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==Cathar in France==
In general the Cathars were protecting certain esoteric information in the [[Gnosis|Gnostic]] texts and gnostic symbols from the [[Essenes, Christos Templars]] that accessed hidden energetic templates ([[12 Tree Grid]] and [[Blueprint]]) that allowed a direct connection to communicate with Christos Mission intelligence at that time. They knew that the [[Reclamation of Christos Mission]] had returned to earth to bring the esoteric levels of the Gnostic teachings back to the [[Law of One]], and anchor the covenant with Christos/[[Krystal Star]] back into physical matter after the destruction of the [[Atlantian Cataclysm]]. Some were aware of the extraterrestrial invasion of [[NAA]], while others thought of these forces as an evil god (demiurge) or [[Fallen Angelic]]. In the earlier stages they had the mapmaker map and coordinate points in the [[Ley Lines]], where they would be led to activate and communicate with “chalice” portals of energy that were still able to be accessed through their sacred symbols or channeled knowledge. They translated Coptic text from the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and were told to migrate and bring these original gnostic writings from the original [[Essenes]] (at the time of Yeshua Christ-Mary Christ Sophia) in Egypt and bring this information back to the 12th stargate in South France, where it was believed to be easier to protect. They had awareness that the Roman Catholic Church and its organization was infiltrated by the [[Satanic]] Draconians/Archons and they . They were aware of the [[Mind Control]] being placed into the planet through these [[False King of Tyranny]] religions and their supposed houses of worship, that were designed to enslave the human race through these false father archontic beliefs and their the [[Black Magician]]sabusing their power.<ref>[ What are the Roles of Cathar Family?]</ref>
==HG Level Two Triad: Crystal Lotus Heart==

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