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In this context of clearing unwanted Artifacts, such as artifact errors imprinted within the holographic projection of the personal Lightbody, certain artifacts from a variety of factors may appear in the auric body imaging that lend distortion to the personal energetic field. These artifacts create an array of undesirable issues with Light diffraction, diffusion or Frequency alteration that has a negative impact towards the manifestation and/ or progressive evolution of the individual body and personal Consciousness. In the use of HGS, it is desirable to clear artifact errors such as unwanted birth or other lifetime artifacts, which are similar to the residue that is left over from events that caused energetic blockages or frequency distortion. As example, an NRG artifact, is a secondary or tertiary result of the residue left over from an NRG birth implant. It has been noted that persons whom are born in certain locations where centralized headquarters are located for the distribution or processing of implants, will be prone to more artifacts or residue in their Aura from residing or having been born in that actual location. As the secondary result of that implant, even after its been located and removed, the artifact may have created further distortions that have carried into other layers of the energy body. An artifact can also be accidental in that, upon the removal of the specified implant, multiple artifacts were created at the time it is removed because of how it was configured or embedded in the energy body. Sometimes these artifacts are layered and release in sequences. Sometimes these artifacts have booby traps. Another example of common artifacts found in the human aura, are Egyptian funerary items, such as canopic jars, burial masks, and various glyphs or symbols that were designed for either guardian creatures to protect the dead or conversely, were intended to curse the dead. In most cases, artifacts are undesirable in the human energy field, and it is best to remove, clear or adjust them.

In the case of physical object related artifacts, sometimes physical objects that have been used in sacred rituals (i.e. crystals, bells, prayer items), or items that have had special significance and deep emotional connection in some way to the person, may require cleansing and clearing also. Family heirlooms such as jewelry that is passed down through generations, do accumulate certain negative artifacts. It is possible to have black magic upon any physical object, of which the object will distort the energy field. I have seen actual Satanic portals attached to what appeared to be an innocuous physical object. When wearing or using these particular objects, the item can be distributing an artifact presence into the energy field, and it can have negative effects. Most commonly in these cases it weakens the etheric body and its webbing, and the person feels worn down or sick. Cleansing these items in Sun light, salt, or giving away these items may be required.


To better understand causation of light, sound and imaging artifacts, which can be similar to undesirable artifacts found in the personal light body.