Nadial Complex

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Nadial Complex

The Nadial Complex Control Panel is located at the back of the Heart Complex. This is the location of the physical bodies "Circuitry Board Control Panel". This circuitry board's main function on the spine is to route the Neurological Messaging System that carries impulses to and from the Central Nervous System and the Brain. The entire Nadial System is the etheric blueprint of the physical body's Central Nervous System and receives its instruction set from the 4D Astral Layers. This area can be corrected and healed from receiving messaging from alien machinery. This machinery is called alien implants and is when the Nadial Complex is receiving inorganic or harmful messaging that runs programs in the Central Nervous System and brain.


It is the 4D Etheric Nadial Complex that is a final function of the upgrades governed by the Yellow Crystal Star Seal being released in the masses at a planetary level [2007]. This allows the Soul matrix and its 4D-5D-6D frequencies to be physically embodied.

May 2007 Newsletter

Planetary Nadial Complex

The recalibration occurrence for the planetary body is in proportion to the Krystal Star current energetic flow held within the Krystal frequency buffer field. These are the Krystal Star Spires and its network that was placed into the planetary brain and key points in its consciousness layers (the planetary aura and its demographic area stargate system). The gradual flow of the Krystal Current is being circulated throughout multiple layers of the complex planetary neural (nadial) network. The combined frequency tones that generate the Krystal Current (called inter-dimensional resonators) make up the merkabic geometry patterns of the Krystal Star. These sets of merkabic geometries hold mathematical patterns that reset the entire planetary grid structure into trinitized energy formats. This must happen slowly and gradually to support the transition of all biological life on earth as safely as possible. Many of us are the planetary “acupuncture points” of frequency and as our body resonates to these new frequency tone patterns, we are undergoing a major biological upgrade. The recalibration process to the Krystal current has begun a series of extremely deep cellular changes that impact our bodies and our planet dramatically.

[Recalibration, February 2013]

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Term first found: Page 57, HGS Manual