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Abbreviation - AK

In the timelines of Egypt, as well as subsequent abuse of Alien Machinery technology to open portals in the 2D Underworld (which created time and space rips), manifested incredible damage to the planet, and her elemental and nature kingdoms. The damage made to the planetary field created multiple problems with human soul fragments, soul inversion, subconscious shadow personalities and NAA alien manipulation of these vulnerabilities.

One of these events was with 18th Dynastic timeline with Akhenaton, a Sirian Annunaki Templar Guardian, of which the erroneous use of opening portal systems for Ascension occurred while attempting to move out trapped souls from the Atlantian Cataclysm and Lemurian Holocaust periods. This ascension project ended in failure and destroyed his massive life’s work in attempting to recreate Krystic architecture and Law of One principles within Amarna, upon the earth. Upon opening rips in the 2D Underworld, which unleashed harmful forces into the higher frequency planes, it fragmented many souls who were sucked through its black hole. Shortly after this event, he retreated from his rule in pain, and was murdered a heretic King.

Some of us are here again, to complete this project in this 2012 time cycle and have been working to heal the schism this created with the 2D kingdom. The 2D dimensional field is where many animal and nature kingdoms exist as group consciousness, and were harmfully impacted by this quarantine, where they could not access links into other dimensional consciousness, and in effect, were trapped in that space. Because this quarantine is being sequentially lifted, many more of us are being contacted by species of the nature and animal kingdom. As this quarantine lifts we will begin to remember how to communicate with the intelligent beings of nature and give them their access back into the higher realms. All beings of the earth are of an intelligent group consciousness, and as we begin to take back our guardianship of the earth, this means we are the responsible stewards to cooperate in harmony with the natural kingdoms.[1]

Egyptian Timelines of 18th Dynasty

Due to the many, many adventures and relationships we have in this community and across the globe on the importance of Egyptian timelines and with specific reference to Akhenaton who I have spent time with discussing these matters, it feels we need a thread specific to 18th Dynasty and its various intersections.It is 100% clear to me that the Egyptian Black Magic was fortified by A.Crowley, through Thothian magic/alchemy and his work with Merlin archetype energy was foisted upon the Federal Reserve structures and what is still in place today as reversal mechanics around finance, money markets, currency, etc. The 7th ray distortion of Merlin "majic" was placed there to manipulate the financial markets to the benefit of the Nephilim and Controller bloodlines. Because of this "entanglement" of spiritual mission and purpose, when we draw from the past histories we can see clearly we are doing the same work here in this Ascension timeline to repair issues that happened at that time, specific to 18th Dynasty and earlier in the Djoser age. Many of us in ES may feel direct resonance and memory to these timelines.The 18th Dynasty is where many issues occurred that created problems in the planetary fields which ultimately created the disconnect from certain portals we had open to the Krystic families. ( explosions, distortions, etc) There are many patterns of "curse" coming from this timeline.On 7/17/2006-7 Akenhaton came to visit me for awhile and talk about these things. I have a direct relationship to AK, many people have said they believe I am AK, (I am not) but both AK and I have a similar Ascension mission and brotherhood for each other. He has helped me and comforted me in the most difficult of times. I have sourced some of the disdain and hatred projected towards me manipulated by the NAA targeting, has come from the recognition of AK's energy signature with me, as he did create some enemies while he was on earth. I am here to help him clean this mess up, from transit gate technology gone awry, based upon this timeline.[2]

Vivisection in Egypt

Many of us have very unpleasant memories around the abuse and vivisection of the human brain for the Pineal Glands in the time of Egypt. AK told me he was horrified that the Amun priests would lure serf peasants to give their children up (similar to the Islamic jihad suicide bombers) to be sacrificed and that the Draco priests would collect the Pineal Gland and try different ways to maximize secretions. Apparently, the more they terrorize a person, the more pumping of adrenal and pineal hormones, so they would scare the person/child then open their brain to collect the excretion. According to AK, nothing has changed much, the privileged priests would deceive poor people to believe what they were doing was sacred and would elevate their child and clear their "karma" in the afterlife. This was one big point as to why AK was adamant to switch completely over to the sole worship of the Sun God Ra, as it required NO SACRIFICES. He was attempting to end child Blood Sacrifice as that was the agenda of the Satanic Draconian control. One can imagine how much the Egyptians hated him for doing that, it was one reason they branded him a heretic and a Psychopath. Pineal activation to connect to the heart are getting stirred, which may bring up certain memories. If this is the case, be peaceful and observe, try not to get sucked into the emotional pain of it unless its necessary.In Egypt these distortions are linked to holographic inserts where Pineal Cages were placed around the pineal gland. Some of us may be dissolving these or moving to another level of clearing these, so for that reason, I place this information here for your consideration and awareness.[3]

Rigth Eye of Horus

The right eye is called the Eye of Ra, symbolizing the sun. The Right Eye of Horus represents concrete factual information controlled by the left brain. It deals with words, letters, and numbers and those things which are describable in terms of sentences or complete thoughts. It approaches the universe in terms of male oriented ideation.


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