Transposition Fields and Black Goo

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Key Notes: Central sun currents, Miasmas, white light webbing, Transposition Fields, Dodecahedrons, Black Goo, Orion Healing Codes

Opening: As we open fields and create the intention of our sacred container and space, bringing our breath and our being into the direct core of our still point. Beloved God please open all channels of light. Beloved God please open all direct communication to God source. Again we call upon our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation our Guardian Host family serving the One. That which is intended fully in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power, in divine right order and harmony, and that which is in alignment to the Law of One and our families of the Unity consciousness. Thank you so much.

Beloveds we ask for your gatekeeping here and now to fully strengthen our individual and collective field templates and that which is fully aligned to the Unity Field consciousness the cosmic Christ principle as an energetic reality here and now. We ask all that is needed and necessary and in perfect priority for that which serves the highest purpose in the session here today. We ask our beloveds for that assistance, guidance and opening of all spiritual links of all communication links and all that is fully unhampered and fully connected into the purity of the core source light, that which is the source of our Genesis.

There is something about particle phasing, I see, which is in perfect alignment with that divine truth. Every time there is some kind of massive intrusion or suppression in something that were doing, because as usual there is something big happening in terms of activations. So how I always connect to you now is like looking at the macrocosm of the planet at the same time. So it's like I'm looking at nesting grids that are interfacing together and what they're showing me is that specific arrangements of the core manifestation body that you're in, the planets in, that there is an alignment that has happened.

Core Manifestation Body

There's something happening with you and your interface with your role with this planet and the healing that has to do with Collective Consciousness Miasmas. When we understand what miasmas and karmic mutations are that which have created the disease and destruction of the genetic template. Basically we understand that when the ease of flow, say you're looking at the 12 Tree Grid, because that is what am seeing here. And we look at this as the core primal structure that everything in manifest, has one of these. Our universe is a base 12 code and this Core Manifestation Template is in everything, it's in all of us, everywhere and everything is manifested from this. So what they're showing me is that there is a natural organic proportion of how that core primal structure and its template was created.

There were specific arrangements of that template that enabled the natural function of the God source to be generated through the eternal life expression the perpetual energy supply which is continually created. This is exactly what were doing down here, we are realizing that this destruction this death force, all of this enslavement and the yada yada that we deal with every day. This has been the basis of the corruption of the actual manifestation template throughout all of creation. That's what we're dealing with, the micro-macrocosm structures within your very cells and all that is extrapolated into larger vortices of your fractal hologram, all the way out to the universe.

NRG and Sexual Misery

Because of your particular agreements with the planet, because what I'm getting with this is that because you're in a male body, and this may have come up before. I'm acutely aware at a planetary level that the biggest mind control grid, the Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG), has been relatively responsible for the separation of gender. Through the Mind Control programs that have been harnessed and used in those rituals to bind souls, this has had one of the biggest impacts on the collective male psyche. And as you have shared, you began to see some really abhorrent things and have some very strange and twisted impulses. And what we are seeing is that those holographic pieces of fragmentation were coming from the Nephilim Reversal Grid, those images are an actual software program. You had broken through a certain threshold of the collective unconsciousness, where these AI programs operate, looking in the Unconscious Mind areas that most of the males on our planet have not done that yet. This particular piece of Sexual Misery programming is operating in the male body, this has been programmed to operate in the genetic structure of the male principle.

This is something that depending on the level of the person's body itself, its lineage and whether it is an Indigo are not etc. And how much that being is consciously aware of that activity or not, is really relative to the level of destruction that has actually happened to the physical body and to the mental body. Because what this is, is a distraction program that is designed to deteriorates the mental body. That's what it is designed to do, produce mental fragmentation. So it's breaking down, it's like through the mental body they have implanted a particular enslavement program that has to do with enslaving the sexual energy of both men and women. And by doing this it keeps males in the male body unable to feel their heart center and emotional self because it disconnects the emotional body from the Lightbody.

