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Humanity must learn the discipline of controlling impulses that lead to thoughts and feelings, as well as directing the focus of where we place our attention. The higher dimensions are subjected to the Natural Laws, where forms of thought create instant Manifestation.

Manifestation occurs by using focused thought substance, the raw materials energized by our emotional bodies natural state when we feel the joy of creating, which is the inspiration of vital forces. Developing control over our mind is the critical factor in our ascension and transformation process. The skill set of directing our attention is necessary in our cellular Transfiguration, to experience these higher realms of co-creating and manifestation. Hence, human beings are getting the quick study of Learning the Art of Manifestation. And this is not a basic course study my dear awakening friends. This is going from kindergarten to master or graduate level, in a short time frame. And on some days this earth school curriculum is tough!

When we perpetually turn our attention to the patterns of perfection, that are inherently within our Higher Self and Christ Mind, we place ourselves in service to our highest selves and we magnetize our ultimate manifestations. Our light can then flow into these patterns of perfection, empowering them without limit, and the appearance of imperfection that conflicts with those patterns start to dissolve. When this process is happening, day after day, we build the positive power within our consciousness that transcends negativity or adversity.

We must remember that when focusing or obsessing on our fears held by the shadow self, it may manifest the very things that frighten us. It weakens our energy field and opens us to negativity. However, there is a balance to this clearing fear that is very important. It is not productive to deny negativity, or evil for that matter, when it does exist in this reality and it does impact us every day in the world. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear as the permanence of who we really are cannot be threatened. See Overcoming Fear. [1]


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