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It's been one of those questions I've wondered about. So anyway whether or not or how that is manifest I know that what we are setting forth is the potential for future races, and that makes me feel very happy. In this way, this is the first time anyway that I've seen it as an embodiment and project purpose and rehabilitation. So again very much about giving confirmation to progress moving forward with masculine healing, which you know provokes a lot of optimism. So thank you so much for that.
It's been one of those questions I've wondered about. So anyway whether or not or how that is manifest I know that what we are setting forth is the potential for future races, and that makes me feel very happy. In this way, this is the first time anyway that I've seen it as an embodiment and project purpose and rehabilitation. So again very much about giving confirmation to progress moving forward with masculine healing, which you know provokes a lot of optimism. So thank you so much for that.
Closing: My darling I want to say again thank you. And I'd like to thank our beloved mutual guides and family of guardians. Again please anchor lock and seal our session work and exchange here today. We are going to close our field, bring us back into full embodiment in singularity, bringing attunement of the at-one-meant within us to be fully connected to the eternal living light supply. And to that we say beloveds, thank you so much. As we seal our session our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session thank you. ref>[LR Session 4-28-2010]</ref> Transcript by Paige.  
Closing: My darling I want to say again thank you. And I'd like to thank our beloved mutual guides and family of guardians. Again please anchor lock and seal our session work and exchange here today. We are going to close our field, bring us back into full embodiment in singularity, bringing attunement of the at-one-meant within us to be fully connected to the eternal living light supply. And to that we say beloveds, thank you so much. As we seal our session our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session thank you. <ref>[LR Session 4-28-2010]</ref> Transcript by Paige.

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Themes - Masculine Healing and mental body repair, step-down fields and trans-harmonic pillars, returning Rod and Staff to the earth,Solomon Lineage Returning Genetics, Priest King lines, the Three Kings, Christ coding Akhenaton and Tel Amarna, seeing refraction screens that hold beliefs and mind control in place, used to siphon religious groups, distorted divine protector archetype in Michael Matrix, distorted DNA-bonding and consumptive modeling, prep for upcoming grid work in Calgary and Egypt.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today as we set the containment of our field we consecrate our container to the purposes of God and the purposes One. Beloved God please open all channels of light, again as we open that which is the infinite and eternal perpetual supply of God. We ask to please align all filaments fibers and that which is of our Avatar and God essence, to be fully and completely aligned to the eternal living light. We ask for our template to be updated both individual collective and that which our union brings into planetary consciousness. Please renew and perpetuate us in the eternally sustained light. As we ask for gatekeeping of our handshake here to be fortified into communication and spiritual links with the cosmic trinity and the core of One, as well as the Mother herself. With deep reverence for all of life beloved God please breathe the living light into all created form. Again we intend through the crystal and cosmic Christ principle unification is an energetic reality here and now. We state our mutual purpose as one, please resurrect any and all inorganic and artificial pattern to the organic living light and Laws of God now. To that we say beloveds, thank you.

I'm feeling immediately as we have opened the field I'm feeling mental body work. Thinking of mental body masculine principal particle projection through the various layers that have created bizarre things, just what we were speaking of a few minutes ago. I'm feeling that this is being brought into our awareness. Beings like us, as you know, have chosen to be interfacing with planetary consciousness fields in such a way that certain levels of clearing and whatever those roles are become more prevalent. And I'm feeling that is being presented to us. So I'm aware as myself and as yourself, that when we are able to come together through masculine feminine principle and complete certain things in the planetary field, that they have personal ramifications in terms of our individual universe and what we're experiencing in our personal world, as well as the macro.

Priest King Lineages

For beings like us it's a direct interface so I'm feeling that direct interface now. I'm being shown something having to do with Priest King lineages, mental body constructs around those particular lineages. So it's almost like understanding similar to the Family of Michael consciousness, but we're being taken somewhere else. That there is a collective male body and collective male principle in terms of the mental body constructs that have been connected to the masculine expression on the planet. That in terms of our understanding as we are incarnated from the raw materials of the earth, and however we are utilizing the Aurora fields for re-encryption and in some cases a host matrix transplanting into some levels of the code that needs to be assimilated and brought into a synthesis of higher resonance. Because we understand a lot of the coding that has been usurped or utilized here, and specifically alchemical symbols and certain geomancies that are used to control matrix.

A part of what it appears our mutual job is, and it's obviously in today's session being brought into more clarity and awareness, but something that is continuing. And that is that a level of our role seems to be the re-encryption of distorted forms that have been a part of the building blocks of creation. From everything that is listed within the actual elemental substance that creates the chemical synthesis of DNA at the cellular molecular levels, because I'm seeing the DNA RNA patterning. I'm seeing all the way into the cells how the ATP structure is actually shifted from the RNA messenger and how this has something to do with the masculine.

