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  • ...amental light frequency by practicing the [[Law of One]]. Higher Ascension Earth timeline is the overall stabilizer and buffer field that holds the ascensio [[Inner Earth Portals]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Inner Earth Timeline]]
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  • ...rm density and approximating the geoid with a sphere. The center is inside Earth but can be projected to the closest point on the surface. .../ Geographical Center of Earth]</ref>
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  • ...restrial planets are the inner planets closest to the Sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. ...generally include 12 planets, including the [[Sun]] or Solar body. In the Earth's Solar System, mainstream scientists have not recognized [[Nibiru]] and th
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  • ...ddiction]] matrix, which are aggressively promoted by the NAA influence on earth. Levels of the distorted behavioral patterns passed down, toxic exposures a heal (types of collective human miasma) while you incarnated on planet earth during the [[Ascension Cycle]].<ref>[
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  • ...pulation through AI, to be used for a variety of purposes (slave labor) on earth and to be taken to other planets by the [[NAA]]. It appears that through in
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  • to the earth plane the Aurora Elements which are also called the [[New Earth Elemental Command]]. They have answered the call from the [[Threefold Found understand the four levels of chemicals that comprise our DNA which is earth/fire/water/air. Our human bodies are not transmuting fast enough the karmic
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  • ...s of our planet there are certain mountains and places and vortices in the earth crust, where massive amounts of crystals and selenite rods have been placed ...hat's what I feel that is. Whatever that crystal network is underneath our earth, is a contingency of what I call one of the horsemen. You know how in Armag
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  • Cck 8 Gold Crystal- On Hara line in Earth Chakra 12, beneath the feet Cck 10 Sapphire Crystal - In The Earth Core, Chakra 13
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  • [[Chakra Crystal Key Mapping, Advanced]] (Grid work, for administering to the Earth Body and Crystal Kingdoms)
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  • ...ctive patterns of egoic behavior. This is confusing for many people on the earth receiving the Cause and Effect backlash now, because they are being returne ...e gain more experience with dark attack and accept it as a reality on this earth, the process actually gets easier. The biggest challenge is the energetic d
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  • ...]] in the Earth Plane. This is to return balanced energy flow through the Earth energy systems and free kingdoms from consumption. The Crystal Keys will a ...who develop proficiency with the HGS, and have agreed to help reclaim the earth to steward GSF and Krystic architecture.
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  • multitude of electromagnetic and chemical weapons targeting the unaware earth population, with the goal of mass [[Mind Control]]. Most people are still n ...heir modus operandi for [[Divide and Conquer Tactics|divide and conquer of earth]] has demonstrated ruthless psychological warfare that includes perpetuatin
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  • ...h are safe zones for the planet. There are [[Aurora]] Platforms around the earth body and acting as passage ways between the Milky Way and [[Andromeda Galax ...oot race evolution cycles. When the diagonal lines are activated on planet earth at the end of the [[Ascension]] cycle through the [[Great White Lion]] GWL
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  • ...ure|violate laws of nature]]. This translates into how we can bring to the Earth the higher Laws of God through our own consciousness. Twenty-Two is the Mas
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  • ...e [[Annunaki]] manipulation and [[False King of Tyranny]] control over the earth. ...urisdiction and the demographic areas of where they exert control over the earth grid system. Jehovian Annunaki are responsible for promoting and transmitti
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  • A Quarantine, (one of many placed in the earth consciousness fields) is a dimensional frequency block recorded in our gene ...ed the [[Soul]] consciousness to reincarnate over and over again on the 3D earth plane (and other planets in an appropriate dimensional field) in order to r
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  • ...r exchange with living intelligent energy fields and ultimately that harms earth inhabitants by creating digressive [[Genetic Mutation]]s. ...reefold Founder Flame]] Rainbow Rounds in the earth grid, to stabilize the earth core to prepare to release this quarantine, on schedule with the Venus Tran
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  • ...comprised of collective consciousness and living entities that make up the earth fields. The [[Golden Eagle Grid]] is literally the projected collective con ...e gatekeepers, to protect the access into the grail points that are in the earth. The damage on the [[Golden Eagle Grid]] is related to the [[Seraphim]] gro
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  • ...for advanced HGS session work as: Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India – Earth). ...ian Lineage genetic clearings. Overrides False [[Dragon Grid]] Networks. Earth Elemental emphasized.
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  • ...aling Galactic memories as well as ET identity/Starseed genetic healing on earth or on other planets is specified ([[12 Guardians of the Pillar]] 7 Fire Ele ...the [[Planetary Grid Network]] required to support the hosting out of the earth body. [[File:Easter-island-statues_(1).png‎ |thumb|right|Easter Island]]
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  • ...her Arc]] into the base of the 12D shield 12" below the feet and into the earth core. This is the real [[Aqua Ray]] activation of Mother Arc which returns ...asion]] the Mother Arc Aqua Blue Ray was not in the earth core, hence, the earth had lost her Mother of God and female Christ [[Sophianic Body]] principle.
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  • ...arallel Planetary Gates, Aurora Pillars or Inner Timeline Hubs with Aurora Earth Hosting Projects. Once Inner Christos is activated and stabilized, connect ...m]]s that are safe zones that step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the [[Frequency Fence]] and [[NET]].
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  • conscious awareness of our deep heart expression to be brought into the earth realm, by bringing one’s personal spiritual mission or divine purpose int
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