the passive force principle with internal circuitry that works as the magnetic receiver of negative charged protons. The female spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a counter-clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the female spin may reverse its position to a clockwise rotation.

In order to be energetically balanced, harmonized and peaceful with ourselves, we must acknowledge the inner and outer polarity. By acknowledging the value and necessity of how the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender rules our life, we can truly know thyself.[2]

Michael-Mary Reversal

Michael-Mary weighing Soul

Michael-Mary Reversal networks are Alien Machinery planetary grids that split gender apart and are Anti-Hierogamic Union. The result of this grid is to promote the splitting apart of the layers of Soul marriage that occur at the 6th and 7th dimensions, which is the spiritual ascension process of Building Wings.

Sexual Misery Gender Confusion

Most all diseases in the reproductive areas are a result of gender confusion conflicts, alien genetic manipulation, inner energy reversals and Sexual Misery beliefs which disconnect the person from accessing their inner Christos spirit. This was taken advantage of by the negative aliens to splinter and fragment the soul energies, rather than integrate and heal them, by controlling and directing the sexual energies of human beings into Gender Splitting. By promoting distortions around the sexual act, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent (See False Parent), our race descended into Sexual Misery.


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