So this is something I am going to try to bring language to, even though there is so much happening at once in terms of what I'm feeling and sensing in this moment. But clearly what is a privilege and an honor is to be able to have a connection with a member from my monadic family that we are able to connect in this sort of different and unique way. Which is definitely different and unique. So again as I bring this into something cohesive into the core of my being, I'm seeing that what we are working with is Priest King lineages. As we've undergone recent changes on our planet having to do with 3-6-9 shifts in the development having to do with the process of building the rod. And what we're understanding is through the projects we are involved in at a planetary level, we are currently collaborating at this level and in another space-time, as Avatar, with the Arc Systems. Building the Arc systems or gate systems, which are apparently a part of connection points at this particular time, which seem relevant and appropriate to the processes of clearing the masculine. Changing the electron proton structure, which is simultaneously shifting magnetic fields and compression into these electric fields. And this is also a part of the balance of the rotational spin and how many electrons to protons are related within that structure. We're creating these trinitized fields between proton, neutron and electron. And this is taking us into a different field, which creates a trans-harmonic gateway into the zero point, where the null field the zero is.

And I'm seeing all of this is transpiring through multiple dimensions and gateways. Where transit points and transitory gateways are being created at multiple levels and these transitory gateways are like step down fields, that act as transistors bringing the field into dissipation. What I'm seeing is what you and I have been working on, and please only feel what is aligned to your heart, but we've been working on circuiting. It's very similar to grounding a circuit, it's got to find a circuit. If it starts to come into this level of the atmosphere and into the layers of planetary body without an appropriate circuit, it can do a tremendous amount of damage to the Ley Line system.

It is like thinking of the globe of the planet as a brain and the neurological synapses and transmitters of the synapses, axons and dendrites of the brain itself. We're talking about our brain and the global brain in literally the same context because it's being utilized in the same way. And that particular level of neurological upgrading has been a part of these step-down fields and chevrons that we're building that are about allowing these fields to conduit at different levels. And simultaneously I'm seeing when we go into blocks or we find levels that have been usurped or miscoded or there is some artifice there, this is a part of dismantling the structure. Some of the primary levels of what I'm looking at have to do with the functions of embodiment of the rod. Which is bringing that to us as individuals, as beings, to become rod and staff embodied and bringing that into the planet. We cannot embody that really personally, until some function of that is here within this realm. So I'm seeing that simultaneously that is being supported and worked on.

I'm seeing as I go back through the lineages, your genetic material or apparently what you are holding. I don't know if this is Irish or Celtic origins that I feel? Which was purposed apparently for several different things. What I'm understanding is that you are holding impressions of embodiments of the physical descendent, I'm just going to say it, of the 12th dimensional Avatar Christ form. And what I'm seeing is this is different than the Silicate Matrix imprints. It's like the difference of understanding the physical raw material connection on the earth. It means the last embodied beings that held that genetic potential on the planet, were in the time of Solomon. And the understanding of what the Solomon King David House, the House of Kings, the Three Kings what it means. And I'm seeing that lineage which interestingly enough is a triad of male Priest Kings. And that this sort of overlay and imprint that you carry is a part of the healing that we're talking about.

Solomon Shield

This is interesting because in the last newsletter, I didn't quite understand the implication of the statement. I remember writing this and knowing that it had a meaning I didn't quite grasp yet. And it is, it ended with Solomon and will begin again with Solomon. And what I think we're going to is the cellular memory of the house of David, and through the races and bloodlines of Solomon. Where I'm feeling the figures at that time that were bringing in the covenant of the Christ consciousness and trying to get encodements in here. And it's interesting because I see this relative to Akhenaton and what went on related to Egypt because I see Tel Amarna over there. Something happened in Tel Amarna and took it to Ireland. And this has been putting the pieces together here and there. I've gotten pieces but I haven't gotten the whole picture.

And because of the Egypt project, obviously this is coming more into our awareness I guess, in terms of what we will be superseding, clearing working with in terms of timeline structures.

But I'm feeling that a part of what's coming online with you, or at least the mutuality or however this is coming into clarity and awareness through that which is your embodiment and your life. Is clearly an activation of the priest king lineages from the three Kings. There seems to be multiple layers of this, there is something called the Shield of Solomon, there is something that is a Solomon alchemical symbol, which we know has been abused and used by Black Magic people.

And then additionally we understand, I am trying to describe this, it's very different than a spiritual lineage and a code. It's like I'm seeing the flesh, I'm seeing Solomon flesh. I'm seeing there was a time in embodiment and it wasn't the Christ figure it wasn't Jesus down here in the body. It's one generation or two back and it may be King Solomon. Whatever this means in terms of the King David or Three King lineage, that this particular lineage had an embodiment and its in the flesh. It's the cellular molecular it's the material that is born it is in the flesh. And I'm seeing that the flesh or the pattern that makes up the raw materials of that embodiment being connected to you. And it has something to do with the re-encryption, and bringing that in in it's specific male form, it's priest king male energy. It is the male embodiment.

