Magnetic Peak

The planet undergoes cycles of electromagnetic activity which reach peak levels of both electrical and magnetic force pressure during certain time cycles traveling through the Ecliptic. These peak cycles are related to how fast the electrons reach their spinning rotation within the planetary merkaba body that impacts either relative force. The faster the spin the more amplification of scalar waves that are projected throughout the planetary body and Ley Lines which manifest certain electromagnetic anomalies.

During annual August alignments of Leo, the planet undergoes what is called its Magnetic Peak cycle which generally transpires during the week of August 8th to August 15th, with August 12th being the pinnacle wave of magnetic force field transmission. Given the spin of the rotational axis of the planetary body as it moves through the ecliptic, the cycle reaches another peak in its cycle every 20 years and every 100 years. This means the amplification of the related force field will be multiplied exponentially.

During the annual May alignments of Taurus, the planet undergoes what is called its Electrical Peak cycle which is generally during mid May. This is the pinnacle wave of electrical force field transmission in the annual cycle. As such, this time is the annual period of the Ascension wave during which many people will experience Kundalini activation, spiritual awakening or Expanding Consciousness as they are exposed to increased electrical activity EMF in the planet.

The varying conditions in the Magnetosphere, known as space weather, are largely driven by solar activity. If the solar wind is weak, the magnetosphere expands; while if it is strong, it compresses the magnetosphere and more of it gets in. Periods of particularly intense activity, called geomagnetic storms, can occur when a coronal mass ejection erupts above the Sun and sends a shock wave through the Solar System. Such a wave can take just two days to reach the Earth. Geomagnetic storms and Geomagnetic Jerks can also cause a lot of disruption in electromagnetic activity. [1]

Schumann Resonances

The Schumann Resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.[2]

Magnetic Field Shifting

Earth Magnetic Field Shifting

Core Magnetic Field Change: This is changing the atmospheric layer of the planet’s magnetic field, (As above) as well as the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of our planet. (So below) (Science understands this core resonance tone as the Schumann Resonance) Both of these levels of the planet’s magnetic structure are tied to how the frequency code “instruction set” is relayed into every level of our “holographic” Blueprint. This instruction set is the base code of how our Hologram is “written” similarly as to how a computer programmer writes html code to create an internet page or program. This means the core “architecture” of our planet, the core foundation of the principles of “matter” as it manifests is being altered and changed. (see Magnetic Field Shifting).

Electromagnetic Feedback Loop

The behavior of the electromagnetic field can be resolved into four different parts of a loop:

  • the electric and magnetic fields are generated by electric charges,
  • the electric and magnetic fields interact with each other,
  • the electric and magnetic fields produce forces on electric charges,
  • the electric charges move in space.

A common misunderstanding is that (a) the quanta of the fields act in the same manner as (b) the charged particles that generate the fields. The feedback loop can be summarized in a list, including phenomena belonging to each part of the loop:

  • charged particles generate electric and magnetic fields
  • the fields interact with each other
  • changing electric field acts like a current, generating 'vortex' of magnetic field
  • Faraday induction: changing magnetic field induces (negative) vortex of electric field
  • Lenz's law: negative feedback loop between electric and magnetic fields
  • fields act upon particles
  • Lorentz force: force due to electromagnetic field
  • electric force: same direction as electric field
  • magnetic force: perpendicular both to magnetic field and to velocity of charge
  • particles move
  • current is movement of particles
  • particles generate more electric and magnetic fields; cycle repeats[3]