Amalgamation Template

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A term used to describe a specific expertise and configuration in a Starseed lightbody that allows more rapid polarity integration to synthesize genetic material for DNA rehabilitation with a specific emphasis to synthesize harmonic tones in Male DNA patterns with Female DNA patterns, simultaneously. Starseeds that have incarnated with the Amalgamation Template may experience themselves as gender neutral, pansexual, celibate or androgynous.

The purposes of this Amalgamation Template is very much related and based in unifying a massive array of DNA patterns. As there is the DNA masculine principle and there is the DNA feminine principle, and these are the DNA letters that have to merge in order to fully fuse together the DNA ladder. This is another level of understanding sacred union and intermarriage that has to happen by the synthesis of masculine and feminine principle, and all the way down to the particle physics. [1]


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