And it's literally understanding as we have known for a long time, that the corruption of the flesh is really enslavement. The flesh is enslaved here, that's what has happened where the genetic material has been corrupted into enslavement. This piece is the piece that is able to unlock this in ways that I am not able to verbalize or identify at the moment. But knowing that this is the piece that you carry, which has a large portion to do with the healing of the masculine thought form and the masculine mental body. Because what I'm getting back into is that collective. I keep seeing, if we think of the Archangel Michael Matrix as a collective mind matrix. Which has been projected and fragmented to be a primary influencer of the male archetype of the human being, what the human beings believes it to be.

Manipulation of Masculine Divine Protector

One of the biggest archetypes that has been projected as mind control and has genetically enslaved humanity is the misinterpretation and manipulation of divine protector. In the Archangel Michael energy we see this being played out everywhere on planet Earth. And this is the structure that creates the divide and conquer based upon the wars around God, having to do with I am protecting you from the enemy. And of course we see this playing out in the government, you know homeland security, this was the Hitler-esque model as well. I will protect you from invaders. And what is really going on is an enslavement and raping and pillaging of the planets resources, and the feminine and the spiritual principles.

So this masculine Patriarchal Domination, we're looking at it from a particle physics level of the split, and how the hologram has been manipulated. With projection and movement of literally siphoning female energy off, and the result of what has happened to the human being because of that. Additionally we're looking at architectural structures that define mental body projections and ideas that are being more heavily promoted in masculine. And I say that because you know again, we're both male and female. However what I'm seeing is the flesh of the male, because of its polarity difference the positive negative difference between the embodiment of the male body and the female body. The male body has had a different and unique kind of distortion that has created its own sort of damage if you will. With how sensory faculties of the nadial and radial structures have been distorted, we're talking about mostly nadial though. I'm seeing extreme damage in emotional body function, in sensory cognitive function, the things that are part of feeling, the intuiting feeling sensory thing.

And that this mental body masculine collective consciousness field, as long as it is not working in a more organic way, the intuitive feeling sensory Soul function cannot come online. I am seeing it directly blocks it and this is going way up there into, it looks like the 9th dimension here. Because this is again the primary understanding of where the masculine thought form that has collectively been explained or known as the Michael consciousness. Which is a part of every male embodiment on the planet, and has been distorted through the basic enslavement and siphoning off of the cosmic heart energy. Which is that aquamarine ray that should come into the core, which is now starting to. But this is the function of what this matrix was doing was literally Arcing the frequency off, for them to use somewhere else. And at the same time an implosion and distortion and a split of that masculine consciousness was going on that was severely degrading, from the genetic hybridization of what's known as Nephilim consciousness. Which again was a part of our original agreements, but certainly we we're seeing the distorted masculine thought form being impacted by that hybridization gone awry. And what Michael became was a distorted version of masculine protector, it became masculine enforcer, and therefore enforced through war and tyranny.

So the change of the architecture of the thought form structures making up the consciousness fields, as well as the particle physics of the spinning of the fields, that I feel are coming in from diagonal. We are working on both horizontal and vertical intersects, because this is a part of what we are now. The Melchizedek and Guardian consciousness families are at the level where we are starting to work on building rod and staff functions I guess, with in our own bodies. To become the embodiments of this and simultaneously working on the code of that, apparently in the planetary field itself.

So in explaining this what I'm trying to actually get to the discussion of is that that appears to be a part of the processes in which we are involved. Because I'm feeling that this has direct relevance to your work and how that looks in the physical world, and the ramifications of all of this. And it makes me wonder are we being prepared to come to a certain kind of threshold of Rod and Staff embodiment, which is a part of the building of the layers of the light body. Because it feels like we're building this to prepare for Egypt, and for certain impacts in the fields. I'm really feeling the sense of this timeline that we're on right now, is for some big pinnacle that's happening in June.

Because I also feel that there's something changing the manifestation sequences after June Solstice. And I don't even know what I'm saying when I say that. It's like I cannot feel past June. I don't know if we are going through a particular time field where there is a massive consequence of vibrational choice that is going to change something. But it does feel that way at this point, that something in the manifestation sequences and the shields, and the parts of the morph fields that create these projections of these probable or directional realities based upon all the beings that are down here. Some thing is changing with this and it has to do with rod and staff transmission lines. Because these transmission lines do something with what's known as the Miodic and Diodic sets, these lines that are both vertical and horizontal, and again they are in us and they are in the planet.

As we know when we do this, through us it generally has an interface with the planet at some level. And it feels like whatever this is whatever we're trying to do, which I don't quite have the words to describe what this part of the rod and staff is. But it feels like a part of the Crystal Body structure that we're trying to get in here. And it's an embodiment process and it's clearly something that needs to be taken to Egypt, or is going to happen in Egypt. I know it has everything to do with the transmission that is being brought in in the mid June timeline, to set forth changes in, I want to say atomic structure and monadic atomic movement.

Transduction Sequence

Meaning that the Transduction Sequence of how consciousness units came into the actual biological forms, which also means planet Earth transduction. I feel like we are going back into something that changes transduction sequences, which are responsible for the change of manifestation. And I can't even guess what that would be. But assuming that we are attempting to get beyond most probably, tremendous amounts of damage that has been a part of what we understand to be the reptilian invasion, and the unplugging of the DNA and unplugging of the Mother. Which really created the deterioration and destruction in the genetic material of the human being. I'm really understanding that at the raw material level, meaning the physical substance these bodies are, and the spiritual soul and ramifications of that the damage that was inflicted upon the human race in the physical earth at the time.

