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  • [[Sacred Blue Cow Grid]] (SBC) - Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India - Earth) [[Aurora Portal Network]] - Override Network, Inner Hub or Parallel Gates (Krystal S
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  • of the lowest fundamental frequency that we have been exposed to on the earth, these male-female energies have operated separately. The extremes that exi ==Aurora Matter Re-encryption==
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  • send it into deep space towards Andromeda, to the exact location of the Aurora Platform. (31:01 minutes)
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  • and resurrect the elementals of this Universe. Mother Arc and [[Aurora]] align together to accomplish rebirth to the elemental kingdoms. This Aqua ...or Animal symbol is a Bi-Pedal Feline or White Lion wearing a bejeweled [[Aurora]] Krystal Platinum Breastplate (Base Tone).<ref>[HGS Training Bali 2012]</r
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  • ...dicated to identifying and clearing [[Kolob]] from Mormon Scripture, All [[Aurora]] Amplifiers and [[Planetary Grid Network]]s. ==Earth coordinate map==
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  • ...0, 5,500, etc.) (What is meaning of numbers? 1,000 = first 1,000 years of Earth's existence? Etc.) ...Amplifier (Talisman) for HGS session it is defined as: Tri-Tone Dragon – Aurora Luminary Grid.
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  • ...aloed Aurora Crown, emanating a rainbow Aurora Krystal Shield, holding the Earth Globe in both outstretched palms. (Resonant Tone). I AM THAT I AM. Aquareio
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  • The [[Aurora]] families are directing and working primarily with these new templates tha '''Aurora Re-encryption of Blueprint (transcript)'''
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  • ...rrent third dimensional Solar System. These 12 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, [[Maldek]], Jupiter, [[Saturn]], Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, [[Nibiru]] ...ortal Systems and Aurora hubs are the safety zone platforms brought to the earth in 3D as a part of [[Ascension Plan B]].
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  • ...e, with the return of the [[Plasma Waves|liquid Christos light]] upon this earth. ...Aurora Crown]], emanating a rainbow [[Aurora]] Krystal Shield, holding the Earth Globe in both outstretched palms (Resonant Tone).
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  • ...core crystal structure. This is adjusting the layers of the atmosphere of earth, which further changes the atmospheric temperature and pressure in the diff ...]] matrix that transmits the Mother's Aqua Ray [[Daughter Codes]] into the earth [[Crystal Caverns]].
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  • ...iver coming online into a new function. The plasma light is similar to the Aurora Borealis, oscillating in liquid cellophane of pulsing color waves. The sple ...alis, which is part of the consciousness units being re-encrypted by the [[Aurora]] Guardian Ray force, is where plasma energy pours back into the planetary
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  • ...line form in the [[Avatar]] matrix Universe. The [[Aurora]] or [[Ascension Earth]] is located in the Andromedan Time Matrix which is found through the passa ...erent names based on their language. (Such as Urantia) They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the [[Timelines]].
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  • ...underground have highlighted another stage of the [[Aurora Re-encryptions|Aurora Re-encryption]] blueprint projects. This is about re-encrypting physical ma ...o create massive plasmic based liquid crystals that are growing inside the earth body, and have been observed to produce a variety of smaller Sun-Star cryst
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  • ...the Souls of Tara. This is the [[Reclamation of Christos Mission]] on the earth that goes back to the [[Covenant of Paliador]] when higher guardian races d ...hich acted as the portal for Star and [[Indigo]] Races to incarnate on the earth plane through the [[Amenti]] halls. This Lyran-Sirian administrative body c
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  • ...designing our current biology by the [[New Earth Elemental Command]] and [[Aurora]] Races.<ref>[ ...hields which geometrically intersect with the Aurora time continuum. The [[Aurora]] time continuum is accessed within multiple time vectors located in the Tr
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  • The [[Aurora|Guardian Races]] currently Hosting this [[Ascension]] cycle that reside in ...f the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the [[Aurora]] for the [[Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Body]] projects with the [[Master
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  • ...sive plasma gas transmissions are shifting the dark matter template in the earth at the elemental level. This is being observed as transforming [[Carbon All ...carbon allotropes and how they function in the dodecahedron structures on earth. It is clearly how the Negatives have been accessing carbon elements to con
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  • ...the earth. It's like I'm seeing the [[Dead Energy]] areas, I'm seeing the earth's dead crust, I'm seeing the dead light that is everywhere here. ...have to be re-encrypted. There is something that has to happen here in the earth elementals in order to revive it, because it's dead. I don't know how else
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  • ...code of its emanation generating from the Krystal Kaleidoscope from the [[Aurora]] time continuum.) ...areas of the planet. One purpose is to build multiple access points in our earth timelines that may potentially resonate in "reflectional symmetry" with the
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