Anchoring Krystallah Pillars in Notre Dame

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Ascension Meditation - January 2020

Anchoring Krystallah Pillars in Notre Dame

In this meditation we will intend to connect with the Cosmic Mother’s Krystallah blueprint which activates four sonic pillars of the Sophianic template and anchor them in in the underground network of Notre Dame, Paris. On the street of Notre-Dame is a diminutive circular marker with an eight-pointed bronze star embedded in the cobblestones engraved with the words Point Zéro des routes de France, this marks the geographic center of Paris, and is the point from which distances are measured from Paris to other cities in France.

This session is advanced and involves grid work. This session will require spiritual maturity and a high level of observer point or compassionate witnessing. Please enter the session in peace and with careful consideration.

Thus, We ask newcomers to ask this question of their higher self.

Beloved God self, is this meditation in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?

If you received a no answer turn this meditation off.

If you received a yes, please continue.

(52:26 Minutes)

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