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God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

The Information Presented in the Ascension Glossary reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timelines and Beyond) intended as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Humanity. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship through Unity consciousness as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is Earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (DNA), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic E.T. Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human's to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Law of One comprises the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty, by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future GSF Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle.

Ascension Glossary

This site is the work of Lisa Renee

This glossary is constantly being expanded by Lisa Renee with new definitions. This site is part of the projects at Energetic Synthesis which also includes Krystal Aegis and ES Foundations.

Discovering and exploring this spiritual path is not for the faint of heart, and it may be difficult to navigate, as it will require Discernment of those spiritually positive teachings and practices versus those teachings that are tainted with human Negative Ego for the purpose of controlling and subjugating humanity. Therefore, the suggestion is to go very slow, pace yourself and allow for room for deep contemplation, inner reflection and Meditation. I would suggest using the search functions to explore the meaning in contrast with previous learnings, and although the glossary is not complete, it has a vast amount of information for context of terms such as Godhead, Christos, Guardian Yeshua, Church of Rome, Essenes, Nicene Creed, Book of Revelation, Armageddon Software, Violent Religions, Negative Alien Agenda, Crucifixion Implants, etc. Please be aware that we share details about non-human entities and their dark powers, how these entities sought to control humanity through organized religion, and thus this is very controversial and can be scary.

It is important to develop Personal Integrity and ethical conduct so you are not used as a pawn in the Mind Control game. To do so, you must educate yourself on the war over consciousness to sharpen your mental and emotional discipline and avoid being manipulated. Those who do not understand the nature of reality, or how the darkness works to exploit your weakness, will fail. We must address this challenge with some degree of patience, diligence and maturity. So, power up your Armor of God, feel into your heart and go slow. For more, see The Collective Awakening Event.

Energetic Synthesis

Energetic Synthesis

The Energetic Synthesis website contains over a thousand free articles including monthly Newsletters, Blogs, Podcasts and videos.

During these times, we are required to change our stagnant belief systems through the re-education of human value, providing new human evolutionary context, and understanding that consciousness is intelligent energy, along with the fact that we share this Universe with many other species of life and existences. The first stages of Introduction to Ascension Theory and its evolution context, the terms and understanding the human paradigm shift are offered freely as video classes. For people who have more mental questions, the more philosophical, historical or what is the nature of reality questions, it is suggested to read through the monthly Newsletters and Blogs. This Ascension Glossary should help you lookup specific terms as you cover the published materials.

Energetic Synthesis has a commitment to integrity and we are working with small resources to support and help as many human beings as we are capable, primarily through internet communication, to have an empowering context and tools that relieve the sensation of fear, anxiety, depression and extreme isolation when undergoing the natural and normal process of spiritual Awakening. We hope these tools are of great service to you and those you feel may benefit, as you share them with others.

Krystal Aegis

Krystal Star Guardian Spiritual Support System

Krystal Aegis Website

The Krystal Aegis site is an entirely free website with many meditations and exercises. This Spiritual Support System is intended for those with a commitment to discipline the mind to clear Negative Ego and darkness through basic methods that increase mental and emotional self-control, such as the ES Core Triad Daily Practices. The Krystal Aegis Booklet is a 90 day intercession Five Step Process to request Krystal Star Guardian Spiritual Support, intended to protect the soul body and directly evict Possession, or related attachments that create addiction or Mind Control problems that invite dark forces into one’s life.

ES Foundations

Community Membership

ES Foundations

ES Foundations is the membership site for Energetic Synthesis. If you'd like to continue on this journey, after having used the free online learning tools, you may choose to become an ES Foundation Member. At this time our community is accepting new memberships by invitation only. Current members may recommend a new member for approval.

ES Foundations includes many tools and a community forum. Those attuned to the mission statement and community purpose, which is organized around the practices of the Law of One, continue learning about the body of work by becoming members. Membership supports the free tools, content, web expenses, and the Ascension related videos. The Membership within ES Community is intended and designed to support an Awakening and Ascending Community, through the gathering, sharing of experiences and having the spiritual awakening tools with proper empowering context, vast amounts of meditation clearings, and the core reinforcement principle of self –sovereignty whereby one learns to discern energies and entities that are here en masse on planet earth today. The core Principles of ES community are founded and based upon the Law of One and Relationship Mastery Guidelines.

Building and maintaining the website materials and community is a huge project, and it is our hope it serves more awakening humans to empower themselves through being re-educated to build their own self-focused inner healing connections.

Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous Kundalini event many years ago that catalyzed a Starseed Awakening to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light serving the Law of One. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Krystal Star and Aurora Guardians. Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Consciousness Technologies was experienced by her own personal evolution and began her transition into an Multidimensional Guide and God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is an Emissary for the Guardian Groups and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to Ascension. Along with the Guardian Groups, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Ascension Guide, Planet Gridworker, Starseed Advocate, Humanitarian, Writer and Educator for Disclosure and World Humanism.

Social Media

Lisa Renee does not engage in social media

Please note that Lisa Renee does NOT use or endorse any social media channels and hence ANY posts with content from this Ascension Glossary, Energetic Synthesis or any of the sites listed above are NOT reposted or endorsed by Lisa Renee. There is an official Energetic Synthesis YouTube channel, though this channel is mostly outdated as all new videos are now handled privately through ES servers.

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