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However, there are destructive gender patterns that we have inherited in the 3D world that were socially engineered by the Controller system. Thus, we all have a responsibility to our body, mind and spirit to commit to do the inner emotional work, in order to move out of the confusion and return to clarity about gender. The mind control set up by the NAA is to damage the Parent-Child relationship in order to destroy the potential of the male-female sacred marriage later in adulthood, which has been described as the distortion of the False Parent archetype in Victim-Victimizer programming. Thus, this is another key to comprehending the Law of Gender, knowing that we unlock unity consciousness within us as a result of healing our inner gender patterns that are connected to our Mother and Father.

The False Parent is the set up for interfering with the spiritual bond made between Mother and child at birth, and then destroying the spiritual bond made between the Father and Child. This harmful pattern many times results in disconnecting the physical body from the soul connection and spiritual parents, the real Mother and Father Principle we call God Source. This is the set up to deeply reject our inner spiritual parent, and to set up abusive conditioning as acceptable behaviors in the Mother-Father archetypal patterns played out in society. Mother and Father archetypes tend to unconsciously play out in the authoritative roles in our psyche, so the programming intends to equate government, religion and military authority roles to usurp our bond to our parents. Honor the False Parent by not questioning their authority credo, applies to all Controller Pillars of Society. The patriarchal domination set up in the NAA Death Culture was intended to run subconscious and Conscious Mind programming directing male and female self-hatred along with broad cultural Misogyny, which radically harms both men and women through the promotion of these spiritually abusive behaviors. This is a strategy to split gender by distorting and reversing the Mother and Father archetypes in our society.

The False Parent is what sets up the sexual misery program later in adulthood, attracting couples with the extreme opposing polarities of shared karmic burdens that continue to split the gender principle between them apart. If we do not know how to heal or unify our inner gender principle, the chasm of belief between the male and female roles in the outer world continues to widen, increasing the feelings of separation and other distortions. With a disconnected and unhappy ego, this also makes for unhappy marriages and promiscuous sex, when the personality believes the grass is always greener somewhere else, through the missing pieces of their own internal gender split.

As we study our motivations, perceptions and belief systems about the masculine and feminine, and all of the gender roles imposed upon us, we can choose to unite their qualities when noticing how their aspects are expressing themselves. As we intend to unify and harmonize our inner masculine and feminine, we synthesize the polarities of these forces back into neutral or Unity. This process unleashes the highest spiritual potential of our Krystic being fulfilling our divine purpose of completion, which multiplies its sustainable source of eternal living light, within and without.[1]

Healing the False Parent

Humanity’s greatest task during the Ascension Cycle is to heal their personal emotional trauma around sexual pain, and gender wounding that is related to the False Parent archetype.

There are groups of people that are having heart openings and are choosing to have more loving kindness and peace in their lifestyle. There are groups of people that are closing down their heart from unresolved emotional pain and suffering, and they are unconsciously creating more chaos, negativity and stress in their lifestyle. When these different choice levels surface in intimate relationships such as marriages or partnerships, the conflict can be extremely explosive, emotional and painful. Before the awakening process, many people choose partners or spouses that carry karmic patterns of pain associated or familiar to them from childhood, based on the False Parent. If we have a False Parent relationship during this time of the collective pain body surfacing on the planet, we will be under intense pressure to resolve this emotional conflict and make different choices in our future direction. We must find the emotional blockage that acts as a barrier to further our spiritual growth, or the relationship will end. As difficult as it may be in the short term, ending unhealthy relationships is much better for our growth and happiness in the longer term.


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