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Three Levels of Sacred Marriage

... 6th-7th Frequency Axiatonal Lines and Meridians are connected to energetic openings called the WINGS that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. The 6th portal WING is in your Top Shoulder Indent Right Side, the 7D portal WING is on the LEFT SHOULDER Indent on the feminine Side. The 6D portal represents (among many other things) the Twin Flame Merge within our bodies that synthesizes the Divine Union within our Hologram. When we start to build our 6D Lightbody, our masculine and feminine energies attempt to merge and synthesize a pathway up our chakra column, connect into the base of the brain and synthesize out of the 6th Chakra at the 3rd eye. When completed we are holding the first layer of inner template of divine union in the Soul Matrix and able to outwardly manifest the first levels of our divine union partnership.

The 7D energies of our left side and feminine body represent our completion and Liberation from the repeated cycles of reincarnation into the 3D Physical Worlds. (This is the freedom of planetary Miasma or karma, being freed of Cause and Effect as in the dispensation of the release of the Crucifixion Implants on the 7th Chakra or the Violet Flame.) Both of these energy centers work and impact our bodies together. The 7D Portal Wing also represents the Crucified Female Principle of Christ Energy as it has been quite distorted within our personal energy bodies. (We can view this outwardly manifested from our hologram and view the external results of a “crucified” female principle of energy in our world today.) Please see Crucifixion Implants.

... These 6D and 7D Ley Lines have been extremely blocked in the planetary grids and have not been activated on our planet or within our human consciousness for eons of time....there have been extensive frequency fences and NETs placed at these levels to purposely thwart the planetary and individual Lightbody accretion and soul completion at these specific dimensional levels. This way the souls of human consciousness would be stuck in rounds of 3D dimensional reincarnation experiences never getting off the wheel of rebirth, constantly coming back into the lower form worlds of density. Many of these souls are stuck in recycling and tagged for enslavement for the NAA groups. Stuck in the reincarnational cycles of density, with a consciousness level of pure identification with its physical matter, it became harder with each evolutionary cycle for the human race to recognize its true nature as a multidimensional and inner Christos God being.[1]

Michael-Mary Reversal

Michael-Mary weighing Soul

Michael-Mary Reversal networks are Alien Machinery planetary grids that split gender apart and are anti hierogamic union. The result of this grid is to promote the splitting apart of the layers of Soul marriage that occur at the 6th and 7th dimensions, which is the spiritual ascension process of Building Wings.

Hierogamic union is the Christos-Sophia and represents the perfected sacred marriage of the Risen Christ as one unified being in service to the Law of One and God. The Michael-Mary Reversal networks are designed to prevent sacred marriage by splitting apart the integration of the Third Eye Chakra, as the masculine principle, and the Crown Chakra, as the female principle. When these principles are united they activate the sacred marriage in the Soul Matrix and build the Wings in the Lightbody.

Three Levels of Sacred Marriage

Level One of Sacred Marriage is "Building Wings" which is the soul triad merge to the first level of monad merge. This is the process of spiritual Ascension that activates the 6th dimensional 6th Chakra Indigo wave within the 12 Tree Grid sphere to unite with the 7th dimensional 7th Chakra Violet Ray Sphere. When these two spheres of Indigo Ray and Violet Ray unite, the building of Michael and Mary wings in the aura Lightbody begins.

Wings Trauma

This level of the blockage and quarantine is what is referred to as the “666” seal and is a genetic block in the sixth dimensional frequency layers residing within the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet Ray Monad or oversoul bodies and crown chakra which is referred to as our Wings. Essentially this relates to the trauma of having our Wings cut off from our Lightbody. This fact is what created the Fallen Angelics.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 87

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