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These are described in the Level Two clearing matrix in the HGS manual under Attachments.

Spirit Attachments can exist at one or multiple dimensions. Spirit Attachments encompass a wide variety of meaning in their definition of which is the root cause of why a spirit attachment has taken place. Spirit attachments are unhealthy to the Lightbody and are a source of vampirism of the energy bodies and the Consciousness spiritual bodies. In a HGS session one may be guided to this clearing matrix to identify a specific spirit attachment that is required to be released and cleared from the energy bodies in order to heal emotions, or progress further in the Ascension Stages of progressively Expanding Consciousness.

Some examples of Spirit Attachments:

  • Ancestral Identities from the family lineages, both biological and spiritual
  • Alien entity or their body parts, such as tentacles or etheric cording
  • Disincarnated souls that may have been picked up demographically (i.e. high risk places like hospitals, insane asylums, cemeteries or where many people were killed tragically)
  • Disincarnated souls that have been communicated through Astral Plane Psychic mediums, ouija boards, etc.
  • Gestalt collective consciousness entities, such as demonic or Satanic hierarchies
  • Negative elemental spirits
  • Conjured or bound entities sent by something or someone else ( Black Magic)
  • Shapeshifter or other creatures


Term first found: Page 84, HGS Manual

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