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The next breath cycle is the reverse - in through the soles of the feet to your center and out through the top of the head.As you breathe, allow your sense of hearing to focus on the sound the breath makes as it moves through your body. During the breathing, allow the out-breath to release any thoughts, impressions and feelings that may arise - using the in-breath to "fill" the empty space created by the release of the thought. With practice, you should be able to find a gap between the in-breath out-breath in-breath and you may find that you "drop" into it. You cannot create this "gap".
Comment: It may be necessary to practice this exercise a few times before it happens by itself and all of the stages "fall" into place. Do not look for any outcome - just practice for the practice and, after a certain time of releasing all of your discomfort, the practice will "do you". When it does this, you will know and the experience will be yours alone. Please Note: If you consciously use this exercise to involve another person for ANY reason, the probable outcome is that you will immediately take on every subconscious and unconscious dis-ease that the other person may be afflicted with. This mirror exercise is between yourself and your own naked reflection. (Adapted source partially from Building Self Esteem, Wiki How: Forgiveness, Thank you for <ref>[Mirror Exercise is from Exercise]</ref>