Does that make any sense? It's the ability to deeply feel sensory emotion, the ability to go in your body and say, what am I feeling right now? Because as you and I know, this deep sensory ability is this function that allows you to see the other dimensions of reality too. Because the connection to the multiple dimensions and the clairvoyance and the ability to exercise those particular functions of our light body are not mental principles, they are sensory feeling principles. They are all sensory right? So the sensory ability is developed through the ability to process the emotional content in a sense. The emotional functions are in imagination and feeling, this is how the divine matrix works and that's how we connect to that intelligence. So what they are showing me is that there is a level of development that's happening with you, that is absolutely interfacing with your healing of self, and corresponds with your healing of the masculine on this planet as well. So it's like understanding that there is a mutual piece on both sides.

3D Earth People Repel their own Spirit Body

So what's happened down here is the alien genetic manipulation and all the enslavement has basically corrupted the core primal structures of creation to repel the spirit body. To repel that which is it's natural organic life source. This is the weird sickness that's down here on earth, because it's like the very thing that created you - you're in mortal fear of and you repel it.

So when we understand from the Guardian Host perspective what corruption is and what genetic and spiritual damage is, this is the core of it. It's amazing to think that the human body on the 3D earth repels its own spirit. It literally repels it out from the flesh. Because that's what the NAA were doing in shutting off the emotional body in that way, they were doing that so the soul could not house itself in the physical form. So this is what's going on. The templating that you have and the healing that you have is a massive coding that is not only just for you but is actually going to support the healing of the male bodies. Because what we're getting at here is how deeply infiltrated, not just the psyche but the physical raw material of the body is, it's been corrupted with the Fallen Angelic program.

Male Sexual Program and Sexual Energy Harvesting

And I know you are male, so please don't take it personally, but it's like the program where a male cannot look at a woman that he finds attractive without thinking about sex first. It's an immediate unconscious program that is operating, even in the most conscious of males. And it's extremely difficult to get out of it because it's a software program that been genetically implanted in the physical material of the body. So it's more than a thought form, it's more than an emotional state. Even if you're really clear at that level, your body still does it involuntarily from the collective Unconscious Mind level, because you're genetically manipulated to do that.

Now I am seeing the purpose, and thank you so much, as I know that was a very difficult time for you. But that's why you had to go into the deep despair of the bowels of this experience, and wondering, what the hell is this that I am seeing? Why is this here? Because it's like you went all the way down tot he collective unconsciousness and you got that memory in the timeline, and the coding, and it has to do with the gradual healing of it. It's like you can't heal it until you get to it, the seed of the seed, of where the corruption is and why it's been put there. Because the seed of it is really that depraved. They went to great lengths to create an underbelly of perversion that is beyond expression that has to do with that violence and sexual relationship. Because the NAA understood the power of blood lust and the power of sex, the sexual energy generated from the human being. So they did everything they could to basically harness that sexual energy, but of course in a very abusive way to all of us. They were using the sexual energy off of us.

What they are showing me is that you started to hit something that's called the Central Sun currents. You have began to hit this and carry it in your Lightbody and I feel it came from the earth core, because of your location on the earth. You know how there's been a different project happening with the male Rod in that part of the world (South America). We talked about before that there seems to be a planetary navel structure, remember? We did some quadrant process and they took us right into the earth core and they were showing us that this is the Navel access into the earth and beyond, and where this connection is all going on.

You started to be able to conduct Central Sun Currents and the issue with Central Sun Currents is that you're able to actually breakthrough collective miasmas of these frozen lights, those reversed electrical polarities, because miasma is blocked energy flow and reversal current.

If we could actually think of the manifestation programs down here as mathematical. The miasmas block energy flow because they're going on reversed mathematical programs. So the frequency of whatever this is, the currents that are coming through you now, are actually currents running the whole 15 dimensional sphere. It's almost like this is beyond the 12, and this is getting into where the most powerful currents are coming from, the central current. Which I think means an alignment through... and this is really showing me, it makes so much sense. Because I remember from the very beginning the most damage was at that 8th dimensional Monadic staff in you, which was just mutilated from previous cellular memories. That was what they were going for to damage in your Lightbody, because it is that 8th dimensional Staff that has been able to connect to the Central Sun.