I feel we're doing something to either override it or change the transduction of those events at the actual moment it happened. Again I'm not quite sure how we're doing that but I feel a similar resonance with you. I feel like whatever the male part is and the female part is in the mutuality of that part, I feel the synergy of the mutuality of what we are working with in the fields. And it has to do with rod and staff transmission lines that form different projection sets. It's almost like I'm looking at, I don't know... what is a refraction light tube? I don't know what this is. I'm looking at a bunch of squares against the wall and I know that they refract. There are like millions of television sets, but they're not. But they look like that in shape, and I'm looking at the wall and I know we've been standing there we've been working on this. And it has something to do with how the transmission set lines are going to go through these, literally like TVs. So it's like understanding a holographic projector I'm looking at. Oh, I understand. Wow, Oh my God, how am I going to say this?

Optic Lens of Fallen Entities, Metatron

Okay at certain times in this universal cosmology of the time matrix there is something that I'm try to explain, but I understand that these are like optic lenses like massive eyeballs. And what they do is they project from this optic lens from this eyeball. And what I'm seeing is there are beings known as the Metatrons, these families these fallen guys. They have projected these optic lenses in certain places on the planet. And I'm seeing that this thing we're doing is, it's moving the refraction of its impacts in the lower densities. It's like I'm seeing somebody came in and inserted this massive eyeball. It acts like an eyeball but it isn't an eyeball. It's like a massive optic lens, it would be like if you put a lens on your camera or on your television set or something. But it acts in the same way it's a lens in the field. And this lens, they use this thing to refract the light in certain positions, like move it around. And the lens is artificial I know it's been put there.

And I can see that there's one with Jehovah, I can see there's somebody like Metatronic looking. I don't know why I know it's Metatronic, but I know it's Metatronic. I can feel a weird kind of tin sensation around it. It is weird it's like certain energy signatures that you can feel. And these weird optical lenses have been feeding or let's say exchanging, with some of the group religious dogmas down here. I'm seeing that this thing that I'm looking at, there are a few of them but it doesn't seem like a lot of them for some reason, because they handle a lot of space. Is this Galactic? Somebody is saying it is Galactic. Okay so looking at this I can see okay here's an optic lens and I can see that it's got a signature of hieroglyphs and that it's connecting to Jehovah energy. I can see that energy with Jehovah and what is the Tetragrammaton you know the four cornered thing? I can see that it's using this. So that it projects it and I can see if you're on earth it comes all the way here.

And the beings that are in that practice that are in that belief system, and I'm going to use this as an example, whether you're Jewish or your Catholic or your whatever. There's a very specific lens for each. This one being the Jehovah lens, because it is probably the only one I can grasp the language for. Because I can see the Hebrew hieroglyphics the Tetragrammaton thing on it, and I can see that it's as a part of the Jehovah witnesses as well which is really interesting. But what it does is it's a feedback loop or mechanism that keeps this structure if you will, alive. And the beings down here feed it because they have their belief and the consciousness and the book and all of that. So it's something that is, I can see a circuit and it is being fed. This has got to come down. I don't know how this is going to happen.

But what they're showing me is that the rod and the staff is transmission lines that change refraction windows that are responsible for moving the currents into different interfaces and processes. And it's interesting I'm seeing that it even changes, oh, oh, oh. This is what goes into the living breath, like understanding zero point energy. It's almost like we're removing the false inserts that interfere with the living breath of God. You know how we're supposed to be breathing in and out the eternal living light. And there is a base pulse rhythm and seed atom, which is a part of our crystal Christ body. This optic lens is something that has been placed I guess we could say by the false gods, the beings that want to be God or whatever we call this. What I'm seeing is somehow they connect into mental body projections. I'm seeing that we are clearing this through masculine principle, and this may be because I'm seeing the particle electrification has to be moved into a different rotational spin. This is being moved right now because the refraction of these particular optic lenses has been interfering with the alignments.

And the alignment of course is we are here to bring back the perpetual and organic supply, that which is the organic creation, which is the Christ mathematical formula or the Christ creation. However we want to describe that as the organic part of the God projection and bringing that back to the planet and to humanity. I'm seeing that this structure these optical lenses and the various connectors they have on the earth and the beings that feed them, interrupt the phasing of the perpetual energy supply. Because the actual manifestation grid the 12 tree grids, these proportions that exist at various levels, we're looking at nested core manifestation 12 Tree Grids all over spinning out into fractal universes. I'm looking out through these fractal spins through these 12 tree grids, and seeing how they cannot be proportionately aligned. And a part of it is also seeing the usurping of these lines coming in, and taking the energy from it. It is creating misalignments, which generate miasma and all the destruction of breaking it down.

