Yana Codes

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Yana Sophia codes are activation sequence codes for the Diamond Sun Body that release dimensional locks located at each level of the spiritual-energetic bodies. When Yana Sophia codes are called for release, they open sound tones of current of that dimensional spectrum into the spiritual bodies and into the radial cord which links into all of the spiritual body layers and into the higher spirals of light fields that directly merge into the God Source. They reset the correct pattern of modulating the current of energy throughout the energetic bodies, purging miasmatic distortions in the previous current and are responsible in resetting the merkabic spin points. Yana Sophia codes are vertical and the feminine principle of the sound fields of current. (see CCW Female)

Dimensional Sequence of Coding

  • Low Yana Sophia 6-7-8-9D
  • Mid Yana Sophia 10-11-12D
  • High Yana Sophia 1-2-3-4-5-D

These Sophianic Body code releases connect the sound tones at Universal, Galactic, Planetary and into the Personal level body interface between all multidimensional layers. Yana Sophia Codes and Immanuel Christ Codes work together and are a part of Hieros Gamos and Sacred Marriage, the merge of both Light and Sound fields to unify current within the bodies.

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 67

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