Because it's through that Orion 8th dimensional portal that we connect. And that was the whole process of taking us from 12 layers of time and into One. Meaning that we were leaving all the 12 layers and coming into the unified field. So you're connecting to this current now and there are some inter dimensional beings that are really not happy with that. Because what that means is that you're able to reset the reversal mathematical program back to the natural and organic levels. What's happened, the miasmas look like frozen light crystals and some of them are Dodecahedrons. So the dodecahedron pattern that's in the grids is carrying all of those miasmas, these are reverse polarity frozen light. It's the frozen light and what they did is they grouped into miasmas, and these miasmas are the things that create the genetic disease and the breakdown of the Lightbody.

Because somehow we have broken out of the field and we're connecting into, and just starting pretty recently to be able to, connect to the organic life flow current. What source actually is even though we didn't know what it was, we're just starting to actually pierce it and actually connect to it. I see us operating outside of that field, and you're looking down and your seeing this threshold. This threshold is covered with a grid that looks like a dodecahedron, it's like 5 sided all the way. And they are grouped together and what they're doing is, if you go below that field the field is reversing. Which means everybody is deteriorating everybody's dying. It's a slow death but that's was going on. I can see this in my internal vision that we were all, existing in that reversed electrical polarity down there. We were within that grid system, and now somehow I think being unplugged and being brought into this new timeline.

So in understanding why the aggressive dark entity attacking and honestly, you are getting to the point of no return. I am very clear that what's happening. I am literally seeing your manifestation template coming in direct and full alignment with the flow of the organic energies that come through that template. Because when we understand what miasmas are, they are created from misalignment.

So it's almost like looking at a filter and if the filter is off 1°, 15°, or whatever it is, the perpetual energy supply of whatever that ray structure is, isn't getting through. Using the chakras as an example of conducting ray structures. The colors and particle wave spectrums, the energy comes in and it's got a level of intelligence to it. So when the core manifestation template is not aligned in the right place, what happened is the light is trying to come through, and these reversal grids and misalignments create blockages that are very similar to gunpowder that is shot off. It's like the light is trying to flow through the natural tunnel. It's very much like looking at plumbing with a leak, you know you see a copper pipe with a hole in it. And the water starts spurting out of the hole, that's exactly what happens. The light starts spurting in the wrong place and it creates problems. What it does is it starts to create energetic blockages and mutations. Because that energy that light source is being accumulated in an area of the body, or in the light body or within the holographic framework, that is not in its natural place, in its natural flow.

So it creates over time, frozen light crystals from the antiparticle level and the antiparticle is the masculine. So again miasmas are coming from the antiparticle level. Understanding that the in-breath is the feminine, is the particle, we're breathing in the particle. The still point is of course in between the breaths. And the exhale is the antiparticle or masculine. So on the exhale on the antiparticle, this is where these field distortions are existing within our templates. And over time what has happened with humanity is its blocked the natural function of the chakra systems. There's a grid-work that creates the chakras and it's called the miodic diodic points. These grids are very much like a matrix and when these grids intersect there's a white-hole and a black-hole.

The white hole again is the breathing into the natural flow of our consciousness our God source. And the black-hole is that opening into the antiparticle. So again what's happening is those miasmas block the white-whole vortice preventing the natural flow of energy into our consciousness, into our body. It starts distorting the polarities and the function of our light body. And then depending of course on how bad it is, how distorted the consciousness is. Whether we're diseased or you know mentally dysfunctional or whatever it is.

