Alpha/Omega Clearing

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March 2010 Meditation

Alpha/Omega Clearing

Heavy and in depth Alpha to Omega Zip Core Clearing when you have more time for sleep integration and recovery ( A ZIP clearing is referred to as a A-Z, top to bottom, bottom to top, internal to external, external to internal, 12 Bodies, etc. You do not want to ask for ZIP clearing unless you have time and space to integrate the opening of zip clearing files) Release entrapment or obfuscator cords of complex soul or entity bindings ( de-possessions) and assign new gatekeepers for Ascension in Cosmic Christ ( Eternal) Intelligences. Harmonic imprints reinstalled to all layers of 12 primary seed codes of DNA ladder. Protection and cloaking strengthening through the Golden Fleece Buffers ( 8D Monad and 14D fields admin by RA Family) . Remove victim victimizer archetypes and related matrices from the cellular memory sourcing from ancient battles within the history of this Universal Time Matrix. Establish Independent divine right choice of each being to ensure Single Soul Occupancy” if so in divine right order and harmony. ( release Indigo 3 or split soul contracts if it is so in right timing).

TAGS: Alpha Omega Agenda, Monad, Golden Fleece Buffer, Universal Time Matrix, Cosmic Christ, 12 Bodies, Indigo 3 Contracts

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