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Gridworkers have been working to reroute new transit pathways that allow exit points for those that choose to pass their physical bodies within the next years. This means that many will be able to transit all the way beyond the reincarnation state, freeing them from returning to this plane again. This is great news. This is largely because of the Astral Plane reorganization and the collapse and demolition of false ascension matrices existing previously in the 4D planes. (These souls do not have to be caught up in the false umbilicus that was leading them to the Astral Plane.) The false ascension matrices are the complex architecture that created "white light" webbing and holographic reality inserts like a double sided mirror in the 4D Astral Layers. These complex systems were feeding off of souls connecting to the "white light" at the 4D octave. This is an area many planetary lightworkers were getting lost within the astral layers of delusion, creating complacency and a drunken type of bliss. (This is called a "comfort implant" to keep one inert and ineffective.) [1]

5D Timeline Galactic Bridging

One major focus of timeline repair since May’s [2011] spiritual activation is the removal of False Ascension Matrices and the various obsolete 5D Ascension programs that have been feeding into replicated and inorganic systems. The 5D inorganic systems being manipulated by negatives must fail and are being dismantled at both human 3D program level and their 5D “higher ups” that channel to them obsolete Ascension information. The other Planet timeline groups and their 3D human contacts are being intervened with at this time to stop inorganic and obsolete methods that are feeding destructive timelines that the Reptilian contingents have been using to power their “Armageddon Software” systems. Both human and ET groups are undergoing Guardian Team briefing and the reassignment of their previous “Ascension” mission as it has gone as far as it is possible. This is transpiring here on Earth as well as multiple dimensions with a focal point on 5D timelines.

This is a huge development as it means there is a change in leadership transpiring at multiple dimensional levels where previous “galactic” federations and their arms of council are being disbanded and re-educated from Guardian level contact. These are intervention contacts being made from outside our Universal Time Matrix from the neighboring Universes through direct Source Plasma Liquid Light.

As we move through this paramount shift, we may see many human ego casualties misinterpreting this change required of their “ascension” or spiritual work. The frequency of the spiritual ascension material given to the Indigo and Starseed as it is made available to the public must change and be upgraded to Organic Ascension Models. Starseeds that have been working as Ascension teachers must upgrade to facilitator support and be trained into new frequency modeling without guru/disciple or ego corruption. Those that have been teaching Ascension falsely (Reptilian Plants) will be removed from the roster and energetic support will be withdrawn and re-assigned to those that have polarity integration training. 5D intermediaries will not be possible any longer unless they have been re-assigned to Universal Ascension modeling authorized by Guardian consciousness (Unity Field Intelligence of the Krystal Star Matrix) in No Time.

Ascension missions and its related code, language or body of work will be systematically redirected to new levels of Indigo/Starseeds that have demonstrated integrity through self mastery. These beings will be given the authority from Guardian Founder Races “unity source code” alignment and those without authority will be dismantled from access to their previous contact and energy channel.[2]


With the original ascension plan, the inner stargates of the planetary body, known as the Halls of Amenti, would link into the 5D core of 5D earth to merge directly with the 3D core of this current timeline. Ascending to exist in higher frequency planes at the end of evolution cycles is a normal and natural process of consciousness evolution for any species, in agreement to be on an “ascending planet”. As this 5D merge transpired gradually in the ascension cycle this would activate a massive shift of frequency into the 3D earth body transforming it to “skip” into future timefields, thereby also transforming the planetary race consciousness. Many variations of this 5D timeline are distorted as partial truths in religion or other basis of external control mechanisms used to manipulate the public for the Reptilian agenda. All types of division and elitism tactics are used to promote this false ascension plan. This original 5D Ascension plan is now obsolete and not possible in current energetic terrain on 3D earth, and was upgraded to a plan referred to as Ascension Plan B, (quite a few years ago) by Guardian groups.[3]

Violent Religions

Upon the invasion of the planet that transpired in stages since the Luciferian Rebellion, the Negative Alien Agenda NAA was formed by the intruders to prepare the inhabitants of the planet to worship False Alien Gods, such as Yahweh and Jehovah. Both of these are collectives that feed into Negative Aliens group of Archons that feed on the planetary fields through those humans that pray, give offerings, and worship these alien entities through the creation of their Violent Religions. These are sophisticated Mind Control matrices that run the religious software programs through False White Light webbing that is designed to capture the human soul in Consciousness Traps. These are called Eye of Yahweh and Eye of Jehovah, they operate as refraction lenses that bend light into artificial holograms and synthetic timelines.


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Term first found: Page 56, HGS Manual