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A person identifying as "Q Clearance Patriot" first appeared on the /pol/ board of 4chan on October 28, 2017, posting messages in a thread entitled "Calm Before the Storm", which was a reference to Trump's cryptic description of a gathering of military leaders as "the calm before the storm". The poster later moved to 8chan, citing alleged security concerns.

The handle implied that the anonymous poster held Q clearance, a United States Department of Energy security clearance with access to classified information.[1]

A series of posts on the chan boards show Airforce One, while capturing assorted scenes and photos that reveal they are closely associated with the Trump administration, including posts showing upcoming executive orders, as well as giving clues to military intelligence underway that help regular people to have insight to the Cabal wars during the fight over Disclosure, and be able to associate the intelligence given to be related to the take down of the deep state (shadow government) or the Controllers in a bloodless coup.

The QAnon drops are labeled as a paranoid Conspiracy Theory by the mainstream media that seek to destroy the validity or credibility of the truth seeker movement, in order to ridicule, mock and use character assassination of those independent journalists or regular people that attempt to disseminate alternative information or provide alternative news that exists outside of the mainstream controlled media. The mainstream controlled media is one pillar of the Controller Pillars of Society that employs Psychological Warfare tactics in order to discourage independent and critical thinking, as well as open access to truthful and accurate information that is required for individuals on the ascending path to acquire Self-Ownership.

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare is the deliberate use of various manipulations, promotion and deception techniques, such as spreading propaganda and terror, to induce or reinforce attitudes that are favorable to gain strategic advantage over others. Sun Tzu, a Chinese Military Strategist originally said the best victory in warfare is the one in which you never have to fight your enemy in actual combat. Thus, Psychological Warfare tactics are also marketed as a self-improvement sales tool for ambitious, materialistic people that plot to maneuver into positions of power in order to gain advantages in business, relationships and socio-political influence. Essentially, this is to secretly scheme and manipulate others in a well thought out strategy in order to get what you want from the power structure and to get access to other people’s resources.


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