It reverses the natural polarity and we start to break down, and that's where the breakdown starts impacting the genetic material and this is what we see going on on this planet. Why people are not waking up, why they're not connecting and Awakening. So there is some level of that Genetic Mutation that is being cleared in you, because you have recently become connected to those currents. Those currents are beyond 12D. I'm wondering if these are the Aurora currents, or Kunda-Ray flame currents because what I'm seeing is opalescent platinum with pastels in it. I know it's coming from the core, you went into the earth core and you connected to the Central Sun in the core. Again the Galactic Sun core meaning through the 8th dimension. And when you did this you started running these flame currents down and now these energies in their current, are being alchemized I guess. It's now strong enough to clear miasmas, so what this means is that you're experimenting in a sense with your new gifts. Being able to remove these invisible types of Holographic Insert and Implant structures, because what you're doing is you are, and it's so amazing because the antiparticle is the invisible. That's what you're looking at your looking at the antiparticle function, where all the miasmas are distorted.

Transposition Fields

Because this is how they've been controlling this reality, right? Literally it is on the other side where we can't even see it. Because it's like understanding there's the particle universe and antiparticle universe. A part of the Ascension is the particle and antiparticle is merging, and as it does the Timelines are collapsing and merging. But at certain points of the system, when you're talking about looking at human beings auras you're basically looking at both sides. You're seeing the particle manifestation at some level, and then you're looking at the antiparticle manifestation of it. Like you're able to look at the flipside, but where you looking, that place that is where miasmas are created. Because they're created on the out breath and again in the antiparticle function of our bodies, which is where many of the Controllers have placed the Alien Implants and have siphoned off the frequencies, and all that energy harvesting.

Because if we have a block in our natural organic flow, then they are able again to siphon that flow into wherever they're taking it to power their phantom systems or whatever. So what I'm getting is that you are starting to get these pulses and energy fusions of this particular level of frequency. And what is so amazing about this, is that right now on the planet one of the biggest structures that is being dismantled on the planet itself, and this maybe this dodecahedron structure that I'm looking at. Because they're showing me a grid that is all around the planet in Dodecahedrons, and it looks like in sets of five, and I know there are massive levels of collective miasmas in there. Understanding as I'm looking at this crystal in a dodecahedron pattern, that this is a software AI program. Meaning somehow they have programmed that dodecahedron to be arranged in the reversal NET static fields.

I see, okay oh my God. This is the Transposition Filter. What they are showing me is this thing that is the five-sided crystal is on the planet Earth, and therefore a part of human beings. Okay there is a structure and this is the next part of it. Okay what you've been doing is looking at the miasmatic fields at the antiparticle level. And you've been looking at this and calling it the invisible field, the stuff in the invisible. So what's happening is that as you are looking at the invisible field the next part, is you are actually going to be dissolving the structure that is creating that. This is a transposition field.

When we get into the creation and we understand masculine and feminine and the still point. To first understand there is the Divine Mother, which is the God seed and it's the sound. There is the Divine Father, masculine principle and that is the God spark, light. And then there is what we call the God spirit or the Holy Spirit and that is the still point void. It's like somehow why it feels feminine is because it's coming from the sound field.

They are using a sound field outside of the time matrix and the sound field is reverberating all the way through. And it's creating this pattern if you will and the pattern, where it is going is into this dodecahedron structure. I think a part of this if so we understand this, because this is going to be next. Oh my God, okay this is what it is.

Okay, the Dodecahedron grid that they're showing us, that is connected to the antiparticle miasma level what you call invisible. This structure is a five-sided grid again a Dodecahedron crystal, which transposes and reverses all of the energy that comes into this planet. What it means is this grid is some kind of structure. It is a grid-work, is this a part of the NRG? No, this is different. This is the actual system that takes the frequency coming from outside, meaning when we align to Sirius, when we align to Pleiades. What goes on in the natural Ascension is the stellar body of earth aligns to these various bodies. Alchemy happens, energies are shared and then the energies actually alchemize vibrations and frequencies that should be conducted in the field of our planet and therefore should be conducted by us, in our bodies the human beings. And then we should activate DNA, because that is the process of activating DNA and activating our centers.