So there's something happening with the transmission lines of rod and staff currents that are a part of overriding and connecting into these... it's very matrix. It reminds me of the scene in the Matrix where you're in a room surrounded by TV screens, it's just like that. I'm looking at TV screens everywhere with projected movies everywhere. And these movies are happening on the earth all over the place. They are various timelines and structures that happen in simultaneous matrixes. And this rod and staff embodiment and bringing it into the earth is changing the refraction of how the light comes through, and it's moving these optical lenses. It's like the optic lenses cannot come in and re-Arc or interrupt the process of the flow into the shield where it needs to go. These pieces are being aligned but I'm seeing that for some reason in your case, this has something to do with the embodiment of the Solomon lineage. Meaning Priest King lineage and this may be about the physical embodiment. You know how the vertical staff is built through the feminine principle we go up and get the info. And the rod is literally bringing it into horizontal, which is the physical part of that. But I'm also seeing that we have levels of the consciousness fields that we have been rehabilitating and dismantling, doing soul retrieval work. A big piece of this with Archangel Michael going through the shifting now I'm seeing like subsets of the masculine tribes.

And like right now through you, I'm feeling an embodiment process of the House of Kings, which I know is coming from the House of David. Which ultimately has to deal with the embodiment of the Solomon both at shield level, genetic level flesh level. It's all about the flesh and I am still not entirely sure what that means. I can feel the difference it's not spiritual energetic it's the raw material of this. And I'm seeing that whatever this encouragement is has to do with the Solomon Kings and bringing that back here somehow. I guess through embodiment? And for some reason even though when I think of Solomon I think of the Middle East, there is something about the Celtic or Irish line that was needed. I don't know if this is the Grail King line or what. But I feel very much that bloodline is the only one that can do it or something. Like you can follow the history through this line to get there somehow, and that's what your embodiment processes is.

Through your current genetic material you are able to track through the cellular material of that line and change something at the Monadic atomic core. Because I'm seeing that you are going through this history within the male presence, because it embodies both the collective male consciousness and these various fields, that clearly have been a part of the cellular history of the earth and humanities history. And this piece is literally about the Krebs cycle, how this has got to happen at the Mitochondrial level. I'm seeing the DNA is messed up because the chemical constituents in the genetic material that are attempting to be activated, because of the chemical translation of the bonds that have to go through fission fusion. It's like the chemical is not there. It's like I'm seeing even when there is someone with the DNA base code and the acceleration code, and they got the fire letter. The genetic material is corrupted and I'm seeing and understanding that it is literally the four elements that come in and comprise raw material, that activate DNA fission and fusion.

What I'm seeing is there is something trying to activate fission fusion between acceleration and base code, and it's not happening. There is a part of this that is being brought online and I feel like you're going through the embodiment of that. It is a change in cellular material genetic material and it has to do with igniting the fission fusion of the DNA-bonding process. Because what I'm seeing are consistent attempts of atomic harnessing and of DNA-bonding that are coming from the false ones. Because they have literally gone in to genetically corrupt the DNA pattern. I am seeing through the masculine what has happened through the mental and mind fields and these very detailed architectures of mind control programs, that it's now in the cells of the body. And the manipulation is coming out at that level that interrupts the fission fusion process of the DNA. And it's like the last embodied line on our planet that we've got that doesn't have that corruption in the mitochondria of the cell is Solomon. It's the last one. It's like saying who ever that being was I don't quite understand if it's his bloodline or it is King Solomon himself. It feels like you have access to that being it is an archetype and imprint you have or are embodying or are in the process of embodying. It has to do with the re-encryption of this problem within the chemical fusion of the DNA-bonding.

Because there's something they've been doing or have done and what I mean is corruption in the hologram, corruption in the mental body and the masculine principle that has interfered with the chemical fission fusion process. And it's like I'm seeing that change in your own structure happening in the cycle of DNA and the RNA messenger. And how the RNA actually then controls the instruction of how much ATP is let off as energy management. Okay this is the whole thing about the consumptive modeling versus the sustainable model. Like we understand Christ consciousness is here to break the Consumptive Modeling, which they have been describing as that which has to consume something else to live, to exist. I'm seeing that that genetic consumptive modeling is a part of the genetic damage. I see this in the male energy because your body in the male body that you're changing the DNA RNA imprint. And that goes into the nadial capsule, which is the hugest part.

Nadial Structure and CNS

The nadial capsule to me is all about the energy receivers, if you don't have the energy receivers you can't feel a damn thing. It's like someone came in to the back of your aura and just ripped out your Nadial Structure complexes so that you can't feel your connection to anything. It's like I'm seeing that. That the DNA RNA imprint all the way into the auric field and then into the nadial capsules, where beings can actually start to feel something in their nervous system, this is a process that is changing.

Okay, this embodiment is about changing the transduction sequence that had been corrupted, that then created compaction and destruction to the nadis and to the central nervous system. But what I'm seeing is that most importantly, it's the DNA RNA manifest. Meaning how the DNA gives instruction sets to the RNA messenger. Because it is that process that activates the nadis. If that DNA RNA is not working in the way it needs to the nadis doesn't come on. I'm seeing that even when somebody starts accessing certain levels of their soul matrix and we know the fourth dimension is mess, they can't tell they get stuck there. So we've got a bunch of hijacked people stuck in the cycles of the Astral Plane still, because their nadis system is basically a mess.

