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Groupthink refers to a psychological phenomenon in collective consciousness in which individuals desire consensus opinion and approval from others within their community-group, and many times will set aside or abandon personal value systems or beliefs in order to feel like they belong in order to gain the groups acceptance and perceived approval. The internal pressure that is felt as the necessity to be loyal to the groupthink ideology can be perceived as real or imaginary threats. Although we can see in the current strategy of censorship and thought control, there are repercussions which amount to threats, accusations, humiliation and even the loss of job and profession. This happens when a person is outcast from not aligning their speech, thought and behavior exactly to the ideology of the groupthink. This is another form of compelled speech in mind control which is used in authoritarian regimes to stop any intellectual development, intelligent debates, critical thinking and thus persecute and penalize any independent thinker from adding to the groupthink approved conversation. This works to keep the majority of people silent and in submission to the mob rule.

Most people deeply fear being persecuted and ostracized from their group identity, as it is a fundamental human need to feel like we belong to someone or something. This is especially heightened for middle school age children and young adults, as peer pressure is one of the most powerful dynamics a child will face during the most impressionable stages of their personal development. The Controllers and those using ideological subversion mind control content are well aware of the challenges of peer pressure on young adults, and thus tend to target groupthink ideology to radicalize the younger generations by infiltrating their popular youth culture. Lenin’s popular quote about targeting the education of children with social engineering into a communist based ideology demonstrates what is being made visible in the outerscape of western or democratic society today. Examples of targeting the children are seen with the Canadian Prime Minister giving a speech asking parents to leave the room so he can address their children privately, while the World Health Organization cautioned that children may need to be separated from their parents due to the plandemic. Recently, the New York Times ran an article demanding that people should tell their family members they will never see them again until they donate and show their public support for Black Lives Matter. These are intelligence psyop directives taken directly from the Marxist-Lenin playbook for separating families and estranging children from their parents, by rewarding the kids for acting out as useful puppets for the ideological narrative approved by that group or nation-state.

Weaponizing Groupthink for Genocide

When groupthink is weaponized as a psychological warfare tool for swaying public opinion through fear, it can lead to mass hysteria and mob mentality that surfaces collective shadows and hidden phobias that spiral into panic. Those that spiral into panic have taken the emotional bait hook of the psychological warfare, then feed off of each other’s emotional and fear-based reactions, causing the group panic to swiftly escalated to incite mob hysteria. When the groupthink is weaponized into mob frenzy and rule, it lends to the destructive tendency of all or nothing thinking in order to demonize those outcast groups that are not in submissive agreement with the core ideology and its methods. The angry mob searches for those they can scapegoat or persecute through displays of public shaming or grandstanding to make public or political examples of, in order to further spread their poisonous ideology which is based on coercion, intimidation, and aggressive violence. This is the classical set up used as the roadmap for genocide 101. [1]


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