Survival Consciousness

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Survival Consciousness in our interpretation, is the lowest and most primitive consciousness wave spectrum that is also described as Poverty Consciousness, is the main source of 1st Chakra imbalances in the Negative Polarity, is the main content of the Unconscious Mind, as well as vibrates in the red wave spectrum that holds the seed of root fears for base survival.

When human beings do not have their Fundamental Human Needs met, it places them in the lowest consciousness wave spectrum reducing them to carry out the most primitive behaviors and perceptions that they must fight for their survival. The Fight-Flight fear based reaction to enduring extreme stress and feeling threatened and unsafe is related to the persons beliefs around Survival Consciousness or Poverty Consciousness.

Triggering Fears of Insecurity, Threat and Helplessness

It is essential to know that by exploiting Poverty Consciousness mind control in order to manipulate Materialism in people, this triggers deep fear based belief systems around personal security, safety and Self Esteem. Many people on the earth feel terrorized by obsessive thoughts of poverty and homelessness, even when it has not happened to them in their lifetime. This memory may connect to other lifetimes however, it directly connects to the collective unconscious memory of feeling defenseless to the full scale alien invasion that occurred in Sumeria and Egypt. As a result, many humans today have a pathological need to find some version of security and safety within materialism, so they can manage the feelings of unconscious personal terror that are a result of feeling completely helpless when in danger. As a result of the materialistic pathology towards feeling safe, when people become obsessed with materialistic validation for security, they also become increasingly narcissistic, spiritually disconnected and lose feelings of Empathy. In the more materialistic societies such as the United States, people obsessively shop, buying excessive amount of goods in order to increase their feelings of self-worth, or to distract themselves from facing unpleasant or challenging issues. Materialists tend to ignore the fact that the global consumerist economy is structured to exploit humanity and drain planetary resources for massive profit for a select few, while directly increasing the slavery, poverty and suffering in the human race.[1]


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