So this piece that you are bringing in obviously it is non-gender specific it's happening in both, because we embody both principles. But I'm seeing specifically this is about the damage that is unique to the cellular and molecular structure of the male embodiment on the earth. Because I'm seeing that the destruction to the male body is a little bit different than the female in this way. What I'm seeing is that the DNA does something it activates if it can in the chemical fusion it's supposed to. It sends a message to RNA and the RNA sends a message to the cell and in the cell produces a certain energy management known as ATP. And I'm seeing that the ATP function is one of the functions that changes consumptive modeling.

It means the person does not have to consume as much to exist and I'm seeing that is a part of our shift into the higher reality. It is a part of the manifestation of us becoming more sustained from the inner rather than the outer, and this function is a part of the higher consciousness. It's almost like the ATP activation in the cells of the physical develop in conjunction with the ability of the higher spiritual bodies to connect. Because it's like I'm seeing the density of the physical form is almost repelling to the spirit. It's almost like you're trying to embody your spirit but the density of the physical body is so corrupted, that for most people it is incredibly difficult to impossible. Because they can't feel it unless they have been given direction on how to do it. I'm seeing the change in the DNA RNA manifest all the way into the mitochondria of the cell that gives the direction of ATP generation, and changes the energy management of the individual and therefore the vibration of the individual. It's the light quotient of the being and the cells of the being are able to hold a resonance of higher light radiance. Where right now so many people are just getting denser.

Which is a part of the experience as these energies are coming in it's like seeing we've got two worlds going on. We've got those that are ascending into this higher reality, and we've got those around us that are really descending into this destructive descending matrix. I'm seeing that has a lot to do with the density of the body, the body is just so dense it has no point of resonance it's very difficult to connect. So this process, because I'm remembering last time we were talking about spin points and changes. Something to do with how those horizontal vertical and diagonal grids that make up our chakra systems and therefore are part of the rotating spirals of energy. How they rotate and how fast they rotate, how fast they flash on and off and how the sequences run. Those sequences clearly are part of the work you've been doing.

Now I'm seeing this level of DNA RNA imprinting that are about the direct physical genetic upgrades in the actual manifestation. It's almost like you've been working on the imprint and now I'm seeing the manifest of it. It's like the imprint of the DNA RNA in the field. I'm seeing the imprint in the spiritual body is different from the manifest. I don't know if that is in the etheric structure closer to the physical body. But I'm seeing it is the DNA RNA manifest that goes into the nadial structure. And that is where the nervous system stuff is, and where the molecular structure is. And this is the change of not only the central nervous system but these metabolic functions and rhythms that allow the body to become less dense. These metabolic functions were cleared in some way. Something is going on with the male masculine principle embodiment and the clearing of the Genetic Mutation that is more specific to the male.

Let me stop for a moment sweetie and ask if this is making any sense to you? This is a new clarity for me too. I have to be very careful in choosing my words, because I'm not at all attempting to say one is separate from the other. Yet I can feel very specifically that there is an implication that is more emphasized with the masculine right now. Even though I understand that as a woman we obviously have our masculine counterpart. But this is more about the male physical genetic material on this planet and seeing the mutations for the male are a little bit different. There seems to be a different and unique challenge in the masculine and male genetic material, because of some level of polarization of how the electrification of the field impacted the masculine body.

I'm sure that it is probably the same for a woman that is more polarized in her male, she is probably also impacted. But I'm really seeing that they're showing me a difference genetically in the masculine raw material, in the actual flesh. And that disconnect from the nadis has been the biggest level of destruction, because there is no sense of the knowingness or feeling or the connection. So the embodiment of the Solomon bloodline and supporting the Solomon shield, and I don't know how this would be moving into existence for you or with you. But I feel that as you undergo this expansion or embodiment that it has to do with a support of the Solomon shield as well. Because I'm feeling, even though I don't know if this is accurate at this time, I'm feeling that the Solomon shield is a part of the embodiment of the rod, it's like a rod Stargate. And I don't know what I mean when I say that right now. I just understand that this Solomon shield seems to be key in bringing what we know as vertical into horizontal. And it also seems to be key in the clearing and the healing of the various architectural structures that have been placed there intentionally to interrupt this process from happening. Like the problems we see in the Golden Eagle grid understanding that a part of this as the guardian of horizontals and the corruption that is so present with it, in terms of the reversal matrixes and everything else. This Solomon shield seems to be a part of the Rod Arc Systems that ultimately are a part of rehabilitating the Golden Eagle grid. It may be making it obsolete into something higher.