What has been preventing us is a big piece of this, is that there is a field and a grid that acts as a reversal. It's transposing the light. It's like here's a light coming down, or the frequency the organic structure of our God-ness so to speak. And it's trying to circuit let's put it that way. It hits this field it hits this grid, five sided, and it reverses. And that means the second it hits this crystal it transposes that energy into a reversal code. And somehow this is a suppression? I see, this field this transposition field that reverses the life code and the life force, is creating miasmas. I see okay, so this is understanding there is a specific matrix that is designed to reverse life code on the planet.

Ooo and it's at the mental level. Okay this is it, this is the whole thing about the mental body with you, because as we know it's always been about the mental body. Okay we're hitting this, because this transposition field is in the mental body or it's using a mental principle. Not only is it transposing the life force it is a part of the program of mind control. It is a part of the AI program, yes it's mind control. I see, okay. There is something about it going into the astral as well. So I'm trying to figure out what dimension this is, or is it a dimension? It's a grid and I think what's going to happen is you're going to start sensing this. Because you're being taken through steps, it's like you actually got the step of being activated and getting these new talents. And coming into the Orion Healing Codes and being able to work with removing this stuff off people.

Now you're going to get to the actual program and field that creates it. You are going to get beyond the objects. What they are basically showing me is this transposition grid this field, this mind control matrix transposition field that transposes energies and creates miasmas, creates blockages in the energy, creates anti-particle distortions in the bodies and on the planet. This distortion field is what projects the demonics, the Alien Implants, all the weird alien crap is connected to this transposition field. It means that these things can't exist with this transposition field being broken down.

So we're going to another layer here and this is a mind control matrix. What this transposition field does, and think about this, the miasmas break down and they create all kinds of strange debris and waste product that we may not have words for. I don't know how to say it, it's almost like there are creatures and beings and weird crap that are soul-less and dead creatures. They are inorganic creations but they're being generated by this transposition field. Because what's happening with this is that any thought form can manifest into something through this reversal program. Because again down here on earth nobody, almost no one is aware of being able to control their thoughts or comprehend that their thoughts are creations.

So what this thing is doing is it takes those creations in it's transposition field but in this field there's all this weird debris and astral crap. Because I'm looking at it and I don't know how it got there. This structure is creating miasmas and all kinds of weird garbage. I don't even know what to call these things, because they're grotesque and strange. . They're miscreations, they're inorganic, they're demonic looking, they're ugly, and they're grotesque. It's like if you took off a filter and this program thing catches all the ugliness. It's like a debris catcher or something, because again there's energy with all the astral garbage and creations and somehow they use it or harvest it. So this transposition field that's creating reverse life code energy and therefore destruction to us and the planet and all this harm, is a five sided grid that is designed to not only suppress and reverse the energy as it comes into the planet, but also to work the mind control software.

False White light webbing

Oh wow, okay. I think I'm getting another piece here. This transposition field is actually a field that is replicating the white light. So as an example when a human being prays to God, when a human being is in the new age, and they're meditating and maybe nobody showed them how to get out of their astral body, or to get into higher consciousness states. What this field is, what this grid is, is it produces a replica of the white light and it's a grid that captures the Soul. And it looks like white light but it's amazing, it's like one of these things where if you're connecting to it and you didn't have discernment and you didn't have the 12D Shield and some of these tools, you would not know the energetic difference. You would not know that what you're connecting to is actually Artificial Christ Consciousness. Oh my God, okay this thing that is projecting out this weird stuff in the Astral Plane. I see, okay this is so strange.

What it looks like is that in the mental body, and this is between the 3rd and the 5th layers, it's like a cap on the 3rd layer so that a person can't get into their 5th body.

