Bacterial Pain

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One of the most common sources of pain in my experience is BACTERIA. I have found bacterial infection (mild to severe) that pollutes the blood and starts to leave remnants in your spine, joint and soft tissue, brings a feeling of pain. An anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation diet with enzymatic support will help this tremendously. Unfortunately you will have to eliminate all fruit and sugars from your diet which feed infection and bacterial imbalances. In my experience bacterial infection overlays are heavily related to Patriarchal Domination Miasma, either current life, other lifetimes. I have seen many heavy Atlantian overlays with patriarchal enslavement related to severe bacterial infections in the blood and body. Sometimes this goes hand in hand with Heavy Metals, which I feel is an alien controlled element that has created a lot of pain and distortion in our bodies, on this planet.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 46