GEG and 3-6-9

But I'm understanding that there is something with the Golden Eagle grid and the shields. Meaning that which is horizontal and the problems that have happened with the horizontal because we are understanding that we have to go 3-6-9. These dimensions for whatever reason seem to be intricately important in moving into and beyond 12. The biggest corruption seems to be at the 9th dimensional level, for me anyway, where I was seeing at the 10th gate they were interfering and misconstruing the 9th dimensional Michael, group Michael consciousness. Which is a part of male consciousness and how it impacted every male body on this planet. So this Solomon energy is like understanding it's the antidote to this. It's kind of weird, it's almost like saying Solomon is taking over Michael's place or something. I don't even know how to really describe it, but it's like the Michael consciousness as it has been is perverted and distorted from its original intent.

It is being brought into what is known as the rightful Priest King, which is the rightful embodied rod, and this is being at this time given to us through Solomon. And understanding what Solomon's Temple is, King Solomon is, Solomon's Shield is and this is apparently what we are up to. I can feel as well there seems to be Aurora re-encryption and hosting shield. What does that mean Hosting Shield? I feel Hosting Shield, Hosting Shield of Solomon but I also feel the relationship the Aurora have as a part of the hosting shield. And I also understand the Aurora re-encryption lattice is all about what we just described. It is about re-imprinting almost through re-encryption also through Host Matrix Transplanting, where we are synthesizing code that has been distorted inorganically. And through the processes which we have been developed to understand, whether it's through the Solomon Shield, or for me the verbiage of Avatar of Ascension.

I understand the Avatar of Ascension is a group field that I'm building as a body that includes the Aurora re-encryption lattice. And this is a project I'm working with or we are interacting with over the next 24 months. And it seems that our job at this time is to re-encrypt and to support the healing of the mental body. Because in their words we've got 24 months get out of the mental body. Meaning what is happened to this planet and the mental body mind control and the psychotronics and it goes on and on. This healing of the mental body is directly about superseding and overriding the corruption and the damage that has made these bodies vulnerable to corruption. And similarly I'm seeing that we are removing the structures that have been propagating this, such as this lens this eyeball thing that I'm looking at. Which seems to be directly about like a systematic takedown. I can see it is related to the Michael matrix, I can see that it's been running itself through whatever that 10th dimensional reversal current is, all over.

It's interesting there doesn't seem to be that many of them. I don't know if we're just looking at a few, or that's not our job or what. But I'm just seeing like a couple of them scattered. I'm understanding that as we are going through the healing of the mental masculine bodies and the layers of the consciousness, which have been collectively brought into the various dimensions. The impact is that we are systematically disabling these structures from working, these optic lenses that have been feeding this thing. Which I see have great implication on the earth which is very curious. Because it's like saying the energy that's been feeding Jehovah's witness, the energies that have been feeding certain specific religious dogmas are being taken down. They seem very much related to pieces of that crucifixion theology and all the salvationistic thinking. We're seeing the projected masculine using the mental body controls, to basically influence humanity in these various ways. It's like seeing that these structures of various dogmatic beliefs how they actually had architectures and were being fed. And by healing the masculine we are removing systematically through some kind of sequence these levels that have been corrupted at multiple layers.

It's multiple layers because I'm seeing it spanning multiple dimensions, which again gives the feeling of portal jumping. Clearly beings like you and I are portal jumping we're spanning multiple dimensions when we do this. It's kind of a different job because I am seeing it goes through several dimensions at once. It's not just hanging out in the fourth dimension doing the grunt work with the white light webbing. I think this has to do with accessing trans-harmonic gateways. Somehow when we go into the trans-harmonic layers were able to go, it's like being in the center of the circle, we can go anywhere all at once. I don't know how we are doing it but that's what it looks like.

And this piece now it's like were spinning out into the larger fields where the false gods and the Metatronics and these families are. Who have come in here and have implemented these structures to siphon off the energies, through mostly religious dogma and control based on salvationistic theories. Meaning we are not God we have to do penance or worship something else. That's what this is all about is moving the intermediaries out. Clearly we have those that are none to happy about that. But it's a systematic breakthrough.

Now in terms of just understanding I guess, what seems to be happening during this time of Wesak this time of enlightenment, is an embodiment process. You are becoming an embodiment however this is going on, it is so hard to explain in terms of your own experience clearly. But this is bloodline this is genetic material this is re-encryption of the masculine. This is getting to the re-encryption or healing or removal of crucifixion theologies and the structures that feed these crucifixion implants on our planet.

We are understanding the extraterrestrial agenda, the war over God the war over replication of the genetic material. This is basically drilled down to that thought form that has infected the global brain of this planet which is again the salvationistic crucifixion theologies, which have basically dominated the earth plane. This is where we are going now. And this is apparently the portal through which we reach this level that we are starting to clear and this process with the grid work is the healing of the masculine that leads us to this. So I'm seeing the direct, it's like we're in the higher consciousness areas of what had created patriarchal domination, and we're starting to see the various architectures that were holding this in place. These are now systematically going through some kind of reveal and breakdown at the same time.