So what this is, I see two sides of it. It's like it's projected on one side, and from below it's like you're looking up at a mirror. So if you're down here and you're underneath this programs false grid, because I was seeing us, it's like you and I are existing above this field. Wherever we are in our consciousness we're above this structure. And it's like I'm standing there with you and we're looking down at the planet, and we see this weird grid below us, it's is five sided and it's covering the earth. Upon closer inspection I see it's covering the people, the collective soul. It's individual and its collective, meaning it's on everybody's aura and it's on the planet. So it's like I can see that relationship, macro to micro, and as I get closer to it, I see all this grotesque aberrations. Like there is this basic crap being churned out from on the other side. It's like from our side looking at it, it's really grotesque and monstrous. It looks like what you're describing when you're going down into the unconsciousness, the underworld, and doing the invisible release. That's what it looks like. This is the side that's invisible. It's like whatever that mirror is hiding behind. So it's like this grid, because again it's shining like crystals so it's providing, it looks like a mirror.

So we're on the other side of the mirror, it's a grid. And what this structure is doing is it's transposing the energies. And as it does these reversals, its creating like waste, waste material. And the waste material that is being produced from the reversing energy is all the crap the grotesque creations that you're seeing. That's where you're going on the invisible side. So now if you're underneath it, if we go through the grid and we are now looking up. I see the closure and I'm looking at the view on the other side is completely the opposite. It looks like a diamond white pretty light being reflected through a mirror. But it's odd because you and I can feel the difference, this is not white light. But the issue is, is that most human beings on the earth cannot feel the difference. So the issue with that of course is this is the issue of Discernment.

So on the other side of the astral mirror you're looking into the mirror and what it looks like is, it almost looks like it's reflecting part of your inner light, but it's reflecting the white light back to you that is inside you. Meaning I can see a white light grid and it's pretty, it looks really pretty. But it's weird when you feel it, it feels hard and sharp, metallic. It's very strange because I don't know how I can explain it in words. It's like if someone told you this existed and you are connecting to this and then you connected to the real thing, you could feel the difference. But the problem is, is that no one on this planet is connected to the real thing, the real white light of Christ Consciousness. So they don't know the difference so there's a Discernment issue. I can feel that this structure is hard and sharp, I don't know why it feels rock hard. And it's pretty look at or far away, but it doesn't feel good at an energetic level that's for sure. It feels awful, and razor sharp and crushing. But obviously this may be from the vantage point of holding a higher frequency, because if you're a 3D person and you're going to church and your connecting to this, it probably feels good and probably looks pretty.

I'm seeing it is very strange, it's two-sided. The side down here in 3D looks pretty it looks like a version of Christ consciousness, it is a web work and a grid work of artificial white light. And it is definitely the false matrix this is an Artificial Christ Consciousness is what it is. Oh, and it has Mind Control broadcasting from it. So whatever this thing is it is two-sided. You've been starting to see the other side of it, that's what you're calling the invisible. It's like you go past the Artificial Christ Consciousness mind matrix, and you see the other side of it. This is on people, all this is a waste product that is covering on people. This program grid, this transposition field it's like it creates waste, feces. That's the only thing I can say, it's artificial and it's this projection field and it transposes the energies coming in and it creates a awful waste. And that waste product accumulates, it looks like miasma, but it feels like Black Goo and it's gross on the other side. So those things you've started to see and started to clear from people, that apparently is that double-sided structure you have been feeling in their body.

So the issue with this is, because I want to address your concerns. Is that this clearly is the process which your body and consciousness and core templating structure is clearly going through. And has relevance to why you're experiencing the things that you're experiencing right now. The good news about this is that I truly feel that it's temporary. In looking at this it's very clear to me that progress is going on here and I understand that this is why. What looks like is going to happen is your core manifestation, the primal structure of your light body is being moved into a new arrangement. It's like saying, and I don't know if this is for all of us, yes it is. So we're being moved into a new structure and what that looks like is our core body our manifestation template, that which creates a light body and form is being moved to a 45° angle, to the right. And it's like it's being moved, totally moved. And the movement wherever the new place is, when it's aligned to the 45° or wherever that is, it means that all of our centers all of our 12 Tree Grid and Chakras, all those systems all those things that transduce energies into our aura, are for first time going to be aligned to where they're supposed to be. Meaning the flow will come in and the miasmas will cease to be created. Because there is nothing to create the miasma, meaning the destructive flow and the breaking off the energy and all that destructive harm.

