Molecular Compaction

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The planetary magnetic field is the mechanism by which excessive Molecular Compaction was being generated by the NAA machinery to keep Carbon Matter Locked Down in time loops within extremely low frequencies and density. The magnetic field binds the mathematical programs and Light Symbol Codes into the Earth’s holographic matrix and grid system to run specific archetypal patterns and extremely low qualities of consciousness energy, such as the artificial red wave pulses. See AI Red Wave and Red Cube. [1]

Gravitational Corruption

Like electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves have different wavelengths due to the source and the observer effects, and they can be used to warp space-time. This has been a serious issue for this planet under the control of an Artificial Magnetic Field broadcast from the lunar or Moon matrix, as well as the Black Hole Technologies used for Gravitational Corruption. Gravity is a cause of space-time warping, which is one way to describe the war happening for control over the timelines. Or the intended Molecular Compaction and control over physical matter, versus the struggle for freedom beyond the artificial timelines used to suppress and enslave human consciousness. Gravitational waves can pass through matter without being diffused or spread apart, and this allows gravitational waves to carry information from space or from the cosmic structure to a body. Or in our case, to realign the planetary magnetic and gravitation field outside of the manipulation of alien technologies, such as the Gravitron.[2]

Personality Matrix

The mental body programming embedded in the Three Layers of Ego, the personality matrix, suffers from being broken down and even crushed by the pressures generated by the incoming Soul and Plasma frequencies. This can result in some mental fracturing, which may be observed to be greatly increasing in some of the intellectual and academic environments. In this condition the personality matrix and body are subjected to gradually increasing Molecular Compaction in the human energy field, which slowly disintegrate the lower ego frequencies, as well as the artificial and extremely destructive negative aspects in the personality. [3]

Sextant Matrix

It is the instrument used to measure and set the angle and rotation of the energetic current between the gender centers in the various positions throughout the holographic template. When our gender center is splitting apart the internal polarity of energies, it is the Sextant Matrix which is made inoperable, damaged or broken. This is why our bodies die on earth with excessive molecular compaction, and Aging Disease. The sextant matrix function is to designate the measurement of spherical angles and rotation of the counter spiraling energies that ultimately create a functioning merkaba layer at each completed harmonic triad level. (3D-6D-9D-12D)

Aging Disease

It is the phantom or dead spaces that the NAA Controller Forces through Archontic Deception Behavior siphon our planetary energy into. They do this through the manipulation of the bi-wave polarity fields and rotation of the electron particle by forcing the energy flow in disproportionate channels that feed their intended source. This has created much damage in our nervous system, planetary brain and earthly kingdoms. One level of this damage is to aggressively age the human bodies in a process of molecular decay which is the result of the compaction and reversals in the planetary field. [4]


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