Maji Priest King

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Thus, the sacred knowledge included in all 12 of these holographic discs that make up the Emerald Founder Records, are the ascension mechanics that describe the unity principles of the Law of One, have been violently fought over by many negative intruding groups. These NAA groups competing for earth domination have repeatedly sought to either control humans as puppets for carrying out their agendas, or massacre the Maji Priest Kings and their human tribe team members. Lightworker persecution memories include being hunted down as a part of the Christos family mission and remembering lifetimes in the 12 Tribe Essene lineages that have currently incarnated during the Ascension Cycle as Indigos. The NAA seek to gain full domination of earth and beyond, through gaining unrestrained access to all of the Emerald Founder Records, Ancient Builder Technology and all related sacred knowledge that is ultimately the divine birthright of every angelic human being.[1]


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