These entities attacking you now know if you get that aligned there is nothing they can do about it in the future. So they're coming in like gangbusters and they are working to create damage in the other things in your Aura that are not aligned or integrated yet. It's like where there are misalignments in the light field, is what they're connecting to in order to create maximum havoc and chaos. And again, for you the damage it's the mental body.

So again in holding the space and asking the Guardians for the highest level of support and protection, in removing any undue interference and attack upon this Starseed mission. We fully see and acknowledge and recognize and ask for a resignation of this programming of control, of attack, of interference, of manipulation, of deception. Remove these veils remove the Artificial Christ Consciousness and the mind control matrix of these Transposition Filer Fields fully, completely and totally. We command this as such in the sovereignty that is God's name, light and law.

We ask that the Christ consciousness in its full and complete cosmic aligned origin of unity, to be replaced. We ask that any spirit, entity, phantom or that which has proceeded to use an agreement vow or contract to be fully and completely released from and rescinded of any agreement from any space time, any multidimensional identity. And that which is now only fully and completely aligned into the light of now, and into the grace of now as God would have it be.

We ask that any spirit and those claimed from the interference or exchange of this particular program, through any level of the matrix or outside of it, to be fully and completely removed and terminated from influence upon this field. Again any spirits and energies involved in this game are to be fully and completely terminated from their influence upon this project, this God actualization and spiritual actualization in this moment of self. Again all that is needed and necessary in this completion and support of bringing balance harmony and God actualization to the bodies here and now.

We ask again that the mental bodies, okay... the mental body is the broadcast station for this insert. This is a Holographic Insert. The holographic insert is the false or the artificial Christ consciousness and mind control matrix. We ask and call upon the Aquaferions the Andromedan councils and those that serve the unity field of One to open all circuits, open all connections orbits and links between your field and God-self. To clear and fully terminate any broadcast stations transposition fields in the mental body by removing any inserts from their impact of interference, deception, illusion, delusion or anything, which is creating interference of the God mission here and now.

We ask that the mental body be fully and completely aligned to that which is the sovereign power of One, and that which is deemed fully in the authority of God as the crystalline blueprint and template of the Cosmic Christ and Avatar field. This is a projection that has happened through the holographic inserts. It's so odd, it's in time and it's not in time, all at the same time. I don't quite understand how the heck this is going on. I'm seeing that this is definitely a part of the matrix, time matrix, because they're using a broadcast station for an insert. It's coming from the sound vibration field, it's like they're sending a sound vibration field into the broadcast station where this insert exists, and activating miasmas that are a part of the transposition fields waste, on the other side. In a sense what I'm seeing is an answer to you getting on the other side. You started going on the other side the invisible side and removing the waste products. And they're using it somehow against you, that's the way they did it. But again whatever this is it is short-lived. Honestly I'm feeling that this will strengthen and support you and I ask the Aquaferions, the Aurora races for assistance and support in all ways.

In working with you in full and complete view and assistance, in removing and clearing this particular Transposition Filter Field, it's artificial webbing of mind control and Christ consciousness and that, which has harnessed the mental body as a broadcast station for these inserts. Please clear and dissolve as much as possible and that which is in harmony with God's law, level and way. To remove this holographic insert specifically through this body, again completely commanding this space in the sovereign freedom of God. Dissolving and removing through those currents all of those transposition field stations that have been placed on him. Through again particle antiparticle and any level of being that is a part of the ascension and completion and actualization of the God-Self in this moment in time.

Closing: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Okay and again in the connection and completion. Goodness, for some reason I'm feeling nauseous from this. It's probably because it's third dimensional, which is right in the Solar Plexus still point area. Again breathing in that which is God light and Source. Again beloveds thank you so much for your assistance and support.

Again all that is needed and necessary for that which serves both of our beings. In deep love and gratitude for our beloveds, we thank you for this opportunity. (Wow that was heavy duty, I am sweating over here). Again in closing down our container and space. In deep love and gratitude, thank you. And so it is, we seal and end our session. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-2-2009]

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