When I'm feeling this it gives me clarity in understanding a part of our project as we reach Egypt. Because I feel like this is the systematic dismantle. Going to Calgary in May has certain pieces that are going to be capped off, having to do with that Michael Matrix reversal stuff. Unplugging of the circulatory systems that has been feeding this energy up in Calgary. Because we've got little hubs that have been feeding this energy and I'm seeing these various feeds are what were taken down. They are being systematically cleared and taken down. I go to Calgary to do the Michael thing and then we go to Egypt.

Egypt feels like the timeline where something with the rod and the staff start happening. So I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of new experience or not, happens who knows. But I kind of feel that I may be there in the physical, but you're going to be experiencing a version of that here. And it has to do with these rod and staff transmission lines, because I can see there are like 24 layers. I'm seeing particle antiparticle lines that are a part of rod and staff vertical horizontal alignments that are coming out of these new holographic stations we have built. Whatever these things are they refract the light and we're systematically dismantling this optic lens thing, and the shifts that are happening with the masculine, because I can see that it's all timed. It's like we are redirecting it into the refraction of the rod and staff center, as funny as that sounds. And this refraction of light is moving it into its organized pattern where it needs to go. And this is feeling like it's happening around summertime if everything goes the way it's going.

Meanwhile clearly the process of growth and change within you is I feel a very specific genetic shift. And how through your body this is being brought into the male body, this ATP function in the cell. The way you are receiving energy in your cell and the mitochondria is changing. And this is a part of DNA RNA manifest that is coming online from the Solomon lineage. And however this transpires feels to be something that is either rehabilitated in the nadis structures, that is all about masculine healing. And that's as far as we're going to go, because I can feel a cut off right there.

I think what's happening is we're getting a certain amount of information. And I don't know I think we don't know what's going to happen because I really feel a blank in July. What we're talking about is a small runway we have going for the changes. Because for whatever reason this year on the Sophic calendar, which is the Sirian gateway on July 17, something is changing and I don't know what it is. But it feels like a manifestation change because what we're talking about, all of this change in DNA RNA manifest has everything to do with the change in the transaction sequence. Which I know, the best way to describe, is when the consciousness units actually connect into the templating that projects it into some kind of form matter. And I know that transduction is changing in us and it's changing at a planetary level, so that means that would change timelines. Whatever timeline vibrationally is present in this moment may not be the same timeline that is present then. I don't really know at this point what that means. But I know we seem to be working for that right now. It seems to be a part of our immediate task at hand, in dealing with masculine healing and mental fields that have been corrupted by various layers of this.

I'm going to ask if there is anything further that needs to be communicated or exchanged in the here and now, and also if you have any comments or questions about that.

Even though it's hard to express the linear relationship, I know that this has everything to do with the next three months. I feel a wonderful demonstration and another perception of that support for me is being demonstrated. Because it was like through this sort of multidimensional odyssey I could really sense and feel the purpose and alignment of the timings, of like what Egypt represents and the changes that are happening on the planet, and how important the masculine rod is. And it seems like this area of our earth as the original heart chakra of the earth is where the rod and staff really originated and began. The whole thing became seeded here through that area so it's awesome, to have that come up as a language now. Because somewhere I really understand that this is the embodied God the rod and the staff really represent that. It is the embodiment of the God consciousness in form and we're moving closer to the progression of that and actually having verbiage around it.

Masculine Awakening

It's like having the answer to questions that had been plaguing me for a long time. Specifically for me, and I don't know if you have had this experience, but I think for those of us because it has only been very recent that there has been a masculine awakening. And even though there have been beings like you that became activated very early on, most of us that have been in female bodies holding this space have not been interacting with any male consciousness at all. So it was sort of like what happened where are the men? Where are the males embodying this consciousness, they have to be here somewhere. So this is again very demonstrative of answering those questions that have been asked of me as a practitioner for very long time.

Because most of my client practice and most of the community up until the last year was really 99% women. So again the fact that you showed up at this particular time and this is coming up, I've never experienced anything about understanding what happened to the males. It's for the longest time been all about females, let's get the women back online. So this has been very explanatory too and relieving. Because it's that adage we can't see where we're going until we understand where we came from. Then you see this cohesion and sequence and this larger picture emerges and it's amazing. So that's really what I received from this exchange with you here today. Is definitely a sense of great comfort and verification of that, and of what's being demonstrated in the perfection of it. And because there had been such a heaviness of heart, of wondering will our race ever experience the rod and staff again will our race ever be able to truly experience divine union again?

It's been one of those questions I've wondered about. So anyway whether or not or how that is manifest I know that what we are setting forth is the potential for future races, and that makes me feel very happy. In this way, this is the first time anyway that I've seen it as an embodiment and project purpose and rehabilitation. So again very much about giving confirmation to progress moving forward with masculine healing, which you know provokes a lot of optimism. So thank you so much for that.

Closing: My darling I want to say again thank you. And I'd like to thank our beloved mutual guides and family of guardians. Again please anchor lock and seal our session work and exchange here today. We are going to close our field, bring us back into full embodiment in singularity, bringing attunement of the at-one-meant within us to be fully connected to the eternal living light supply. And to that we say beloveds, thank you so much. As we seal our session our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session 4-28-2010]

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