Three Halls of Spiritual Path

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Three stages of the Spiritual Path has been described in esoteric literature as:

I. The Hall of Ignorance- Identification with the material word and use of outgoing organs of perception.

II. The Hall of Learning- Restlessness and a search for the knowledge of the self or soul

III. The Hall of Wisdom-Realization, expansion of consciousness, and identification with the spiritual self.

When we begin the self-inquiry and examination process by asking the deep questions of ourselves, it marks the period in the life of a person entering the search for the knowledge of the self and soul. At the entering of the “The Hall Of Learning” we begin to ascertain our character development, assessing our weaknesses and contemplating what we want to achieve in our lifetime. Each spiritual aspirant is known and recognized in the other worlds by the brilliance of our light held within the human energy field. The magnitude of the Light, the color, rate of vibration, the purity of tone and color are all indicators of the evolution of the soul. The more evolved soul will attract and magnetize many other beings and life forms from multi-dimensional existences. There are Hierarchies of Light to influence and support mankind on their journey to higher consciousness and building higher planetary evolution. These beings play a role in the personal soul development and evolution through the planes whether one is consciously aware of their presence or not. Currently, with the forces of evolution rapidly accelerated at the end of a planetary cycle of creation as the plan for Earth, many humans on the planet have moved through these planes into higher realms by virtue of necessity rather than seeking inward for spiritual truths. As the planet evolves and shifts to higher frequency the human being had to adapt to the incoming energies and merged with these planes creating a natural process of evolution without needing to be consciously aware of that actually transpiring. Most human beings on the planet today are integrated through the third, fourth and fifth levels of initiation and/or plane. Since most persons incarnated now have experienced many lifetimes through their soul group many incarnated into a third dimensional template body and plane of consciousness. This means they have already completed the integration of the first and second initiations through other incarnations or group souls.